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Exploited College Girls - Athena, Amber Threeway - 20 & 22 Years Old

We have a real treat in store for you this week as we bring back two of our most popular girls back for a smokin' threesome you're going to like. Tall, tan, blonde and with curves that just won't quit, 20 year old Athena is truly a sex goddess. And since variety is the spice of life, we also have our cute, petite, brunette, 22 year old Amber. Together they make up a dream team of suckable tits and fuckable pussies. And to make this even better, this is Amber's first time with another girl (not on camera, ever!). You wouldn't know though as she at Athena's pussy like a pro. Of course, our man TC couldn't be happier with our casting and wasted no time getting both girls down on his cock even before the real shoot began. But being the gentleman he is, he gave the girls a chance to get a little one on one time to make out and taste each others pussy, what a guy! But you can't blame him for wanting to jump in and sampling all the sexual delights that were there to be had. As you rightly expect, there are plenty of fireworks between the three of them as they licked, sucked, kissed and fucked in every conceivable way. Athena shines again as one of the hottest new talents in porn and Amber has her dreams come true as she finally gets some quality pussy to eat (along with a big serving of TC's cock!). We knew Amber was having a good time as we haven't seen a pussy that wet in awhile, nothing like a real first time to get you off! It all leads to intense orgasms in the end and TC caps it off with an enormous load all over Athena's face and Ambers pussy that you are not going to want to miss. We love having our girls come back and this time we get double the pleasure!
Backroom Casting Couch - Amber

For a girl who makes her living parading around naked in front of strangers, Amber is oddly shy and awkward about the whole casting thing. She's a smart-ass and pretty funny. At the ripe old age of 22, our blonde, blue-eyed Norwegian is already a hardened stripper with 4 years of "dancing" under her belt (yet somehow supposedly has never masturbated with sex toys... or had anal sex!). Someone who starts taking off her clothes for money at 18 tends to make pretty bad choices in general, so it's no surprise she's planted her pretty ass on our couch today, hoping for those easy money porn jobs. The only surprising thing about this is that it took her so long. About that ass - yes it gets tapped. Considering how badly the anal plug warm-up went, it's a surprise how well Amber takes Vince's dick in her ass. Still, painal lovers will certainly not be disappointed with this one. Amber will probably not be auditioning anywhere else anytime soon. The not getting paid part isn't even her biggest problem. It's that Vince cums inside her without telling her first. And guess what, our genius here isn't on any type of birth control, and she's rightfully freaked out a little. If you wonder why a stripper and pornstar hopeful is not on birth control, listen to her explanation at the end. WARNING: Amber happens to start her period riiiiiiight when Vince finishes up inside her. So the resulting creampie is quite red-tinged. If you're squeamish about that sort of thing, skip that part. Between the anal and the ambush creampie, at the end Amber confesses she was about to punch Vince. Now that actually probably would have been the least awkward thing about this audition.
Young Lesbian Sluts (2017)
Young Lesbian Sluts (2017)
mp4|720 x 406|2.10 GiB

Issued by: My Peach
Genre: Lesbians, Masturbation, Teens, Toys, Natural tits, Pornstar
Cast: Trinity, Elizabeth, Stephanie, Amber, Maxine, Ingrid, Justine, Lucy, Joy, Crystal, Cali, Lindsey, Many More !, Abigail, June, Catherine, Avina, Betsy, Bryana, Melika, Francheska, Isable
Duration: 5h 20mn

Over 4 hours, 12 scenes of girls doing very naughty things to each other. They kiss, lick, finger and toy their wet pussy to orgasms. Some are so dirty they get their ass fucked. DON`T miss out in all the pussy fuck fest.

Bang Europe 24 (2017)
Bang Europe 24 (2017)
MPEG|960x540|1.97 GB

Cast: Lola, Anna Nova, Amber
Studio: Bang
Genre: All Sex, Anal, DP, Group
Duration: 1:45:13 brings you another hot addition to the Europe collection. You just can not find such exclusive, all-original content like this anywhere. Volume 24 features beautiful brunettes taking a cock in every horny hole they've got, plus some of the finest anal creampies, all in one collection!

Backroom Casting Couch - Amber

Cutie alert! 20 yo naturally busty cashier Amber says she's always looked up to pornstars and wants to be just like them. Really, she's referring to Kim Kardashian, as she confesses at the end. Oddly though, Amber doesn't actually watch porn movies. Or knows much about what goes on in them. She just knows that there are these pretty women getting all this attention and money.
Exploited College Girls - Amber

