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My Pickup Girls - Suzanna (Stunning Blonde Girl Has Sex At Casting)

Picking up women is a real art, and real artists don't have to be realistic and only tell the truth. Fantasies and promises is what makes the chicks lose their minds and go for dirty pickup fucking in some inappropriate place like public restroom. So this time we found a gorgeous blonde who was dying to be in some reality show. How could we not take advantage of this? We told her we were having a casting for a brand new project, and she did everything we asked her to do, from dancing striptease to letting us drill her asshole. Fantastic, right? We assured her that she was gonna be a star, and she even let us cum in her mouth. Well, it's not that we used the poor girl and lied to her, she can become a porn star after all.
My Pickup Girls: Suzanna - Blonde Angel Enjoys Pick Up Sex With Two Guys (720p)

Early spring isn't a perfect time for getting girls in the streets. It's damn cold and there aren't many chicks outdoors. The ones we tried to talk to were either in a hurry or too young to take part in a reality sex video. And finally we found her, the one that would totally make our day! A stunning blonde in a sassy mini dress was going home from her friend, she was in a great mood and very easy-going. As always, we told her we were looking for girls for a new reality show, and it turned out she had been dreaming of being in some show all her life. You won't believe what this blonde angel was ready to do to produce a good impression and make the cut. Tell you what, this pickup sex video is one of the best we've ever made!
My Pickup Girls: Josie - Anal Pickup Sex With a Virgin (720p)

This reality sex video starts as a total disaster. It was cold outside, there were no chicks in the streets, and the ones we tried to seduce either had no time or just weren't interested. Eventually Eric and me gave up on getting girls and went to play billiards. We hoped that we would pick up some hottie later. We were the only customers in the whole billiards club, and when a pretty waitress knocked on the door we thought that there was hope after all. We offered the hottie some cash for stripping naked and playing with us. When we offered having sex she said that she was a virgin, but she agreed to go for anal fucking. Check out the way we banged that sweet babe!
My Pickup Girls - Amelia Grace (Cock-Hungry Chicks Pick Up Guys)

Guys think that men always dominate and get girls for sex, but they're so wrong! My friend's boyfriend cancelled their date tonight, so we decided to have our revenge on the hardworking and always busy boyfriends and fuck the first guy we meet. However, picking up guys wasn't that easy. Stupid assholes just…
My Pickup Girls: Amelia, Grace - Horny Girls Looking For Pickup Sex (720p)

Guys think that men always dominate and get girls for sex, but they're so wrong! My friend's boyfriend cancelled their date tonight, so we decided to have our revenge on the hardworking and always busy boyfriends and fuck the first guy we meet. However, picking up guys wasn't that easy. Stupid assholes just couldn't believe their luck and went away, or they were too shy to have sex on camera. Still, we found a guy bold enough to take part in our steamy reality sex video. We were really rough and rude with him, which he seemed to enjoy. Check out the way we kicked him out of the apartment totally naked after we got what we wanted!
My Pickup Girls: Mikaela - Pickup Sex Adventure On New Year's Eve (720p)

You'd think that there's nothing easier than seducing hot girls on New Year's eve, when they are in a jouful anticipation of a holiday and quite adventurous, but no. It was a windy cold day, and chicks rust rushed past us without even giving us a glance. We almost gave up when we met our perfect pick up girl. A voluptuous brunette agreed to check out our dance studio, and we started with teaching her to strip. Then we offered her 100 dollars for blowing us, and she hesitated at first, but when she saw Eric's huge rock-hard cock she had no doubts anymore. Next? We banged her on the pads in any position possible! It was a fantastic pickup sex and a great New Year present!
My Pickup Girls: Yuki - Easy-going Blonde Enjoys Pick Up Anal Sex (720p)

Today we picked up a very special girl! She looked stunning, she liked us a lot, she was eager to discuss her sex life with us, she was mad about anal sex and she didn't mind earning some cash by showing her tits to us in a public restroom. Sounds fantastic, right? But when we saw her sexy stockings and her delicious booty in string panty we were totally blown away! Needless to say, we gave her more money for blowing us and having sex, and of course she agreed! So we banged this gorgeous pick up girl in turns, we drilled all of her holes and came all over her beautiful and happy face. Damn, sex in a public restroom has never ever been so great! Oh yeah, and we stole her panty in the end!
My Pickup Girls - Madelyn & Grace (Real Outdoor Sex With A Lovelorn Guy)

Isn't that guy handsome? We noticed him sitting on a bench, he looked so sad and bored. Turned out his girlfriend didn't show up for a date, but after we sat next to him he stopped caring about that. And no wonder, we offered him to have sex with both of us right away! He was so pissed with his girlfriend that he agreed, and we went to a park to make this awesome outdoor sex vid. Tell you what, I'm really happy we picked him up! He was so insatiable and horny, he drilled us in turns until both of us came, and eventually he shot a huge load of hot cum right in my mouth. Yummy! Then we promised to give him our phone number, stole his clothes and ran away.
My Pickup Girls - Two Hot Babes Looking For Pickup Sex (720p)

Me and my best friend Vasilisa love to pick up handsome guys and use them for sex. Some would call us whores, but we don't give a damn. We love well-hung guys and flirting and risky sex in public places, and we can have it all anytime we want, so screw the self-righteous prudes and check out the boy we picked up today! He was waiting for his girlfriend who was terribly late, and that was her fatal mistake. Her handsome boyfriend ended up fucking two gorgeous babes in the nearest park, ha-ha! Next time she won't be late for a date. Anyway, that girl's really lucky 'cause that guy is a real stud! He made us both cum hard, and then he exploded in an orgasm himself. What a boy!
My Pickup Girls: Iry - Stunning Pick Up Girl Fucks For Money (720p)

She was blonde, slim, easy-going and ready for a quick pick up sex with two guys. Some would call her a whore, we call her a perfect girl for a hot reality sex adventure. It's not that she's slutty, it's just that she's experienced and knows how to please a man. Isn't that what really matters when you're seducing girls? She plunged into pickup sex with so much drive and passion, you can tell this babe was a cock-hungry bitch. This steamy pickup porn video has it all to blow you away: a stunning blonde, wild pick up sex, exciting scenes and spectacular closeups. Sex in public places has never felt so damn exciting and good! Watch this reality porno and get jealous :)
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