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Rosella is a beautiful blonde babe with amazing natural tits. She's been living in Italy for a long time and she has a very sexy accent. She recently moved to Prague with her family and really needs to start earning money and find work... She came to our agency looking for modelling work and I told her with her looks and body she could earn a lot of money in the adult industry. She seemed a bit surprised at first but when she heard about the money she could make she was willing to give it a shot.... She did a fantastic job in the interview and I finished off by spunking over her sweet body!
Fake Agent - Grace - E444 (Nervous Amateur Fucks For A Job)

Grace is a nervous amateur with a nice personality and is willing to do anything in order to be a model and earn lost of money. My good friend Thomas took the interview on as he's been showing real promise as an agent. He went straight into the interview and let her know that he wanted her for adult entertainment. She was quite cool about it and she seemed very impressed with what Thomas was saying... He went on to ask her about her sexual experiences and then he got her to strip naked. It was obvious that Grace was horny and wanted a bit of Thomas's cock... They fucked on the couch and he spunked his load all over her juicy pussy.
Fake Agent - Suzan - E442 (Shy Blonde Fucks Agent For A Model Contract)

I had a babe walk in this morning, she was so hot. Perfect body. I gave her an interview to see what kind of work she would be interested in doing. She liked the idea of travelling to various places but more than anything she wanted money. Fast. So I told her the best way to make good money is in the erotic business. I told her she'd have to prove she could handle it first though. Once she'd relaxed I couldn't stop her! She was sucking me off then letting me fuck her any way I wanted until I came all over tits!
Fake Agent - E441 (Slim Curly Haired Babe Sucks And Fucks In Casting Interview)

Today I had a real stunner in for a casting. This woman had an incredible body. She was completely open to any kind of work she could get. I told her about the different aspects of what we do. Also, the 'erotic' side. I told her if she wanted the work she'd have to prove she could handle a cock! She started sucking me off before I fucked her in every position I could think off before leaving her with a lovely cream pie! I think she got the job!
Fake Agent - Adriana - E474 (Nervous Shop Assistant Will Do Anthing To Be A Model)

Adriana is a cute shop assistant who dreams of bigger things in her life. She responded to an ad I had in the paper and was very keen to try out modelling. My good friend Matt was in town and was very interested in taking this casting as he saw a picture of Adriana. As I was in a good mood I decided to let him do the interview and he was over the moon. Fair play Matt did a very good job of convincing her to get naked and fuck on camera. Check it out!
Fake Agent - Sophie - E439 (Black Haired German Babe Wants To Be A Glamour Model)

Sophie is a hot babe from Germany. She's looking to get in to modelling and is willing experiment and try new things! She's a fun loving girl who likes to go out a lot with her friends. She's had her fair share of sexual experiences and describes herself as having many "friends with benefits"! She couldn't wait to strip off to show off her hot body for a few pictures before getting completely naked and touching herself! I decided to join in the fun and fuck all over the couch before leaving my cum all over her face!
Fake Agent - Rebeca - E472 (19 Year Old Babe Talked Into Sex In Casting)

Rebeca is a 19 year old babe who is looking for a job and will do almost anything to get one. Matt stepped in again to do this casting as he's on a roll at the moment and he's like my apprentice now. He sweet talked Rebeca and she was like putty in his hands. After he'd explained to her how much money there was to be made in the adult industry she was willing to get naked and show off her skills. They had a great session on the couch and by the end they were both covered in sweat and jizz. Check it out!
Fake Agent - Lola - E437 (Shy Waitress Will Do Anything To Become A Model)

Lola is a hot mature waitress who is looking to change her career and become a model. Matt wanted to take this casing as he was really attracted to Lola and had done quite well in his last interviews. Matt made Lola feel really comfortable and I could tell that she liked him by the way she was looking at him and answering his questions. She said that she was shy but he managed to coax her out of her shell and before too long he had her stripping naked in front of the camera. He wasted no time and after the photos they got down to business. He finished off by spunking over her skinny body.

Katarina and Lilly were still horny after the first session on the couch so after a break for drinks and a cool down they were willing and ready for round two.

Katarina and Lilly are very sexy girls from Russia who I met in a restaurant in town. I clocked them instantly and could tell they were just what I needed for an amazing casting interview. After catching their eye I approached them when they were by the bar and told them that I ran a model agency and that I thought they had the potential to make lots of money fast... They were very interested in what I had to say so I told them to swing by my office the next day so we could talk business. When they arrived they were looking great and I couldn't wait to see what their bodies looked like naked. After we talked for a bit I got them to take their clothes off. They were keen to try erotic movies so I took it to the next step and before long we were all fucking on the couch. I spunked over Lilly but we were all still horny so we took a break and decided to continue....
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