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Seducing Daddy (2015)
Seducing Daddy (2015) WEBRip
MP4| 848 x 480 |1018.48 Mb

Country: USA
Studio: Taboo Heat
Genre: Fresh Amateur Faces
Starring: Cristi Ann, Luke Longley
Duration: 12:59:24

Description: Cristi Ann will get what she wants!


Daughter Needs A Job (2015)
Daughter Needs A Job (2015) WEBRip
MP4| 848 x 480 |998.42 Mb

Country: USA
Studio: Taboo Heat
Genre: Teens, POV
Starring: Brooke Benson, Cory Chase, Luke Longley
Duration: 12:47:32

Description: Giving your daughter a job will be the best thing in your life!


Manipulating Mother (2015
Manipulating Mother (2015) WEBRip
MP4|848x480|924.55 MB

Country: USA
Studio: Taboo Heat
Genre: Natural Breasts, MILFs, POV
Starring: Sofia Rivera, Luke Longley
Duration: 00:44:06
Description: Mom needs sex, but does not just want to give it up. Manipulation is the only way to convince her.


Family Vacation (2015)
Family Vacation (2015) WEBRip
MP4|848x480|843.97 MB

Country: USA
Studio: Taboo Heat
Genre: MILFs, Teens, POV
Starring: Cory Chase, Ashley Adams, Luke Longley
Duration: 00:40:11
Description: Ashley and Cory have just checked into their hotel and sit back to relax on the bed. Mother and daughter talk about their Daddy giving them money to do whatever they want. "If it makes him happy it makes us happy," they say. They kiss and strip off their tops, finally alone to make love to one another. Mother and daughter lick each other's pussies and play with their large breasts, edging themselves while they wait for daddy to get back. "He's going to be taking care of us," Cory tells her daughter. Awesome new comer Ashley is a must see!


My Three Sons (2015)
My Three Sons (2015) WEBRip
MP4|848x480|925.21 MB

Country: USA
Studio: Taboo Heat
Genre: Feature, Gangbang, Anal, MILFs
Starring: Cory Chase, Alex Adams, Luke Longley, Kyle Chaos
Duration: 00:43:55
Description: Cory has some important news to tell her three boys. "I got fired from my teaching job," she says. "What are you going to do?" they ask her. They start to give her suggestions as to what she could do for money. One son suggests what about dancing. The boys each pull out some money for their mom and watch as she slowly takes off her clothes. Cory's never felt so naughty as her sons watch her strip. She takes their money and puts it in her tight stockings as she gives one son a lap dance. Cory pulls him into his bedroom for a private show. Twenty minutes later the other two boys walk in to see what's taking so long. Their shocked to see their mom sucking their brother off. One son yells, "You're supposed to give him a lap dance not suck his dick!" They drag her back to the living room. "If you're going to do that, then you're going to do it for all of us!" Soon Cory is facing the large cocks of all three of her sons as she sucks them all. Cory moans from being spit roasted by them, pounding her from both ends. The sons switch back and forth, never letting Cory have a free second from their relentless fucking.


Daddy Compels Me To Obey (2015)
Daddy Compels Me To Obey (2015) WEBRip
MP4|848x480|921.19 MB

Country: USA
Studio: Taboo Heat
Genre: Big Boobs, POV
Cast: Alora Jaymes, Luke Longley
Duration: 00:43:56
Description: You've been spending too much money sending your daughter to a therapist. It only works for a day or two and then you have to send her right back to be put under again. With this item you ordered online, you can put her under yourself and keep the money spent on huge doctor bills. You swing the pendent in front of her but nothing happens. You hit her with a laser and nothing happens. Soon she picks up a lollipop and slides it into her mouth. "Oh my god this is so good," she says as she slowly becomes. "I am your sex slave. I'll do whatever you want," she says. So that's what's been happening at her therapy appointments! Watching her suck on the lollipop turns you on. "I'm daddy's sex slave, and I'll do whatever he says," she says as she's taking off her shirt. Her huge breasts busting out of the top of her bra as she sinks to her knees and sucks you off into her mouth.


Daddy Daughter Dynamic (2015)
Daddy Daughter Dynamic (2015) WEBRip
MP4|848x480|1.15 GB

Country: USA
Studio: Taboo Heat
Genre: MILFs, Teens
Cast: Vanessa Cage, Cory Chase, Luke Longley
Duration: 00:55:56
Description: Vanessa has stolen her mom's phone and, being the evil person she is, decides to text daddy some naughty things. "What are you doing with mom's phone? I thought that was her!" Her dad shouts walking into her room. "Just pretend I'm mom," Vanessa replies. Dad tries to argue with her but she sucks his dick and shushes him. He cums into her laughing mouth, making her so happy as she swallows him all down. Cory, the mother, knows all about when they had sex while she was sleeping. It's okay though, Cory loved it. She moves her body on top of her daughter and begins to kiss her. Vanessa shivers as her mom licks her body. With his cock getting hard, Dad watches them as they pull out his cock and suck on it mother daughter style. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see!


Daughters New Arrangement (2015)
Daughters New Arrangement (2015) WEBRip
MP4|848x480|984.17 MB

Country: USA
Studio: Taboo Heat
Genre: Teens, POV
Starring: Dillion Carter, Cory Chase, Luke Longley
Duration: 00:46:59
Description: Mom and dad have a discussion. Due to mother being overworked and not able to complete her wifely duties, the decision to divorce or let dad screw around are the only two possibilities to make it work. Mom decides to let dad fuck around with anyone he wants to, but mom is ambivalent as to whom ...


Long Lost Slutty Daughter (2015)
Long Lost Slutty Daughter (2015) WEBRip
MP4|848x480|926.18 MB

Country: USA
Studio: Taboo Heat
Genre: Natural Breasts, Amateur, Teens
Starring: Cory Chase, Molly Jane, Luke Longley
Duration: 00:44:03

Description: Reuniting with her father brings the slut out in her!


I Blackmailed My Sister (2015)
I Blackmailed My Sister (2015) WEBRip
MP4|848x480|1.24 GB

Country: USA
Studio: Taboo Heat
Genre: Blowjob, Cumshots, Amateur, POV
Starring: Cory Chase, Vanessa Cage, Luke Longley
Duration: 1:00:48
Description: You're very worried about the trip your going on with your sister. What will you do without your mom helping you with your medical problems? You need to be medically expressed of cum multiple times a day and you can only masturbate so many times. "What about your sister?" Cory suggests. She will not do it, your sister hates you. Cory gives you some blackmail material just in case she does not do as you want. "In fact we have not done that today," your mom says. She gets on the ground and opens her robe revealing her tight body. Pulling down your pants, she slides your cock in her mouth and sucks you as only a mother can. Lovingly she sucks and strokes you until you cum in her mouth. Full of cum, she swallows with a smile. You are going to miss your mom so much this week. Now if you can just convince your sister.

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