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Sex Art - Cherry Bright (Join Together)

After an alfresco lunch with friends – spot the cameo appearances from Ariel Piper Fawn and Andrej Lupin! – beautiful blonde Cherry Bright and her lover Ricky return to their Mallorcan apartment and “Join Together” for a feast of a more carnal nature. As Ricky helps Cherry moisturize her perfect body, they lean into each other and kiss voraciously. Their bodies intertwined, Cherry yanks out Ricky’s hard cock and spreads her legs. Ricky pulls her panties aside and eats her pussy greedily as she moans her approval, growing louder when he slips two fingers alongside his tongue. Just as Cherry is reaching boiling point, Ricky slams his prick deep inside her shaven pussy, thrusting hard. He slows the pace to short, sharp strokes to keep Cherry on the brink; then turns her around to lean against the wall with her ass pushed out and plunges back inside. Cherry rubs her clit while Ricky fucks her hard and fast, her cries of ecstasy increasing in volume as he gropes her bouncing breasts. Again he slows the pace to keep Cherry crazed with lust, before slipping out of her so that she can take his tool in her mouth and taste her own juices off it. She looks up into Ricky’s eyes as she sucks him, before pushing him backwards onto the bed, mounting him cowgirl and riding him hard as he rocks his hips up to meet every one of her downward thrusts. Cherry dictates the pace now, slowing down and speeding up as she desires. Suddenly she can control her urge to come no longer, rides vigorously and climaxes, her body shaking uncontrollably. She collapses onto Ricky and kisses him hard, before pulling his cock from her pussy and jerking his hot load all over her tanned tummy. Togetherness has never looked so satisfying.
Sex Art - Cassie Fire (Unread Message)

Alis Locanta’s “Unread Message” opens with hot brunette Cassie Fire – making her SexArt debut – watching her lover Juan Lucho, her beautiful face showing a confused blend of emotions. Abruptly she approaches him, kisses him hard on the mouth and immediately opens his pants to free his rock hard cock, kneeling between his thighs to suck him deep into her mouth. Cassie needs no foreplay, straddling Juan and tugging her panties to one side, her skirt and jacket still on as she guides his dick into her wet hole. She fucks him hard and fast, bouncing on his rod, riding at full gallop. Flashing back to an argument the lovers had earlier – about the text message referred to in the title – it becomes evident this is make-up sex of the most passionate kind. We re-join them in the bedroom, Juan now naked and lying on his back with his dick in the air as he watches Cassie strip for him; the camera lingers on her sexy small breasts with hard, dark nipples, and her sweetly shaved pussy aching for more cock. Cassie straddles Juan and leans back to lets him eat her pussy, her plump lips wet with juice and saliva, his fingers grinding over her engorged clit. The horny honey kneels to suck him again, jerking him off slowly into her mouth, sucking the head and coating it in her saliva. Cassie remounts Juan, bouncing hard on his full length, fucking him for all she’s worth. She breaks off for another quick taste of his meat, then swivels around for a reverse cowgirl ride, grinding her ass back and forth. Juan guides her to fuck him hard, pushing her up with every downstroke. Cassie orgasms hard and loudly, then finds her place between Juan’s thighs once more to jerk his load all over her tits, pumping him fast as arcs of jizz splash over her body. Make-up sex this hot is certainly worth fighting for.
Sex Art - Katy Rose (Thinking About You)

