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Sex Art - Mary Kalisy (Morning Stretch)

A rear view of naked Kalisy’s gorgeous ass and pussy as she executes a “Morning Stretch” in the bathroom mirror is a magnificently erotic way for Andrej Lupin to start this sizzling tribute to lustful attraction. As the sexy blonde works through her exercise routine, demonstrating the suppleness of her slender body, Pavlos watches approvingly. She sees him as she turns, and embraces him warmly; he spins her against the wall as their kiss grows heated, sliding a hand between her thighs to stroke her pussy. Her arousal building, Kalisy leads her man to the bedroom and unleashes his cock, sucking on the fat head and thick, curved shaft. She straddles him and guides his prick into her wet pussy, sliding up and down on it, nipples hard and hips rocking with each thrust. When she’s nearing climax, Kalisy moves up to sit on her partner’s face, Pavlos squeezing her perfect ass as he probes his tongue deep inside her sweet honeypot. Kalisy’s hips buck wildly, riding out the waves of pleasure as she grinds on his mouth. She lies back, Pavlos driving his cock back into her audibly wet pussy in missionary, slamming into her hard and fast, making her moan and gasp blissfully. The horny lovers reach climax simultaneously, Kalisy’s whole body spasming as Pavlos buries his cock deep. They kiss tenderly, the ideal “Morning Stretch” completed.
Sex Art - Belle Claire (Now Me)

Sexy Belle Claire is frustrated that Nick Ross is paying more attention to his laptop than to her, so she turns on the charm at the start of Andrej Lupin’s stylish and erotic “Now Me.” Belle pushes the laptop away, wraps her lovely long legs around Nick and showers him with passionate kisses. Nick smiles, knowing it’s futile to resist, and willingly lets Belle push his head between her open legs so he can lap voraciously at her partly shaved pussy. With her wish granted, Belle sighs with satisfaction as Nick’s tongue delves deep inside her hole, while he fondles her beautiful breasts. Nick brings two fingers into play, thrusting them in and out of Belle’s stickiness as his tongue flits over her clit. Belle moves to Nick’s lap, impaling herself on his stiff cock and riding slowly at first, then harder and faster, bouncing vigorously. She spins around into reverse cowgirl, sliding on and off Nick’s thick shaft with long, slow strokes, lifting up until only the head is inside her and then taking it balls deep, over and over. Belle picks up the pace as she races towards orgasm, her whole body shivering with ecstasy. As she grinds through her second climax, Nick fills her with his lot load. Be sure to watch the closing credits.
Sex Art - Clea Gaultier (Retrospect)

The mood is sombre as “Retrospect” begins, beautiful Clea Gaultier wrapped up against the cold as she gazes over the snowbound Czech landscape. She recalls time spent with her lover Thomas Lee, the pair encircled by each other’s arms, naked and warm. Their tender embrace turns heated, Thomas’s swelling cock pressing against Clea’s tattooed pussy mound as they kiss. She reaches down to stroke him, wrapping her fingers around his shaft as he squeezes her firm ass. The French fox straddles her man and rides him, her slender body rising and falling on his cock, slow and steady at first, then harder and faster as she moves into an energetic squat, unstoppable in her passion. Thomas goes down between her thighs, eating her pussy with its neat triangle of hair, licking her clit avidly. He pushes his cock back within her warm walls, drilling her with intense thrusts as she strokes her clit, making her orgasm as he fills her with his hot load. Clea’s sizzling reminiscence is a bittersweet tribute to love and longing.
Sex Art - Alexa Tomas (All Around You)

