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This kick-ass reality sex video will prove to you that seducing hot girls is so very easy if you know how to persuade them to do the things you want. Just find something that the girl cannot resist, that she cannot say no to, and you'll have her agree even to something as wild as public fucking. Wanna see how it works? Watch this steamy pickup porn movie and meet a girl who wanted to buy new expensive shoes so badly that she didn't mind sucking two meaty cocks for it. Eventually everyone got what they wanted - me and my buddy came all over her pretty face, and she got enough cash for a new pair of designer shoes. Happy end!

Today we hit the streets seducing pretty girls, as usual. This time we acted as reporters asking people what they meant by love. Tell you what, girls love talking about love! Even if they were in a hurry they stopped for a minute to tell us what they thought of love. However, we needed not really love, we wanted dirty pickup sex, and we were looking for a girl who'd give her love to us for some cash. Eventually we met a stunning brunette who agreed to go to our "photo studio" with us. Her dream was to buy a very expensive car, so she welcomed any way to earn extra cash, even if she had to go for public fucking (or rather especially if she had to go for public fucking).

Picking up women may seem not an easy thing to do, but if you know some secrets and tricks you can do that too. Seducing pretty girls and talking them into having sex in some public place is top perfomance, but believe it or not, it's easier than you'd think. For example, check out the babe in this awesome pick up porn video. She was in a park all alone and obviously bored, so she didn't mind the company of two good-looking and well-mannered guys. Soon she was ready for more than just talking, and we took her for a little walk... Tell you what, this babe really loved this crazy fucking session, and so will you!

Just so you know, picking up women in the streets in winter isn't the easiest thing in the world. It's freezing cold, all the girls rush home or someplace warm, and it's hard to find a cutie who'd agree to stop and talk to you. Still, my friends and me never stop picking up sexy girls, no matter what. Today we found a gorgeous long-haired brunette who agreed to have hot cofee with us in some nice cafe. Though she didn't mind when we took her to a tiny storage room and fucked her brains out. After all, there's nothing like dirty pick up sex to get warm on a cold winter day!
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It's winter, and you need to get warm? Find yourself a hot pick up girl and fuck her brains out! At least that's what me and my buddies did the other day, and you're gonna see all the details in this mind-blowing reality porn video. She was a tall slim student who went to a park with us instead of going to classes. Smart choice, I must say! She got her sweet pussy polished with two mighty cocks and even got paid for that. Watch this young beautiful nude girl work two cocks in a small storage room and taking mouthfuls of fresh cum! I bet it's the coolest sex adventure in her whole life.

There are many tips and tricks about seducing hot girls, but today I'm gonna share my secret, and believe me, it always works. So, all you gotta do is tell the babe you want to have steamy pick up sex with that you (or your buddy) are getting married and today is your bachelor party. Trust me, no girl ever refuses to please a happy groom. Don't know why, but every babe wants to be the last woman you slept with before you put a ring on your finger and give your marriage vows. Anyway, in this kick-ass reality porn movie you'll see a pretty brunette who turned our "bachelor party" into a crazy fuck fest.
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What's the best place for seducing hot girls in summer? Beach, of course! The babes on the beach are in no hurry, they are in a good mood, and best of all, they're almost naked, so you can check out their sexy bodies. Today my buddies and me picked up a pretty girl in a sexy bikini who was sunbathing by the lake. At first she wasn't very friendly, but soon we were chatting like best friends, and when we offered going boating with us she didn't even hesitate. This cute pick up girl was easy to talk into stripping naked for us, and when she saw my friend's huge hard cock she couldn't let go of it. Look what dirty things this filthy hottie did in that boat!
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