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My Pickup Girls: Eva Berder - Redhead School Teacher Stars In Reality Sex Movie (1080p)

Seducing this pick up girl seemed really hard at first. She wasn't friendly at all and wasn't interested in talking to us. But when we found out that she worked as a teacher we knew what would make her agree to take part in our reality porn video. Everyone knows that teachers don't make much money, so when we showed her a wad of cash and promised that it'll be all hers she went with us without any hesitation. Tell you what, this teacher totally blew us away with her blowjob skills and her passion. Maybe she hadn't had sex for ages, maybe she was an insatiable sex maniac, but the fact is that it was the hottest and the most intense pick up sex ever.
My Pickup Girls - Stephany (Hot Reality Sex With A Married Hottie)

How hard it is to make a married girl show her tits to total strangers? Obviously not as hard as you'd think! I don't know if this babe was truly married or lied to us, the fact is that she didn't mind earning some cash even if it involved starring in a reality porn movie. She made us promise that we won't show this pick up sex video to anyone, but how can we not share it with you? Anyway, check out us having real wild adult sex in a sauna, drilling the nasty and insatiable wifey in turns and in any position possible. Oh how she loved it! We thought that her orgasms were enough pay for her, so as soon as we were done we kicked the bitch out without giving her any money.
My Pickup Girls: Stephany - Hot Reality Sex With A Married Hottie (1080p)

Seducing girls isn't easy when it's cold outside. All the pretty chicks rushed past us without even looking at us. Most guys would give up and forget about having pickup sex with some sassy hottie, but not us! And soon we got really lucky! We met a gorgeous babe who said she was married. It turned out that her husband didn't earn as much as she wanted, so when we offered her some cash for making a private pickup porn movie in a sauna she couldn't resist. To tell you the truth, we weren't going to pay her, and besides, she really enjoyed our hardcore fucking session, so maybe it's her who should pay two hot males for an unforgettable sex adventure.
My Pickup Girls: Sabrina - How To Get Good Girls Act Like Dirty Sluts (1080p)

In this reality sex video you will see that seducing girls is easier when they think you're in trouble and they're the only ones who can help. Today I was picking up pretty girls in the street all alone, and my buddy Eric was waiting for me in a sauna. My story was that my friend felt really sick and I needed somebody who could give him first aid. Soon I found a charming blonde who was a medical student. Lucky me! She agreed to help my sick friend and went to the sauna with me. This is when she found out what we really wanted from her, and a thick wad of cash persuaded her to make all of fantasies come true...
My Pickup Girls: Aruna - Taking Advantage Of a Greedy Pick Up Girl (1080p)

Seducing girls is fun, especially when you take advantage of the greedy chicks, fuck them hard and leave them with nothing but your signature on their butts. Well, this is exactly what happens in this reality sex video. Me and my buddy found a pretty babe who wouldn't be nice to us until we showed her a bunch of 100-dollar bills and said that she could have it all. This is when she suddenly changed her mind and decided that even public fucking wasn't too extreme when it pays so well. So we took the bitch to a cafe, but the only place we could lock ourselves in was a tiny storage room. What the hell, it was ok for fucking anyway! Did we pay the bitch? Hell no! We fled right after we came all over her.
My Pickup Girls - Helena Li (Hot Pickup Porn With A Great Cocksucker)

All good pickup artists know that looks can be deceptive. This young and pretty girl looked like a decent and nice girl, and it took us ages to persuade her to get in our car. But we felt that this girl wouldn't mind showing her tits and maybe even have real adult sex for some cash. And guess what, we were right about her! All she needed was some motivation, so when we offered to pay for her trip to Thailand she went for dirty pick up fucking with no hesitation. By the way, her blowjob skills totally blew us away! That babe performs the best deep throat ever, I swear! So go ahead and enjoy our awesome reality porn movie with this gifted cocksucker!
My Pickup Girls: Helena Li - Dirty Pickup Sex With a Deep Throat Queen (1080p)

So here we are, me and my buddy Philip, looking for pretty and easy-going pick up girls in the streets again. Today we got really lucky because we picked up a real deep throat queen! At first, though, she acted like some touch-me-not and wouldn't even get in the car with us. It goes without saying that she didn't wanna go to a sauna either. But you know us, we're good at seducing girls. Eventually she ended up in a sauna with us, and we knew that steamy pickup sex was just a matter of time. I guess the girl realized it too 'cause she forgot all shame and eagerly went for the dirtiest fucking session ever. Oh my, how filthy and insatiable she was!
My Pickup Girls - Carla (Hot Pick Up Girl Carla Driving Men Crazy)

Are you looking for real outdoor sex scenes? We welcome you to join our couple in a search of a pretty teen girl who will not mind playing some dirty games with us. Strolling here and there along the beach we almost lost the hope to find a nice avid slut until we met this hot looking girl Carla from Barcelona. She saw money in my hands and without any doubts agreed to show her body. Well, Carla, welcome to the car, where you can do anything you want – show your nice sexy naked boobs, do blowjob in the car and please both of our dicks with the intense pick up sex that will satiate you with loads of fresh semen all over the pretty face in the end!
My Pickup Girls - Carla From Barcelona In Hot Pickup Porn (1080p)

It is a hot summer day in Spain and we are in a search of the horny pick up sex today. Walking along the beach we feel our dicks grow bigger and harder from the view of half naked female bodies stretched on the golden sand but the day seems to be unlucky for us – no lonely girls, no dirty fuck! Having sat in the café we finally noticed a pretty teen girl who didn’t mind getting acquainted with us. What’s more, once she saw money in our hands she agreed to show us her sexy naked boobs in the car that drove our naughty threesome to more sex adventures in a desolate place. Be sure, we got deep blowjob and the wildest hardcore fuck from that little slut! That’s what we call real pickup porn!
My Pickup Girls - Leila From England Plays Sex Pickup Games (1080p)

Hi, everybody! Here we are again, sex hungry, hard and ready to play raunchy pickup porn games. We are in Spain, strolling here and there along the quay and looking for a young pretty girl who will please us with something really kinky! The lonely chick sitting at the bus stop was rather hot. Leila from England, her English was as great as her body and her hunger for money appeared to be as strong as our desire to fuck. She showed her sexy naked boobs and shaved pussy right in the street and didn’t hesitate a minute to earn a good sum of money and get the real pleasure from the hard acquaintance with two Spanish men.
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