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Sex Art - Mary Kalisy (Behind The Scenes)

The sexual tension between glamorous Kalisy and ebony stud Jesus Reyes is evident as they film what looks like a stylish advertising campaign, but it’s after the shoot that things get really hot. “Behind The Scenes,” Jesus talks on the phone as Kalisy showers, each studiously ignoring the other; but by the time they are both dressed and ready to leave, the tension has become unbearable, and Jesus grabs Kalisy for a kiss. She is momentarily surprised, but responds eagerly, their kisses growing more passionate. Jesus undresses Kalisy and licks her shaved pussy, getting her dripping wet as he laps at her clit and she grinds on his face. She tastes herself from his lips as she stands so he can slide a wet finger into her pussy as he licks her, driving her wild. Now Kalisy strips Jesus and rapidly sucks him to stiffness, bobbing her head to take his cock hands-free and licking it from balls to tip. When it’s thoroughly spit-lubed, she straddles him and feeds his rigid pole into her tight pussy, her small, pert breasts in his face as she rides vigorously. She turns around into reverse cowgirl, his thick cock stretching her open as she slides up and down on it, her whole body shaking as her orgasm sweeps over her. As she jerks out his hot load, her smile suggests maybe she had this in mind all along. Shot on handheld camera to give a documentary fell, it certainly seems that what goes on “Behind The Scenes” is as hot as what happens on the set.

Sex Art - Belle Claire (Morning Taste)

Gorgeous Belle Claire, waking next to her lover Kristof Cale, finds she wants a “Morning Taste” of him. Following Kristof into the bathroom, the Czech beauty kisses him and presses her naked body against his as they embrace. Kristof carries Belle back to the bed, sucking her perfect breasts and going down to lick her shaved pussy, sliding his fingers inside as his lips surround her clit. Belle craves a taste of her man more than ever now, stroking his stiff shaft and maintaining sizzling eye contact with him as she takes it into her mouth. She drives Kristof crazy with teasing licks and sucks, before straddling him and guiding his slick cock into her juiced-up pussy, riding with an easy rhythm that gradually builds to a hard grind as their mutual passion explodes. Belle gasps, big breasts jiggling as Kristof thrusts up into her, their flesh slapping together with each stroke. She orgasms, trembling with pleasure, and Kristof flips her onto the bed and drives into her hard, fucking her into the mattress. He rubs her clit as he rams into her, visibly shaking as he pulls out to shoot his hot load over her clit and then slides back in to fuck her through the aftershocks. They cuddle together, lust subsiding into tenderness, for now at least…
Sex Art - Tina Kay (Lure)

Gorgeous Tina Kay slips on a thong and satin slip to perform an arousing striptease for Kristof Cale, at the start of Andrej Lupin’s erotic celebration “Lure.” By the time she’s naked, Kristof is practically begging the hot babe with the perfect body to join him in bed. When she does, she slides her hand under the covers to stroke his stiff cock, then fondles it through his shorts before unleashing it. She caresses up and down the thick shaft as she sucks hard on the head, trailing her tongue over it, then sucking it deeper. Tina straddles Kristof and feeds his big cock into her tight, shaved pussy, sliding up and down slowly and deliberately to get maximum penetration on each downward stroke, as he squeezes her peachy ass. Gripping onto the headboard, Tina starts riding faster and faster, gasping as she slams down harder onto Kristof’s dick, her beautiful breasts jiggling. Tina spins around into a sixty-nine, jerking and sucking Kristof’s cock as he laps voraciously at her sodden pussy; then she impales herself again in reverse cowgirl, bouncing and grinding vigorously. They move into spoons, Tina encouraging her man with her blissful moans, and then into missionary. Tina orgasms noisily as Kristof drives into her over and over, and then fills her stretched-open pussy with his hot cum. The horny lovers shower together, no doubt as the prelude to some more energetic fucking.
Sex Art - Francys Belle (Simply Life)

