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Site name: White Teens Black Cocks, Model: Janett aka Katrin Tequila, Official release date: October 27, 2016

Some gals you can tell from the get-go are going to be a good time, like this smokin' hot passenger Jasmine Jae. The moment she hopped in the cab, Jasmine started flirting with me, asking if I had a six-pack under my shirt. This cheeky British babe told me about the quickies she's had in the backs of cabs, and dropped a huge hint that she'd like me to be her next. You can bet I pulled over as soon as I could and joined Jasmine in the back seat to get my hands on her big fake tits. I nearly blew my load watching how Jasmine spat and drooled all over my cock as she gave me a supremely sloppy blowjob, alternating sucking my balls and tugging the shaft. I pulled Jasmine onto the lawn, and dove balls deep inside this British slut's cunt, before thanking her with a huge cumshot right on her tongue!

I noticed that my neighbor was having some car troubles in my apartment building. So I decided to go help her. She told me her name is Pressley Carter. She needed a tow for her car and I told her I could help her with that, but it was going to cost her. She did not really have any money so she had to pay me in other ways. We went back to my place to call the tow truck guy. While we were there, we made a deal for me to pay her for the tow and getting her car fixed and she sucked and fucked my cock. She hesitated, but decided to do it. She undressed and revealed her sexy body. She pulled my cock out and sucked it nicely. Then, she stuck her ass in the air to get fucked doggy style. I pounded her pussy and glazed her face with my man juice.

When Aaliyah and Johnny discover a note that they're being cheated on, what better way for revenge than to join in on the fun and have a neighbor affair.

Nina Lopez has a real job selling oranges and other goodies on the street corner. Jmac is a regular customer. At some point he offered her a chance to get involved in his profession. Today is the day that opportunity knocked. Jmac and his cameraman rolled up one Nina, just standing on the corner, selling water and oranges. The cameraman lets her know the deal. She says she can’t because she’s got to sell these oranges. Jmac’s camera guy is like fuck that nickel and dime shit, here’s fifty bucks for your stupid oranges and water, let's go make a porno and get you paid honey. Nina knows where the money is at, so she hops in the whip with Jmac and off they go to make the movie you’re watching now. Nina gets slapped around while showing off her gorgeous fat ass and nice titties. Getting nut all over your face certainly pays better than selling oranges.

Pretty little doll Gia Paige is always ready to make James happy with his favorite part of the day, dressed up for his satisfaction. After bathing she is ready to suck clean his cock and give him her tight love for every ounce of happiness.

Avi is a 21 year old sex toy and anal sex addict from Las Vegas who is super excited to begin her porn career today. She's done some solo girl stuff but today is her first boy/girl shoot. Meaning, she's going to get the cock on camera today for the first time, and she's stoked. So is TC, and so are we. Not only is Avi cool as hell, she's also one of the most sexually open and voracious girls we've had this year. And that's saying something. A young lady who brings her own sex toys to a shoot - and have the majority of them be butt plugs, including one the girth of a soda can, guarantees a great time. The fact that she genuinely loves anal sex is a gigantic plus. She's never had a full-blown orgasm from anal, she says. Let's see if TC can change that. Honestly, we can't wait for you to watch Avi's video. These are 83 minutes you do not want to miss, seriously. After Avi's confessions in the car, she gives TC a nearly spiritual blowjob in the garage before both head upstairs to the hotel room. We watch Avi get ready and try on different outfits, all while fielding more personal questions. By the time she gets to sit her sexy ass on the couch, you'll feel like you've known this cutie forever. There's just something very approachable about her. So TC doesn't waste too much more time interviewing her. We go from naked time right into toy mode - and it just gets hotter, dirtier, and better from there. Scroll through the preview pics below to get a taste. But as always, you really need to watch the whole video to really appreciate this insanely hot scene. So about the anal: to those 2 gentlemen who complained that we have too much anal sex with our girls lately (!), we're sorry. For everyone else - you're welcome! But either way, in addition to all that butt sex, there is also plenty of pussy fucking. And the obligatory cum facial, replayed from all camera angles, and split-screened (many positions get a split screen, of course), and replayed in slow-motion. I think Avi's video pretty much covers everything. We fucking love the fact how Avi is so into sex. She never complains, never whines, never asks how many more positions. No, she loves every which way of hardcore fucking TC throws at her. Nothing better than a cute girl who truly enjoys herself getting down and dirty on camera. We're pretty sure she would have done this shoot for free. We will probably see this sex maniac somewhere else soon, she says she wants to be a big pornstar and we have no doubts that she's got what it takes. We're just happy that ExCoGi has her FIRST hardcore scene!

Lily Adams overhears her boss talking to his friend. He mentions how hot he thinks Lily is. Lily finds her boss attractive as well so she walks into her boss' office and gives him the fucking of his life.

Scarlet has been invited to her friend Karla's house. The problem is that her boyfriend is so insecure and gets very angry if she ever speaks to another man. When she talks to Johnny, Karla's boyfriend, Scott becomes very angry and storms out, leaving the three of them together. Scarlet is pretty upset, but luckily, Karla knows exactly what will take her mind off things.
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