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Sex Art - Lady Bug (Better Idea)

Thomas Lee wants to take his girl skiing in the snowy Czech countryside; but cute Lady Bug has a far “Better Idea.” The pretty, half-naked babe straddles him, undresses him and strokes his rapidly stiffening cock against her panty-clad pussy. She takes it in her mouth, sucking and licking the shaft and circling the head wetly with her tongue, then mounts him in cowgirl, riding spiritedly. Thomas grabs her perfect ass as she bucks on him, taking him deep, cries of pleasure growing louder as her climax sweeps through her. Still trembling, she smiles and showers Thomas with thank you kisses. Cock still buried deep in her soaked, shaved pussy, Thomas flips Lady Bug onto her back, pinning her legs high as he plows into her vigorously. Pussy stretched snugly around his thrusting cock, she orgasms again. Back on top, she rides even more energetically, squatting to bounce and grind on his shaft, driving them both wild. Their shared excitement builds as they slam together faster and harder, their peak hitting simultaneously. Lady shudders in bliss as Thomas shoots his hot load inside her. Kissing through the afterglow, they both know Lady Bug had the “Better Idea” – and it appears she’s not actually averse to skiing after all, once she’s sexually satiated…
Sex Art - Amarna Miller (White And Black)

Fiery redhead Amarna Miller spies on ebony stud Jesus Reyes as he lifts weights, in Alis Locanta’s stirring “White and Black.” Jesus is happy to abandon his workout as Amarna kisses her way down his hard abs to his stiffening cock, sucking it deep and stroking it between her lips as it grows to its full, impressive length. Amarna strips down to lingerie and stockings and Jesus rubs her through her panties, then peels them off and licks her pussy. She sucks him again before lying back for him to feed his long dick into her slick slot, squealing at the deep penetration as he sinks inside her. She turns into doggy so he can fuck her with slow, steady strokes, thrusting back against him to take it even deeper. They move into spoons, Amarna rubbing her clit as Jesus powers into her, and then she squats astride him to ride faster, rocking her hips to grind to an orgasm that has her trembling and babbling in Spanish. She kneels to deepthroat him until he shoots his load over her outstretched tongue and she licks it up messily. It’s an intense and highly orgasmic experience for sexy Amarna, and a must-see for fans of high-caliber interracial erotica.
Sex Art - Alexis Crystal (Call)

Making a “Call” on her smartphone, sexy Alexis Crystal is looking for a fuck buddy, but all the guys she calls are too busy to come over. Except for Michael Fly that is. He’s busy doing nothing, but when he gets Alexis’ booty call, he rushes over to her place. Alexis sheds her robe and answers the door naked, dragging Michael inside and making straight for the bedroom. Michael kisses and nuzzles her neck as she gropes his erection through his pants. Alexis wastes no time with sweetness, freeing Michael’s long cock and jerking him off hungrily. She drops to her knees to suck it, watching him with keen eyes as she takes him as far down her throat as she can, then hurls him back onto the bed and straddles his face, grinding her wet slit over his tongue. Turning around into a sixty-nine, she plants her pussy on his mouth as she jerks him between her lips with hard strokes. She moves down to straddle his hips, guiding his thick prick into her pussy and riding hard, then spreads on all fours so Michael can lick and suck her pussy and asshole, Alexis watching him over her shoulder, thrilled when he slides his cock inside her. She’s so tight and so horny that Michael rams his cock in and out to the beat of her gasps. Alexis turns the heat up, squatting on Michael’s lap and riding him hard, then moving back to hands and knees to do all the work herself until Michael just can’t handle it any more and has her on her back to fuck her without mercy. He drills her climax out and pounds on to his own explosive orgasm, filling her wet snatch with his load. Blissfully satisfied by their high-energy fuck, Alexis dismisses Michael… be sure to watch through the end credits for a surprise appearance from Ariel Piper Fawn!
Sex Art - Emma Button (Coquendam)