Andrej Lupin’s high-energy “Thinking About You” starts as it means to go on with full-on lust, as Katy Rose and Ryan Rider lock lips passionately and, unable to keep their hands off each other, undress precariously as they descend the stairs. By the time they reach the bottom, bare-chested Ryan has pulled sexy blonde Katy’s dress down far enough to suck on her delectable breasts. Tossing her onto the sofa, he dives between her open legs. Eyes closed, Katy throws her head back in ecstasy as Ryan tears aside her black panties and starts sucking eagerly on the labia of her shaven pussy. Libidos running rampant, they move frenetically, constantly groping, fingering and licking. Katy yanks off Ryan’s pants and pumps his already hard cock with one hand as they kiss lasciviously. She lies back with her legs spread wide, and Ryan slams his rod inside her juiced-up slot and starts thrusting away, relentlessly. Overwhelmed, Katy writhes uncontrollably beneath Ryan, hips bucking to meet his every thrust. On the brink of orgasm, Katy turns into doggy position, clinging onto the sofa for balance as Ryan pounds into her from behind. They pause for Katy to lick every molecule of her own pussy juice off Ryan’s throbbing shaft, before she straddles him and lowers herself cowgirl style onto his rod. Grinding her pussy hard against him, Katy rides vigorously and climaxes loudly, spinning into reverse cowgirl before jerking Ryan’s load out over her pussy. Stunning overhead angles make the most of this athletic and energetic couple as they enjoy each other’s vibrant sexuality without inhibition.
Sex Art - Lucy Heart (Coming)

Beautiful blonde Lucy Heart is in the shower as Andrej Lupin’s “Coming” begins, soaping up her pert tits as she presses her shapely ass against the glass. Michael Fly arrives home and watches from the floor below, looking up at Lucy’s hot ass. Spotting her lover, Lucy teases him with her naturally gorgeous body as she towels off, then comes downstairs to kiss him. Lucy lets her towel fall to leave her naked in Michael’s arms, his hands wandering over her ass and breasts as she strokes his growing length through his pants. She frees it and kisses her way down until she’s kneeling, bobbing her head over his thick shaft, his balls cupped in her hands as she lavishes attention on it. Michael turns the supple cutie around and pins her against the wall as he slides his thick cock into her. Lucy bucks back against him as he fucks her hard and fast, his hands reaching for her tits. The athletic couple turn to face each other, Michael lifting Lucy off her feet to sink his cock up her sodden hole as she wraps her legs around him. She bounces up and down on his rod, using the wall to support her as he fucks a powerful orgasm out of her. Michael takes Lucy from behind again, sliding the full length of his shaft in and out of her as she slams back with every thrust. He fucks her relentlessly, pinning one arm behind her back and driving his cock in harder and harder. They kiss with passion as she jerks him until he spills his hot seed over her pumping fist; both “Coming” enough to be utterly satiated.
Sex Art - Nancy A (Training)

Beautiful blonde Nancy A gets a full “Training” session from her partner Martin. They run through some exercises together, athletic Nancy stretching her muscles and flexing her perfect body in tight lycra shorts and bra top, until she climbs onto Martin’s back while he does some squats. The play quickly turns to passion when Nancy climbs down and begins to kiss her training partner. They move to the couch, Nancy leaning in to kiss Martin as he pulls her shorts tight between her legs. Nancy loses her clothes quickly, grinding on Martin’s lap and pressing her pert breasts into his open mouth, then climbing up his body to squat over his face and let him lick and suck on her shaved pussy, squeezing his cock hard inside his shorts. Her pussy wet and ready, Nancy tugs Martin’s shorts down and his cock springs into her face. She takes it greedily in her mouth, jerking and sucking it. Nancy plunges down onto Martin’s hard cock and rides him energetically, the workout continuing as she powers through her squats routi e with Martin’s hard cock deep inside her pussy. She turns to reverse cowgirl as Martin grasps her ass cheeks and bounces her on his lap. He rolls her onto her side and fucks her hard and fast from behind, her tanned tits jiggling with each thrust, then flips her onto her back to fuck her orgasm hard out of her tight snatch, unloading his seed inside her. When he pulls out, her pussy and ass are drenched in hot cum.
Sex Art - Anie Darling (Amare)