Cute Francys Belle and her beau, Nick Ross, are having fun together in the countryside as “Simply Life” unfolds, flirting and enjoying each other’s company. As their passion rises they go indoors, giggly Francys getting naked and tempting Nick to join her on the bed. They kiss avidly, Francys sliding her hand into Nick’s underwear to stroke his stiffening cock, then taking it in her mouth to suck. She teases the head with her flickering tongue, looking into Nick’s eyes to drive him wild, then bobbing her head to take it deeper and deeper. Nick flips the gorgeous Brazilian brunette onto her back and eats her shaved pussy skillfully, caressing her perfect breasts with their diamond-hard nipples. When she’s utterly aroused, he slides his rigid cock into her; she holds her legs high and wide so he can slam in deep. Francys straddles Nick and rides him cowgirl, grinding with slow intensity at first, then bouncing rapidly until her orgasm sweeps through her. They move into spoons, Nick screwing Francys vigorously, their flesh slapping loudly as he drives into her. As they race towards orgasm, Francys rides cowgirl again, cumming even harder as Nick spurts his load deep inside her.
Sex Art - Teresse Bizzarre (Don't Stop)

Splashing in the pool as “Don’t Stop” begins, lovers Teresse Bizzarre and Kristoff Cale enjoy the hot sun, cool water and each other’s stimulating company on the vacation island of Ibiza. The pleasure of physical contact beneath the water turns their innocent fun to more carnal thoughts. They step inside, cute brunette Teresse sitting wrapped in a towel to apply lotion to her shapely legs. Kristof watches with pleasure, and abandons his shower in favor of smoothing the lotion over Teresse’s skin himself. Their mutual arousal grows as he drips lotion over her beautiful breasts and teases her nipples. Teresse drops her towel and Kristoff runs his slippery hands up her inner thighs, kissing her passionately as his fingers glide over her smooth body to her V-shaped bush. They dip between her glistening pussy lips, sliding inside her and stroking her clit, making her wetter and wetter. Kristof teases Teresse again by slipping away to fetch a glass of water, but when he returns she’s far more interested in his stiff cock. She squats to suck the long, thick shaft, getting it wet before straddling his lap and impaling herself on it, firm ass jiggling as she rides. She squats to bounce even more energetically on Kristof’s cock, their flesh slapping together, cumming noisily as she rubs her own clit; then spins around to take it from behind, Kris sitting back to enjoy it as she slides on and off his cock. After another intense orgasm, Teresse kneels to suck Kristof’s cock deep and jerk him off onto her tongue, gulping his load down greedily. They playful lovers retreat to the shower, where no doubt they still “Don’t Stop.”
Sex Art - Chrissy Fox (Wild Chrissy 2)

As the second instalment of Andrej Lupin’s hot two-parter “Wild Chrissy 2” begins, sexy blonde Chrissy Fox is waiting at a snow-swept bus stop, alongside a flirtatious stranger. Chrissy comes in from the cold and lies in front of the fire, stroking her beautiful breasts and shaved pussy, fantasizing about the stranger, Thomas Lee. She sees him go down to eat her juiced-up pussy, his tongue darting up and down her slit and lapping at her clit, spreading her open and pushing inside. He adds a finger, sliding it hard and deep until she orgasms breathlessly. Still fantasizing and masturbating, Chrissy sees herself straddle Thomas’s face, grinding on his tongue as she leans forward to release his long, hard cock from his jeans and stroke it avidly. Thomas eats her from behind, then drives his cock into her, her ass cheeks rippling and breasts jiggling with each thrust. Glistening with sweat, the lovers fuck vigorously, Thomas’s steady strokes catapulting Chrissy headlong into an intense orgasm just as he shoots his load deep inside her pussy – which naturally triggers Chrissy’s real life climax. Gorgeous, horny and uninhibited, “Wild Chrissy” is aptly named for its sexy star.
Sex Art - Milena Devil (Summer Sex)

Gorgeous, bespectacled Milena Devil gets all the “Summer Sex” she craves in this spectacularly hot movie from Alis Locanta. As she lies on her sunlounger soaking up some rays, tattooed Spanish stud Juan Lucho tempts her over, dunking her in the pool playfully, then turning up the heat with passionate kisses and taking her inside to fuck her. Naked on the couch, her glasses discarded, blonde Milena looks glamorous as she strokes her shaved pussy and stiff nipples, Juan watching avidly before licking her until she’s slick with juice. She takes over, sucking his thick cock as deep as she can cram it between her lips, bobbing her head, licking up the sides of his shaft and then letting him thrust into her throat. When this stellar blowjob has them both on the edge, Milena straddles Juan in reverse cowgirl, sliding down on his pole and bouncing in his lap, his thick girth stretching her open with each stroke. She spins around into cowgirl, skin so pale against Juan’s dark tan as she rides even harder, gasping and squealing with pleasure. They move into spoons, Juan drilling Milena’s puffy slot with long, hard strokes, making her tiny tits jiggle as she climaxes; they finish in missionary, Juan pulling out to spray his hot load over her belly, so horny for her that his cum makes it all the way up to her bullet hard nipples. It’s a high energy, utterly arousing encounter for both – and for the viewer too.
Sex Art - Linda Sweet (Bare Love)

