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Sex Art - Stasy Rivera (Game Of Chance Episode 1)

You never know what might be around the corner, as Andrej Lupin’s sizzling new series “Game Of Chance” begins. An accidental collision between gorgeous Stasy Rivera and Maxmilian Dior in a market in Ibiza leads to a passionate afternoon in bed. Stasy lies face down, naked, waiting for Maxmilian to emerge from the shower. He’s already getting hard as he kisses his way up from her feet to her lips, a hand between her thighs. She smiles as she rolls over to let him suck her nipples and kiss his way back down to her shaved pussy, thrusting his fingers into her wet slit as he licks her clit. He drives his rigid cock into her, strumming her clit as he fucks her, stoking her arousal. Stacy wants to taste herself from Maxmilian’s cock, sucking and jacking his shaft deftly before straddling him, bumping and grinding, ass cheeks rippling as she takes him deep. They move into doggy, the hot redhead’s face a picture of lust as Maxmilian slams into her vigorously, driving her wild. His hot load trickles from her pussy as they kiss through the afterglow, both delighted by the way their chance encounter played out.
Sex Art - Henessy A (Trickery)

“Trickery” begins with two distinct possibilities. On the one hand, Ryan Ryder is in a world of pain, getting yelled at by a gorgeous redhead – producer Ariel Piper Fawn in a splendid cameo appearance. On the other hand, Ryan is in a world of pleasure, his face buried between the thighs of sexy brunette Henessy A, tongue busy on her pussy, making her body shudder in the throes of orgasmic satisfaction, her breasts quivering, nipples like bullets. In Ryan’s mind, he is transported to his tryst with Henessy; and if she is the reason Ryan’s in such trouble, she is definitely worth it. Ryan mounts her in missionary, staring into her eyes lovingly as he fucks her, stroking her clit as his thick shaft slides in and out. Henessy gets on top, her whole petite body bouncing up and down the length of Ryan’s pole, awesome ass and pert breasts jiggling as Ryan slams up into her hot pussy. She climbs off and takes his rigid cock in her mouth, jacking his shaft as she sucks him, nuzzling his balls and licking him eagerly. They move into spoons, Ryan squeezing Henessy’s tits and ass as he fucks her through another orgasm, pulling out to let a few spurts of cum trickle out of her pussy before thrusting back in to finish buried deep inside her. Whether it’s the memory of an encounter or just a fantasy, it gives Ryan the strength to take action.
Sex Art - Penelope Cum (Jealousy 3)

Sexy Penelope Cum is mad as hell, as Alis Locanta’s torrid “Jealousy 3” begins. The brunette beauty lays into Jesus Reyes as he emerges from the bathroom, but he’s not interested in fighting with her. She rages at him, accusing him of cheating, but when she slaps his face she realizes she’s gone too far. Jesus tries to leave, but Penelope won’t let him; it’s time for some passionate make-up sex… They kiss and fondle each other avidly, Jesus pulling down Penelope’s top to nuzzle her beautiful breasts, then tugging her shorts and panties off and lifting one of her legs so he can eat her shaved slit, splaying her open with his tongue, getting her soaking wet. Penelope unzips her man’s jeans to release his stiffening cock, giving him a sloppy, noisy blowjob, jacking his shaft and sucking his balls, deepthroating him eagerly. She straddles him, riding fast and hard, her cute ass jiggling and bouncing in his lap as she slides up and down on his pole. Spinning around into reverse cowgirl, she rides even more wildly, then lies back for Jesus to take control. He jackhammers into her, driving her wild, then flips her onto her knees and drills her from behind, her tits swinging as she slams back against him. Penelope’s orgasm is intense, and as she jerks him off over her face, Jesus agrees she is forgiven… Watch the c
Sex Art - Kira Queen (Don't Forget Me 2)