Andrej Lupin’s lust fueled “Amare” gets off to a wet start with super hot Czech cutie Anie Darling luxuriating in a hot tub. When her lover Ricky shows up with a bottle of bubbly, their eye contact and body language indicate they’re very much into each other – and moments after their first sip they demonstrate it. Petite brunette Anie raises her body out of the water so they can kiss deeply, before she puts her mouth to even sexier use on studly Ricky’s stiff cock. She eagerly fellates the full length of his shaft, sucking extensively on his cockhead, pausing only to look up into his eyes, seeking approval. Anie lowers herself onto Ricky’s lap, feeding his huge rod into her pussy and bucking vigorously. She grinds harder and harder, her ass slapping noisily against Ricky’s six-pack. As she approaches orgasm, Ricky slides her off his dick and motions for her to straddle him. The very second his cock re-enters her dripping pussy she starts howling with satisfaction; he holds her ass cheeks and slams her on and off his shaft relentlessly. Ricky sits Anie on the side of the tub, legs spread, and eats her pussy voraciously, his mouth clamped onto her plump labia and his tongue drilling like a hummingbird seeking nectar. He stands, stretches the freckled sweetie’s legs even wider and slips his cock inside her honeypot to the hilt. This time there’s no let up as he jackhammers like his life depends on it. With Anie still impaled on his shaft, he lifts her out of the tub, screws her to orgasm and unleashes his load deep inside her. Breathless, they lock lips and kiss with a passion reserved for true lovers, very appropriately as “Amare” is the Italian translation of ‘to love.’
Sex Art - Linda Sweet (Simply Love)

Andrej Lupin's "Simply Love" gets off to an innocent start when lost tourist Chad Rockwell gets talking to sexy Czech redhead Linda Sweet while vacationing in Mallorca. Their chemistry is instant, and what follows is a passionate celebration of love at first sight, as the couple reminisces about their first meeting. Kissing ardently, Linda unzips Chad's pants, pulls out his turgid cock and starts sucking up and down the length of its throbbing shaft. The sexual exploration continues with Chad between Linda's spread legs lapping at her shaven and pierced labia. She sighs with pleasure and rocks on Chad's probing tongue, before the sexual electricity coursing through her body overwhelms her and she has to lie back, eyes closed. Linda slides into Chad's lap, and feeds his long cock into her wet pussy. As she bobs up and down on it in cowgirl, she presses her jiggling breasts into Chad's face. He responds by sucking them hard, before grabbing Linda's quivering ass cheeks and aiding her in riding his cock faster and deeper. With his cock still buried inside her, Chad lifts Linda onto the table and continues to drill her, relentlessly. As their bodies slam together their moans increase in volume, and Linda loses control, writhing wildly at the mercy of Chad's pumping tool until they simultaneously climax - with Chad shooting his load deep inside Linda's flexing pussy. Still shuddering with sex-fuelled emotion, they affectionately kiss and caress, and it's evident that their chance meeting has become a perfect union of emotional and sexual attraction.
Sex Art - Silvie Deluxe (Crew)

Andrej Lupin’s entertaining take on events behind the scenes at a SexArt shoot, “Crew” gets off to a supposed false start when pussy hound Thomas Lee is jokingly labeled a pervert by the director – because he grabs brunette sex kitten Silvie Deluxe’s pussy too soon. Take two sees eager Silvie throw Thomas down into an armchair and shower him with kisses. They gaze into each other’s eyes as Silvie takes off her top and white panties, and pulls down Thomas’s jeans to grab his stiff, uncut cock. She licks up the shaft and circles the wet head as she jerks it until she senses he’s more than ready, then straddles him and slides her plump-lipped pussy repeatedly down the length of his cock. Silvie’s body undulates as Thomas sucks her gorgeous pert breasts. She reaches between her legs and guides his big, hard dick deep inside her shaven pussy, riding it in cowgirl as he squeezes her ass cheeks. Silvie’s bouncing accelerates and her moans of pleasure grow louder. When she’s on the verge of coming she spins around i to reverse cowgirl, spreads her legs, pulls both feet up onto Thomas’s knees and goes into fuck overdrive. Eyes closed, she strums her clit and gasps frantically as she reaches boiling point again, then slows down to stop herself tipping over the edge. Thomas takes the reins, fixing Silvie with a determined stare as he grabs her hips and resumes hammering his dick inside her, slowly and with great intensity. Both come close to orgasm several times but it’s evident neither is in a rush to conclude their coupling, every thrust and moment of body contact being slow and calculated to achieve maximum stimulation. Eventually Silvie ends up in doggy position with Thomas thrusting his tool in and out of her pussy fast and fiercely, until they come simultaneously, with his cock buried deep inside her. Thomas kisses Silvie’s neck lovingly and she throws her head back, eyes closed, lost in ecstasy and oblivious to everything except their mutual pleasure.
Sex Art - Vanessa Decker (The Cove)

