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Black Power Vol 6 (2017)
4 Extrem geile szenen!
The Wedding Day
Something old, something borrowed, something blue! A Lover from the past returns to tell the bride that his love for her still fills his soul. Jake´s friend, Jason, longs for the touch of one particular older woman. Bridal party members, Peter & Alexis are given the opportunity to caress their desires before the Wedding is over. The Groom´s sister, Carolyn, can´t help but be overcome by loneliness, as she feels abandoned by those that she loves most.
An Office Romance
Sometimes 9 to 5 can be the most erotic part of the day. Janet craves the touch of the man at the desk across from hers, but as she daydreams about the sensual caress of Mark, he is transferred to a different office. If only Janet knew the mysterious circumstances that brought Mark to her department in the first place; or the secret love affair that her bosses Max and Wendy carry on while nobody is looking; or the heartache that tortures her friend Steve as he works so closely with Melissa... but never close enough. Will the longing and lust surrounding Janet finally inspire her to act on her desires? New Sensations: Romance presents An Office Romance, a dramatic story of love and the workplace
XConfessions Vol 10 (2017)
Every day, anonymous people from all over the world submit their erotic fantasies to XConfessions. Erika Lust handpicks two per month and turns them into artistic, explicit, award-winning short films. Unlike anything you’ve experienced before, XConfessions offers a sophisticated, cinematic take on adult filmmaking, pushing the boundaries of erotica, shattering stigmas and smashing stereotypes
XConfessions Vol 9 (2017)
Buckle up for over 4 hours of smart, fiercely erotic adult cinema in the 9th volume of XConfessions. From snowy ski sex to the girl’s fight club; dance, laughter, passion, submission. This is real people, real fantasies, and real sex. Featuring the controversial Refugee’s Welcome from legendary Guest Director Bruce LaBruce.
In the longest collection of films so far, we have a punchy, powerful exploration of sexuality and eroticism. What does it mean when you’re both hungry, and horny? Find out in the short “Horngry”, featuring a foursome. Or delve into the sexual politics of BDSM in “Feminist and Submissive”.
Close To The Bone (2017)
Two immortal lovers are feeling the three hundred year itch. As night faöls the city becomes a playground for Jonus and Bryana, both seeking to quensch their insatiable thirst for danger and desire.
Exposure (2017)
She'll Hack Your Phone. She'll Turn You On.
In a world where couples would rather play with their phones than each other, one woman uses her technology skills for good, nudging distracted lovers towards the bedroom. Meet Venus White: master of exposure and anonymous keyboard cupid.
Au-Pair Mädchen 3 (2017)
Auch wenn die frisch aus Ungarn importierte Haushälterin anscheinend zu blöd zum Bettenmachen ist entwickelt die geile Ost-Maus ungeahnte Talente in der Fortpflanzungstechnik. Virtuos fickt die Sau den Hausherrn versöhnlich. Der Junior des Hauses verlustiert sich derweil fröhlich mit der heißen und überaus dicktittigen Katalog-Braut, die Vati gerade erst in Österreich eingefangen hat. Knallhart wird die Frisch-Ficke in ihre neue Stellung eingeführt. Von der polnischen Dolmetscherin bekommt das neue AuPair-Mädchen den direkten Weg zu Herrchens Riesen-Knolle gezeigt und zeigt sich überaus lernfähig im Bereich Arsch auf. Die faule Fatme hat es so gar nicht mit Ordnung und Sauberkeit und stopft sich lieber das Staubsaugerrohr in die Fotze. In heißer Reizwäsche verführt das durchtriebene Luder den dummgeilen Hausherren und lässt sich die orientalischen Löcher bis in den letzten Winkel stopfen. Diese AuPair-Girls sind echt zu empfehlen...
Quartet (2017)
Four talented musicians used to play classical music together. There has always been a chemistry between them, and this time when Penelope gets a flights from London to Budapest to see them, it´s going to reach a magical crescendo! Jessie Black makes a classy, erotic and sensual film with multiple scenes, group sex and some wonderful musical accompaniment!
Deutschland Report - Fick Report Vol 2 (2017)
100% Deutscher Original-Ton
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