As Alis Locanta’s explosive love story “Don’t Forget Me 2” begins, it’s clear ebony stud Jesus Reyes will do everything in his power to ensure busty beauty Kira Queen remembers him for ever. Reprising the theme of the original SexArt classic to a jazzy soundtrack, the lovers stroll on the beach, before sharing an intimate moment in a light-bathed bedroom. They embrace tenderly, Jesus kissing his way down Kira’s voluptuous body to her shaved pussy, licking her with long, hungry strokes, making her writhe and moan her way to an intense orgasm. She kisses her juice from his lips, then lavishes attention on his impressive cock, licking it from root to tip and bobbing her head up and down, as deep as she can take it, her lips stretched around its girth. He’s diamond hard as Kira mounts him, curvy ass cheeks rippling as she slides up and down his long, slick pole, pressing her big tits into his face for him to suck. She licks her pussy cream from his cock before straddling him again in reverse cowgirl, big tits jiggling as she rides hard, then moving into spoons so he can power into her from behind, fucking her to another climax. Finally Jesus pounds into Kira in missionary, her body convulsing and twitching to the rhythm. She’ll remember his hot cum on her clit, and the gentle kisses he left her with…

Sex Art - Coco De Mal (More Than You Want Part 3)

As the third and final part of Andrej Lupin’s sex-in-the-sun series “More Than You Want” begins, naughty Coco De Mal hustles her pick-up fuck Margot A out of the way, and welcomes her man Ricky at the front door a moment later. Insatiable Coco leads Ricky straight to the bedroom, undressing for him and then tugging down his pants, both apparently unaware that Margot is watching. Ricky’s thick cock stiffens rapidly as gorgeous Coco kneels to suck it, licking and stroking it avidly, sucking until it’s diamond hard, then straddling him and guiding it into her tight, wet pussy. Her beautiful tanned body grinds and bucks as she rides him with abandon, humping up and down on his prick, her firm ass cheeks jiggling. Coco spins around into a sixty-nine, grinding her drenched pussy down on Ricky’s mouth as she wraps her lips around his huge prick. She sucks it as deep as she can, until his licking drives her wild and she has to concentrate on riding his tongue. She squats over his cock again, letting him slam up into her, bouncing up and down to meet his rapid strokes. They move into spoons and then back to reverse cowgirl, fucking ferociously, Margot still watching from the shadows as Coco has an intense orgasm. She jerks Ricky’s hot cum all over her pussy, stroking it over her skin as they kiss. As they drift off into a satisfied slumber, Margot sees her opportunity to creep away.
Sex Art - Teresse Bizzarre (Caught)

When Kristof Cale is “Caught” in the act, jerking off to porn on his phone, sexy Teresse Bizzarre knows just what to do. Cristof is embarrassed and has put his cock back in his shorts, but Teresse uncovers it and guides his hand back to his shaft, helping him stroke by holding his wrist. She takes off her silk robe to give him something to look at, licking his balls as he jerks off, then bobbing her head to suck his big cock. Squirting lube on her hands, Teresse gives Kristof a slow, intense handjob, then licks him and sucks his long shaft as deep as she can take it. When he’s as rigid as he can possibly get, Teresse straddles Kristof, easing her tight, wet, shaved pussy down on his shaft, resting her hands on his chest and using her pussy to jerk him off now, fucking him with long, forceful strokes. Her perfect ass rises and falls as she rides his full length, sliding all the way up to the tip of his cock before slamming back down, so he plunges into her up to the hilt. Kristof rolls Teresse into spoons, fucking her hard and fast from behind, squeezing her beautiful breasts. She rubs her clit as she climaxes hard, and he keeps right on thrusting until she orgasms again and he blasts his cum deep inside her, pulling out slowly to let it trickle out. Be sure to watch right to the end for the punchline.
Sex Art - Lady Bug (Lost Key)