Filmed on location in beautiful sun-kissed Mallorca, 1CThe Cove 1D finds sexy Vanessa Decker and her lover Ricky sidestepping their oceanic tomfoolery to concentrate on satisfying the overwhelming sexual urges they feel for each other. They lock lips and Ricky's hands roam over Vanessa's gorgeous big breasts. The brunette stunner lies back on the rocks, sucks on her erect nipples, slips a hand inside her bikini briefs and starts diddling her big, puffy clit. Still partly submerged in the water, Ricky joins in, thrusting his fingers into Vanessa's slippery slot, and lapping voraciously with his tongue. Vanessa arches her body and readily accepting every thrust and lick, panting with pleasure. Vanessa frees Ricky's huge cock from his shorts and applies a hot mix of hand jerks and sucking to the entire length of its throbbing shaft, before spinning around and impaling her pussy on it, sliding all the way down the shaft until her pussy lips rest on Ricky's balls 13 then she starts to grind slowly. Their mutual pleasure builds audibly as Vanessa's heavy breasts bounce in synch with Ricky's cock thrusts, until her entire body starts quivering uncontrollably as her orgasm reaches boiling point. Vanessa leads Ricky into deeper water. He lies on his back and his erect prick breaks the surface like a submarine periscope. Vanessa wraps her cock-hungry lips around it and sucks hard, flicking her tongue on and around the glans, looking up into Ricky's face to feed on his ecstatic expression. Floating back into the shallows, Vanessa straddles Ricky and guides his cock into her pussy, gasping as his hardness slips inside her to the hilt. Vanessa cowgirl rides his cock with wild abandon; she reaches climax first and dismounts, jerking Ricky to a sticky finish. The deep-tanned lovers kiss and swim away from 1CThe Cove 1D and out to sea as the sun sets, their idyllic coupling culminated.
Sex Art - Ally Breelsen (Game For Two)

In “Game for Two,” studly Maxmilian Dior and gorgeous Ally Breelsen make a great match. In the bedroom at least; Ally’s soccer skills are not her greatest asset. But as the two play ball, her finer points become obvious. The cute Russian babe’s fabulous breasts bounce around beneath her T-shirt, her braless nipples poking through. Back home, the sport continues as the lovers strip each other’s clothes off and kiss passionately. Ally puts Max in a seat and makes a play for his cock, kneeling between his thighs and pulling his shorts down. Stroking him hard, the sexy brunette kisses his tip, a string of saliva stretching from his cock to her mouth. The game picks up pace with Ally dropping her shorts and sitting on Max’s cock, grinding around on his lap, teasing him harder. He gets her to stand and licks her from behind, eating her pussy as he spreads her cheeks. Wet and ready, Ally slides all the way down Maxmilian’s length in cowgirl, bouncing vigorously on his cock, leaning back to kiss him hard. They fuck like athletes, neither letting up, Ally moaning loudly as her pleasure builds. Max sees his chance to score and gets Ally on her back to fuck her relentlessly. Ally throws the towel in, reaching for her clit to rub herself off. Max scores the winning goal, pulling out at the last minute to have Ally jerk his hot cum all over her belly. But in a game like this, everyone’s a winner.
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