Hot blonde Emma Button and her man Ricky are in the kitchen, “Coquendam” – Latin for “cooking” – as Andrej Lupin’s portrait of domestic bliss begins. But as the temperature rises, horny Emma decides she’s hungrier for sex than food. She frees Ricky’s stiff cock from his pants, jerks it lovingly, drops to her knees, and slides it between her lips. She sucks voraciously, alternating between deep throating it and pulling it out so she can tickle the glans teasingly with her flickering tongue. Emma climbs up onto the counter, lifting her legs up onto Ricky’s shoulders as he guides his rigid cock deep inside her sopping wet slot; she moans with arousal, licks her finger and strums her clit frantically. Ricky needs to taste her now, and spreads her legs wide to eat her shaved pussy ravenously, sliding a couple of slippery fingers alongside his tongue. Emma watches approvingly, until she’s so overwhelmed she can do nothing but lie back and ride the wave of ecstasy that suddenly engulfs her as Ricky finger fucks her to an orgasm that leaves her gasping for air. She barely has time to collect her senses before she’s back on Ricky’s cock, jerking it and sucking it deep. She stands and shoots him a look that says she wants fucking right now, then assumes the position. Ricky slams his cock deep inside her wet hole with one hard lunge. Emma raises a foot onto the counter, both for support and so that she can rock back to meet every one of Ricky’s thrusts. Shaking uncontrollably, she orgasms again, just as Ricky pulls out and spurts his load all over the kitchen floor. Physically drained, they laugh, kiss and embrace, before they resume “Coquendam” their intimate meal. Make sure you watch to the end credits to see the illusion shattered entertainingly, as the hungry crew pile into the kitchen to share the feast.
Sex Art - Belle Claire (Typical Woman)

Maxmilian Dior looks on in amusement as sexy redhead Belle Claire acts like a “Typical Woman,” unable to decide what to wear. He appreciates the show as she tries on outfit after outfit, but ultimately he prefers it when she’s in nothing but her panties, her beautiful breasts bare. Frustrated, Belle launches a playful attack on her man, her teasing turning to passion as he rolls on top of her and pins her down for a hot embrace. Maxmilian kisses his way down Belle’s exotically tattooed body, pulling off her panties and eating her sweet shaved pussy until she’s letting out little moans and gasps of pleasure. She guides his mouth back to hers so she can taste herself on his lips, then frees his stiff cock from his pants, looking up at him so sexily as she strokes and licks it. Belle sits astride Maxmilian’s face so he can eat her some more, pausing to suck and jerk his rigid shaft before straddling it and grinding her wet pussy along it. She guides his bone into her hot slot, riding slowly, tantalizing them both until Maxmilian flips her onto her back and drives in harder and deeper. Now Belle is so aroused she raises her hips off the bed so Maxmilian can slam into her, his thumb rubbing her clit and her perfect tits jiggling. He sets the pace, lifting her into his lap to bounce on his cock and then fucking her vigorously through her intense orgasm before painting her pussy with his hot load. Blissed out, Belle finally gets dressed; but it seems they’re not done making love just yet…
Sex Art - Vicky Love (Coin Toss Heads)

“Coin Toss: Heads” – the concluding episode of Andrej Lupin’s erotic two-part series – starts as the first part did, with curvaceous blonde Vicky Love flipping a coin before caressing herself sensually in the luxurious bathtub. But this time her voyeur is male; Nick Ross watches from the bed as Vicky’s hand seeks out her pussy underwater and she throws back her head in ecstasy. Vicky joins Nick and strokes his hard cock through his underwear, then feeds the huge shaft between her lips, bobbing her head up and down avidly. She backs onto Nick’s lap and sinks her wet pussy down onto his bone, riding steadily, her sexy body undulating. As her arousal builds she increases the pace until she’s climaxing noisily. She pushes Nick onto his back, straddles him in cowgirl and resumes bucking on him relentlessly, his dick glistening with her juices. She squats to ride him harder and deeper, her beautiful big breasts bouncing. Vicky has a string of orgasms rocking on Nick’s cock, then jerks his creamy load all over her tits and tummy. Sweaty and sticky, they return to the bathtub together, kissing and cuddling lovingly.
Sex Art - Isabella Chrystin (Instruction)

Ebony beauty Isabella Chrystin is making an “Instruction” video about how to give a foam massage. First, she makes the bubbles, combining oil, water and shower gel, mixing until the foam is thick. Then it’s time for the massage. Face down on the table, Nick Ross lies relaxing while Isabella lathers his back and shoulders. Unknown to Nick, Isabella has removed her robe, though it becomes obvious the moment she uses her gorgeous breasts to rub his back, her nipples stiffening at the touch. Nick can’t resist reaching out for her pussy as she lathers his back, running a finger between her pussy lips. He finds her wet already, aroused from the sensual massage. Isabella climbs onto the table to glide her soapy tits over Nick’s body, straddling his ass to grind herself on his butt. Nick strokes her pussy as she rubs her whole body against him. Nick rolls over and Isabella pays full attention to his cock, gently soaping his balls and shaft, using both hands to caress him, fingertips circling his cockhead. Nick’s hands wander to Isabella’s hard nipples so she covers her breasts in foam, climbs back on the table and strokes them against his rod. The soap spreads down her body until her shaved slit is covered in creamy white foam; now she uses her pussy to massage Nick’s cock, sliding her lips up and down his length. To finish the massage, Isabella licks and sucks Nick’s prick, taking his balls into her mouth, pleasuring every inch of his glans with tongue and lips. She’s about to leave, but Nick tempts her to stay by stroking her pussy gently. She can’t resist, and bends over to let him sink his cock into her wet, soapy slot. She turns onto her back so Nick can eat her juiced-up pussy, then onto her side so he can fuck her deep and play with the awesome curves of her ass, and then she straddles him to ride to a noisy orgasm. And when Nick’s ready, Isabella has one last massage in mind, jerking his load onto her beautiful breasts and belly. It may not have been the “Instruction” video Isabella intended to make, but it certainly is compelling viewing!
Sex Art - Cristal Caitlin (Late Again)

