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BlackGFs - Gabby (So Juicy)

Gabby was being the best GF cleaning up after her man's sloppy friends. Like most guys there is one thing on their mind and that is a big ass and a glorious set of tits. Gabby possessed them both and to top it off she had a beautiful smile. This couples' submitted video showed us what Gabby was all about. She was just as horny, but she knew she could bargain with a guy that wanted more. The price was set, and then the ass began to shake, wobble, and bounce on the dick. Gabby put the moves on her man, and we are glad they shared.
BlackGFs - Sarah Banks (Banks Beauty)

Sarah Banks was ironing her boyfriends shirts. Her boyfriend sneaked in from the back and put his camera on a tripod. Sarah was hotter than the iron which was flattening his shirts. When he touched her it sizzled. She shook her tattooed booty at the camera, then started to play with herself. Her breasts had beautiful piercings that made her nipples very sensitive. She was only 19 and her cunt was very tight. She gave him a nice long blowjob with occasional deep throating. The best way to start fucking is in doggy style. Actually those two lovers were doggy fans. Blowjob, doggy, blowjob, doggy. In the end it was missionary that caused him to spray a white stripe over her face.
BlackGFs - Lexxi Deep (Going Deep)

This week we have an amazing video of Lexxi recorded by her BF. He spotted her rubbing lotion all over her fit body before putting on her workout clothing. He had his cam in hand and therefore recorded her fine ass. Lexxi caught her man jerking his hard dick and told him to keep the cam on. She grabbed his schlong and slobber on it before riding it. Her BF banged her tight pussy all over the place and then shot his jizz on her chest.
BlackGFs - Princess Yummy (So Yummy)

Princess Yummy was making some twerking videos of her shaking her ass. Her boyfriend hi jacked the camera and started making another kind of video. Soon after, she was sucking and fucking that cock. She got naked and twerked her bare rump all around. She got her pussy drilled and got that man juice all over her pretty face.
BlackGFs - Charlie Rae (Bad To The Bone)

Charlie Rae was in the bedroom trying to connect her laptop to the wall when her boyfriend came in recording her. She was in her panties and her big juicy butt was in the air because she was bending over trying to find the outlet on the wall. She asked her boyfriend for help in plugging in the laptop, but he wanted to plug in his cock in her mouth and pussy instead. After some hesitation, she agreed to give him a show. She shook her big juicy ass all around and began to get horny. Soon after, she sucked and fucked his cock. She got her pussy drilled as her round rump bounced around. She got that man juice all over her pretty face.
BlackGFs - Mya Mays (My Mya)

Mya Mays was talking on the phone on the balcony and her boyfriend began recording her. She was looking super sexy in those tiny shorts. She teased him and flashed her juicy tits for a bit. She got off the phone and soon after, she was sucking and fucking that cock. She took selfies of her sucking that dick. She rode that cock as her round rump bounced around. She got her pussy drilled and got that man juice all over her pretty face. She took more selfies of her face glazed with cum.
BlackGFs - Ivy Young (Peeping My Workout)

I love interrupting my girl while she's doing something. She puts on this little puppy face and her voice breaks a little. Today she was working out at home and I'd thought I'd record it and a little something extra. She was looking so fucking sexy and that shit got me horny as fuck! After noticing me act like a peeping Tom she said fuck it and gave me a little personal show. She pulled her luscious breasts out and let daddy play with them. sucking on her juicy breasts I pulled her pants down and piped that tight little pussy.
BlackGfs - Raven Wylde (Wet Haven)

Every morning my chick Raven Wylde would take an hour and hit the balcony for a little exercise. Im talking about she would perform this routine religiously. I would generally let her do her thing, but today she was looking a bit sexier than normal. So I started to peep her one day through the window and I was totally aroused by it. She worked so hard and her focus was pretty fierce, Raven's body was looking delicious too. After a while of looking at her I couldn't resist anymore and I just had to call inside the house and give her a good dicking.
BlackGFs - Chanell Heart (Banging Heart)

Logan was at home and spotted his hot ass girlfriend coming home so he took out his camera to record her. She was carrying the groceries and looking really cute in her tight small dress. It was really easy for him to pull it up a bit and show off her awesome thick ass. She was totally into it and before long was showing off all her twerking moves with her booty bouncing all around. She then started playing with her already wet pussy which lead her to want to suck down some dick. After she finished slobbing on his cock she bent right over to take a good pounding as he slid right in her pussy. Dont miss one moment of this fine ebony hottie getting her fat booty smashed as she waits for a huge man juice filled facial.
BlackGFs - Ashley Sin (Sweetest Sin)

This guy couldn't let his girl finish up her chores and tidy up around the house. He was out there trying to get footage of some raccoon who was terrorizing their garbage bins at night and as he passed by the glass door of their bedroom he stopped cold and kept filming his girlfriend in the tight little grey shorts she always wears to work around the house. She was making the bed and he interrupted her so they could get frisky. She eventually got horny herself and they got into it. The made a mess of the newly washed bedding and she had to start from scratch and throw them right back into the wash. With an ass like hers I don't think anyone would expect any other outcome.
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