Middle-Eastern mix Amber just turned 18 and here she is with that teeny skin and the crap tattoo and pierced nipples and the weirdly advanced sexual skills all these 18 year olds seem to possess these days. She's excited, clearly. And so is Jay. How excited? He...(brace yourself!)....eats her out! Several times! If Jay licks vajayjay then that's a sure sign he's into the girl. And sure enough, it takes him every last ounce of self control not to cum inside that super tight teen pussy. Being the professional he is, he gets lovely Amber off about 4 times before he allows himself to unleash about a week of pent up Jay Juice straight into eager Amber's mouth. Now if it weren't for the little thing about Amber having a fricken boyfriend, we could see this become a regular side chick for the Jay man. Oh, who are we kidding, that never stopped the cockmeister. Watch how he slyly sets the stage for another off-camera encounter later...
Exploited College Girls - Amber

If you've ever wondered what it would take to turn Jay into an ass man, it might be this week's girl and her amazing backside. Of course her textbook perfect and virgin tight pussy quickly distract him and the subject isn't put to bed. But it's curious, the last Amber we had here at Ex Co Gi also had an amazing booty, so maybe we're onto something. This week's update starts with a car ride, which naturally devolves into car head and we get a glimpse very quickly of how up for anything Amber is. What we don't get, however, is a look at her insane bod. Eventually, Jay gets her back to the hotel to get the real party started and Amber throws off her clothes before he even gets the cameras running. When he catches up to her and we finally get a look at her, it's well worth the short wait. This girl has got an amazing, beautiful body. From her deep winter tan to her tight, bare puss, this girl is an eyefull.m After Jay gets her naked and her pussy starts getting wet as soon as he touches her, Jay gets to work using his fingers and then a vibrator. It's sorta hard to tell, but it seems pretty likely that Amber orgasms at least twice as things get started. After his excellent vag work, Jay has Amber drop to the floor to continue sucking him off. Back to that ass, though! Jay gets her up to the bed with her booty in the air for some solid doggy until her pussy gets tired. After a quick break, he fucks her in the rest of his favorite positions: sideshow, on her back, from the side for some deep penetration, and Amber loves every minute of it. As does Jay. It almost seems like Jay is surprised by how into it Amber is, because when she starts talking dirty and begging him to pound her he blows a monster load in her and on her for a creampie and pillow case destroyer of a nut that will likely cost him his deposit. And no, we don't know what's in all the boxes Jay has stacked up in the corner. Possibly Amway? Maybe Jay's sideline of Ex Co Gi merch? Stay tuned to this space for more info!
Love That Lesbian Snatch 3 (2015)
Hot girls love hot girls and who can blame them. With all this hotness its no wonder they can't keep their hands off of each other. All this pussy juice that is flowing down between their legs needs attending too, so its time to start munching on that muff!!

Category: All Girl Movies, Girl-Girl, Toy Play
Starring: Sarah Twain, Sarah, Amber, Lara, Nessa Devil, Sasa, Yana, Carol Gold
Exploited College Girls - Amber

If you've ever heard the term 'ass man' and thought to yourself, "Why yes, I am an ass man." than this week's update is for you because Amber may possibly possess the finest booty ever featured on Ex Co Gi. And, of course, Jay films as much of it as he can from many angles. Words that describe Amber's amazing bottom: round, taut, bubble, badonadonk, ass-a-liscious, Sir Mix-a-Lot. Things along those lines. Before we get too carried away by Amber's magical trailer, though, let's step back and take in the whole package because from her perky tits to her smooth tan skin this girl is adorable. After Amber gets naked and confesses to Jay that her pussy started getting wet on her drive to the shoot, Jay gets to work using his fingers and Amber's very first vibrator. After nearly getting her to orgasm, Jay has Amber drop to the floor to start sucking and it turns out that she has more gifts than her 36 inch booty, she's also got a very deep and accommodating throat. But, back to that ass! Jay gets her up to the bed with her booty in the air and then he fucks her in all his favorite positions: doggy, on her back, from the side for some deep penetration, and Amber loves every minute of it. Eventually it's time for the big finish and Amber gets to her knees to catch her free facial. Be sure to stay tuned for the Gun Show as Amber cleans herself up. She shows off one of the best sets of girl guns we've ever had the pleasure of shooting at Ex Co Gi.
Milf Hunter - Amber (Super Booty)

Time and luck happened to be on Levi's side once again. He spotted Amber across the parking lot and couldn't help but notice she had on an unbelievable outfit. The back of her pants had sections cut out, and her ass cheeks said, hello come get me. That's exactly what Levi did. After some small talk, he found out that a friend had sold her out on going to an underground sex meetup. In other words, a glory hole spot. It was kind of like a fishing hole, but with cock to suck. Levi just placed himself in her situation. He told her to come back with him since she craved some dick, and her friend wasn't gong to help her. She had toys to play with and everything. Amber warmed her meaty pussy up with a vibrator, as Levi sucked on her face. He moved in between her legs and gave her what she desired. Amber took his cock deep and deep it went. She didn't even gag on it, she was so good. He sprayed her face and left some for her to swallow since that was her ultimate goal for the day. Amber helped us, so we had to return the favor.
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