Gorgeous Alexa Tomas is on the phone to her lover when he asks her to put on something sexy that accentuates her awesome figure – it’s a scorching start to “All Around You,” Alis Locanta’s passionate study of this real life Spanish couple’s relationship. Alexa gets a surprise when Joel Tomas suddenly appears; he is enchanted by the sight of her in her sexy dress, and carries her through to the living room, where he sucks heartily on her small, pert breasts. Alexa is naked in a flash, and gasping as Joel’s tongue flickers backwards and forwards over her shaved pussy, teasing her clit. He finger-bangs her until she’s dripping wet, and she jerks his thick cock and sucks the head noisily, then takes it deep enough down her throat to make her gag. She straddles Joel in cowgirl and feeds his rigid shaft into her tight, wet pussy, riding hard, her body bucking wildly. Her cries get even louder as she spins around into reverse cowgirl, letting Joel thrust up into her as he strums her clit. Alexa throws back her head in ecstasy, her beautiful breasts jiggling as her entire body spasms uncontrollably. Joel rolls her into spoons so he can slam into her from behind, hard and frantic; then flips her into missionary and fucks her through a noisy orgasm, making her shudder with delight. Alexa sucks and jacks her man off over her outstretched tongue and they kiss and melt into each other’s arms, enveloped in their mutual passion.
Sex Art - Anastazia (One Day In Hotylek - Part 2)

Episode two of Andrej Lupin’s complex and highly arousing series “One Day In HotYlek” begins with the hotel’s scheming receptionist fixing up cheating husband Maxmilian Dior with a call girl. When sexy raven-haired Anastazia shows up, Maxmilian is waiting for her in nothing but a towel. As soon as she’s been paid, she strips and squats between her client’s thighs, stroking his hardening cock and then sucking him until he’s hugely rigid. She rolls a condom onto his cock, then lies back on the bed as he thrusts his cock deep inside her tight snatch, fucking her fast, pounding away happily as she writhes and moans beneath him. Maxmilian flips Anastazia over onto her side and then her front, clutching and slapping at her sweet ass as he fucks her faster and harder. He rolls onto his back and Anastazia straddles him, gliding up and down his full length, winding her hips to drive him crazy. It gets to her first, though, and with her fingers on her clit she orgasms breathlessly. As she lies back, exhausted, Max whips off the condom and she sucks him hands-free, then jerks him off over her beautiful breasts. As the gorgeous call girl leaves, cheating Max’s cute wife is on her way to the hotel…
Sex Art - Anabelle (Born To Ride)

Following a crash on his scooter, Ricky hobbles home to his sex kitten girlfriend Anabelle to get his wounds tended – it’s a humorously dramatic start to “Born To Ride,” Andrej Lupin’s playful tale of sexual healing. Once Ricky’s scrapes have been cleaned, Anabelle kisses him better, his big cock soon stirring. Anabelle gets naked and straddles her man on the sofa, feeding his long, hard cock into her shaved pussy. Playing up to his injuries, Ricky is content to let Anabelle do all the work, her big breasts jiggling invitingly as she slides up and down the length of his shaft. She hovers astride his face to let him taste her, then gets on her knees to fellate his cock and suck on his ballsac, mouth stretched around his tremendous girth. She mounts him again in reverse cowgirl, taking him hard and deep; then they flip into missionary, Ricky thrusting vigorously as he fondles Anabelle’s big tits and she rubs her clit, both breathless with pleasure. Anabelle turns over onto her knees and Ricky slams into her repeatedly, the intensity of their fucking off the charts; she shakes uncontrollably as she has an explosive orgasm, then jerks him off over her heaving breasts. While Ricky’s scootering skills leave a lot to be desired, the mutual passion of their lovemaking suggests that both he and Anabelle were “Born To Ride.” Be sure to watch through the cute closing credits.
Sex Art - Daisy Lee (One Day In Hotylek - Part 1)

Packed with hot sex and intriguing plot lines, Andrej Lupin’s new series “One Day In HotYlek” gets off to a stunning start as Cab Man picks up The Boss and his Sexy Assistant from the airport and brings them back to HotYlek, the historic Czech hotel where Mr Naughty is running reception. As the pair head off to their separate rooms, Mr Naughty passes the time ogling a busty guest and pimping for a Call Girl, while the assistant, hot blonde Daisy Lee, flirts with a guy she meets at a cafe.
Sex Art - Alexis Crystal (Me & Myself - Part 1)