Sexy Linda Sweet dives naked into a swimming pool, swiftly followed by Ricky for some underwater sexual gymnastics, at the start of Andrej Lupin’s stylish summer celebration “Bare Love.” When they emerge poolside, water still dripping from their perfect bodies, they waste no time locking lips, and hot redhead Linda slowly strokes her fellow Czech countryman’s cock to full stiffness. Ricky leans back with his huge erection pointing majestically at Linda’s beautiful face. Still half submerged in the water, she feeds Ricky’s hardness into her mouth and licks up and down the shaft, pausing only to concentrate on sucking the throbbing tip. After this oral opener, the lovers reconvene to a poolside lounger, where Linda straddles the supine Ricky with her shaved, pierced pussy hovering over his face, and lowers it onto his eager tongue. Linda grinds her pussy against Ricky’s mouth as his tongue flickers and laps along her juicy labia, then turns into a sixty-nine and feasts on Ricky’s engorged cock as he continues eating her voraciously. Linda straddles Ricky, slides her dripping wet pussy down the length of his bone, and takes complete control. Ricky lies still, groaning with pleasure, as luscious Linda bucks wildly on his cock. Eventually she allows him to sit up and lift her undulating body on and off his rock hard erection. They kiss avidly as Linda increases the pace, riding her man hard, their flesh slapping loudly with every thrust, until a powerful orgasm sweeps over her. She rides Ricky’s cock cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, until she climaxes again – at the exact moment that Ricky unleashes his load. Mentally and physically drained they lie together unable to move, a perfect testament to the intensity of their “Bare Love.”
Sex Art - Mary Kalisy (Morning Stretch)

A rear view of naked Kalisy’s gorgeous ass and pussy as she executes a “Morning Stretch” in the bathroom mirror is a magnificently erotic way for Andrej Lupin to start this sizzling tribute to lustful attraction. As the sexy blonde works through her exercise routine, demonstrating the suppleness of her slender body, Pavlos watches approvingly. She sees him as she turns, and embraces him warmly; he spins her against the wall as their kiss grows heated, sliding a hand between her thighs to stroke her pussy. Her arousal building, Kalisy leads her man to the bedroom and unleashes his cock, sucking on the fat head and thick, curved shaft. She straddles him and guides his prick into her wet pussy, sliding up and down on it, nipples hard and hips rocking with each thrust. When she’s nearing climax, Kalisy moves up to sit on her partner’s face, Pavlos squeezing her perfect ass as he probes his tongue deep inside her sweet honeypot. Kalisy’s hips buck wildly, riding out the waves of pleasure as she grinds on his mouth. She lies back, Pavlos driving his cock back into her audibly wet pussy in missionary, slamming into her hard and fast, making her moan and gasp blissfully. The horny lovers reach climax simultaneously, Kalisy’s whole body spasming as Pavlos buries his cock deep. They kiss tenderly, the ideal “Morning Stretch” completed.
Sex Art - Belle Claire (Now Me)

Sexy Belle Claire is frustrated that Nick Ross is paying more attention to his laptop than to her, so she turns on the charm at the start of Andrej Lupin’s stylish and erotic “Now Me.” Belle pushes the laptop away, wraps her lovely long legs around Nick and showers him with passionate kisses. Nick smiles, knowing it’s futile to resist, and willingly lets Belle push his head between her open legs so he can lap voraciously at her partly shaved pussy. With her wish granted, Belle sighs with satisfaction as Nick’s tongue delves deep inside her hole, while he fondles her beautiful breasts. Nick brings two fingers into play, thrusting them in and out of Belle’s stickiness as his tongue flits over her clit. Belle moves to Nick’s lap, impaling herself on his stiff cock and riding slowly at first, then harder and faster, bouncing vigorously. She spins around into reverse cowgirl, sliding on and off Nick’s thick shaft with long, slow strokes, lifting up until only the head is inside her and then taking it balls deep, over and over. Belle picks up the pace as she races towards orgasm, her whole body shivering with ecstasy. As she grinds through her second climax, Nick fills her with his lot load. Be sure to watch the closing credits.
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