Gorgeous blonde Cristal Caitlin is “Late Again” for her rendezvous with Maxmilian Dior; but judging by the way they hug and kiss when she does show up, he’s not too surprised. Back at Maxmilian’s place after their date, they cosy up on the sofa; Maxmilian can’t keep his hands off Cristal’s beautiful breasts, and they are soon groping and stroking each other frantically. Cristal straddles Maxmilian in reverse cowgirl and eases his long hard cock into her shaved pussy. She gasps as it enters her, stretching her deliciously; once she’s adjusted to its girth she rides slowly and rhythmically. She spins around into cowgirl and Maxmilian holds onto her ass cheeks to intensify the depth of his thrusts as she squats to bounce on him. Cristal starts slamming down on Maxmilian’s cock harder and faster, her breathing becoming erratic, her body shaking as she climaxes. Still trembling, she leans forward and rocks back and forth on his cock, slowly at first, then accelerating until she rushes headlong into another orgasm. Dismounting, Cristal plants kisses on Maxmilian from his chest down to his cock, sucking and licking eagerly, then jerking him off into her open mouth and swallowing his hot load. As they sip their wine and gaze into each other’s eyes, you can tell Maxmilian doesn’t care if Cristal is always “Late Again” – sex this wonderful is worth the wait.
Sex Art - Stella Cox (Face Call)

This steamy love tale from Andrej Lupin starts with sexy Stella Cox making a “Face Call” to Ricky, who’s away on business. Stella is naked in the bathroom, jokingly accusing Ricky of neglecting her. She lowers her towel teasingly, flashing her big breasts, and starts showering with the phone capturing an arousing view of her gorgeous body. Stella massages her perfect breasts and shaves her pussy, so by the time Ricky heads home, he’s mad with desire. By the time Stella finishes showering, her horny beau is there, waiting for her. They kiss avidly and Ricky slips a hand between her legs to inspect the smoothness of her freshly shaved pussy, then dives in and starts eating it, flicking his tongue up and down her sweet slit. Stella pulls Ricky’s rigid cock out of his pants, wrapping a hand around the thick shaft and stroking it up and down while stretching her mouth around the bulbous head and sucking, making him gasp with delight when she squeezes his ballsac. They move into a sixty-nine so Ricky can lick Stella’s pussy as she sucks him even deeper. Stella straddles Ricky and feeds his long cock inside her slippery slit, riding hard and grinding on him, big tits jiggling. The switch into doggy, Ricky banging Stella relentlessly, the slap of flesh against flesh and the volume of Stella’s cries of pleasure growing louder. They finish in missionary, Stella smiling blissfully as she has an intense orgasm, then jerking Ricky’s load over her belly and tits. It’s a vigorous, high-energy coupling that speaks volumes about pent up lust and sexual release.
Sex Art - Dido A (Taste Of Evening)

Beautiful blonde Dido A and Ryan Ryder are enjoying a “Taste of the Evening,” savoring the nightlife at a bar in Mallorca, but they only have eyes for each other. Dido looks absolutely gorgeous in her cute floral print dress, long hair flowing. The lovers walk home arm in arm, kissing and laughing together. Dido’s passion for her man brings out her wild side, and she leads Ryan down an alley and finds an open doorway to duck into. They kiss passionately, their hands all over each other, the fear of being caught adding to their excitement. Kneeling in front of Dido, Ryan pulls down her panties and licks her pussy. Dido, so turned on already, slides her dress down to free her breasts as Ryan strokes her clit. Ryan’s just as horny, standing up to let Dido undo his pants and shirt. She squats with Ryan’s hard cock in her hand and licks along his shaft, plunging her mouth all the way down his meat hungrily, bobbing her head fast. Ryan can’t wait to fuck her any longer; he presses her against the wall with one leg raised and slides his cock deep inside her, thrusting with rampant abandon. Spinning around, Dido jerks his cock, then cups her ass cheeks and pulls herself open to have him fuck her from behind. Onto the stairs now, Dido straddles her man in reverse cowgirl and bounces hard, beautiful breasts jiggling; then turns into cowgirl, riding him until he fills her pussy with his hot load. They dress hurriedly and resume their walk home, dishevelled and happy.
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