Sexy Alexis Crystal is in the kitchen drinking wine and discussing a recent sexual encounter with her alter ego, as part one of Andrej Lupin’s clever and stylish “Me And Myself” begins. In this reality, Alexis meets Nick Ross in a steam room; staring intently at him, she caresses her beautiful breasts and starts to stroke her shaved pussy. Naughtily, she rubs her foot over Nick’s crotch through his towel. He smiles, and allows her to expose his cock and stroke it to hardness. They kiss, and Alexis runs her tongue over Nick’s stiff shaft, then sucks him enthusiastically. They switch positions, Alexis spreading her legs wide as Nick laps at her honey-filled pussy, making her gasp with pleasure. She turns so he can eat her from behind, his tongue running the length of her slit to her tight, puckered asshole. Nick finally feeds his hard cock into Alexis’s pussy, sliding into her with long, deliberate strokes. She straddles Nick in cowgirl, so he can grab her ass cheeks and bounce her on and off his bone. Alexis throws her head back, her breathing becoming erratic as she rocks her body in perfect rhythm with her lover. She accelerates her thrusts, riding wildly as she climaxes. As she slowly regains her senses, Nick continues sliding her on and off his cock, and she suddenly gets a second wind and they hump with even greater intensity, until Nick shoots his load deep inside her quivering pussy. As Nick’s cock exits Alexis’s pussy, followed by a huge fountain of jizz, we return to the kitchen, where Alexis’s alter ego is telling her about another encounter, this time a tattooed goddess Belle Claire. You’ll have to wait for the next episode to see what happens.
Sex Art - Amarna Miller (Docu-Film)

An insiders’ view of the making of an erotic movie, Alis Locanta’s immersive and highly arousing “Docu-Film” gets off to a lively start with vivacious redhead Amarna Miller introducing herself and her handsome partner for the movie, Joel Tomas. On set, as Amarna and Joel discuss what they are going to do you can see them start to get turned on, and soon they are kissing and touching each other passionately. Joel undresses Amarna, gazing hungrily at her pert breasts and neatly trimmed pussy, then spreads her legs high and wide and licks her until she’s gasping and moaning with pleasure. He pauses to strip, and once he’s naked, Amarna feeds his fat cock into her mouth and strokes and sucks it to full stiffness. It’s so big that she gags and dribbles while taking it deeper with each bob of her head. Joel rubs her pussy to ensure she is dripping wet, then drives his cock deep inside her, fucking her frantically in missionary before flipping her over and banging her in doggy, their bodies synched in a lustful rhythm. Amarna howls with excitement as Joel pounds her faster and deeper, thrusting her peachy ass back to meet every stroke, each telling the other what they want and how good it feels. Voracious Amarna is eager to suck Joel’s cock again, before he power bangs her in spoons, rubbing her clit to bring her to the brink of orgasm, then rolls onto his back so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl. She grinds her hips to take him deep, dismounts to suck him again, then straddles him in cowgirl and lets him fuck her to an intense orgasm and fill her with his hot load. She licks him clean, and chattering in Spanish they head into the shower together, having shared an illuminating and scorching slice of real-life erotica with us.
Sex Art - Morgan Rodriguez (Unexpectedly)

Sexy Morgan Rodriguez is masturbating in the bathtub, soaping up her breasts and spraying water over her clit, when Michael Fly walks in “Unexpectedly,” oblivious to her sexual heat. Morgan asks him to rub some shower gel onto her back, then surprises him with a kiss, yanking him into the tub in his underwear. Michael makes no protest, returning Morgan’s kiss passionately as she frees his hard cock and starts jerking him off. She stands over him and pulls his face to her shaved pussy; he licks and kisses her clit, stroking his tongue between her pussy lips, opening her up. She sucks on his fingers and has him slide two inside her, finger-banging her fast and hard, his mouth pressed up tight against her clit. Morgan pushes Michael back into the water, grabbing his dick with two hands and sucking on the wet tip, licking him up and down, taking him deep in her hot mouth. She clambers astride him, sliding her pussy down onto his rigid shaft, riding him energetically, the water splashing between their humping bodies. Stepping out of the tub, Morgan kneels on the bathroom floor to suck Michael’s cock again, then bends over the sink for Michael to eat her from behind, moaning lustfully with each probing thrust of his tongue. Wet and ready, Morgan’s pussy takes Michael’s cock deep as he fucks her slow and hard. As their mutual excitement builds he slams into her faster and harder, until they reach a climax together, Morgan’s pussy filled with Michael’s hot seed, both of them highly satisfied with the unexpected interlude.
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