Cute Lady Bug and her man Nick Ross really want to get naked, but a “Lost Key” is keeping them in suspense. They have a long wait for the locksmith to get them inside, but once they’re behind closed doors they make up for lost time. Together, they make a beeline straight for the bed, Lady sliding her hand inside Nick’s pants to feel him up, then getting on her knees and wiggling her ass at him. Nick’s quick to pull her jeans down and spread her ass cheeks, lapping at her shaved pussy and easing a finger inside her. Pants around his knees, he plunges his stiff cock into her, fucking her in doggy. Lady bucks back against him, sliding onto his pole with each stroke as he humps her to a steady rhythm. The petite sweetheart smiles up at her lover as he powers into her until she’s moaning with pleasure, bouncing vigorously on his dick. They break to finish undressing and jerk each other off, Nick’s fingers in Lady’s drenched pussy as she sucks her own cream from his shaft. Sitting astride him, she guides his cock back into her slippery slot, riding hard; then he flips her onto her back and powers into her, bending her double as he fucks her right through a string of orgasms before filling her with his hot load.
Sex Art - Sybil A (Snow Time)

Gorgeous Sybil A is enjoying her “Snow Time,” throwing snowballs at Nick Ross as he clears the driveway. They have a running battle through the pristine snow of the stunning Czech countryside, then go indoors to warm up in the best way imaginable. They kiss tenderly as they undress each other, Nick going down to bury his face between the sexy brunette’s thighs. He teases her clit with the tip of his tongue, parting her plump lips and lapping at her wet slit, then slipping a finger inside her. Sybil takes Nick’s stiff cock in her mouth, her fine ass up as she bobs her head to take him deeper and deeper, then straddles him and sinks down on his thick shaft. She rides him hard, her ass cheeks slapping against his thighs as she bounces up and down wildly. They sit up to fuck face-to-face, Nick thrusting up to meet Sybil as she slides down on him, her beautiful big breasts jiggling. Now Nick flips Sybil onto her back, standing to power into her tight pussy, turning her over again to fuck her doggy style. They finish in missionary, Sybil strumming her clit and gazing into her man’s eyes as he drives her over the edge, then jerking out his hot load over her irresistible body. Playful as ever, they can’t resist fooling around as they take a shower together.

Sex Art - Tina Kay (Angry Wife)

When Kristof Cale tells gorgeous Tina Kay he doesn’t want to eat the meal she’s spent two hours preparing, he brings out the “Angry Wife” in her; but her fury quickly turns to lust when she straddles him as they fight. Kristof holds her arms to stop her from striking him, but Tina’s too horny to hold off, she’s suddenly kissing him, grinding on his lap as she pushes her breasts into his mouth. She yanks open his pants to suck on his erection, giving him a noisy blowjob, deepthroating him energetically. Then she’s on him, shorts off, shaved pussy wet, riding his pole hard and fast, the entire day’s pent up frustration coming out as she bounces up and down vigorously. Kristof gives as good as he gets, grabbing Tina’s perfect ass as she slams onto his cock, humping up into her in perfect sync. Kristof flips Tina so she’s face down on the couch and he can pin her down and fuck her from behind, driving her wild, making her gasp and moan with delight. She straddles him, beautiful breasts jiggling as she slides on and off his stiff shaft, jumping off to taste herself from his cock before mounting him again. Now Kristof jackhammers up into her powerfully and they climax together, marital harmony restored by their mutual pleasure.
Sex Art - Lana Seymour (She)

Glamorous in a sexy skintight bodysuit, Lana Seymour is “She,” the girl of Alex Moretti’s erotic dreams. Over a stunning black and white introduction, Alex speaks movingly of his fascination with this beautiful woman. The screen floods with color as Lana joins Alex in bed, their mutual passion and desire evident as they kiss and caress each other. Lana bares her gorgeous breasts for Alex to suck, nipples stiffening beneath his tongue. He toys with her pretty toes as he spreads her thighs apart and uncovers her pussy, wet and ready for his fingers to explore. Lana kneels to stroke her nipples over her lover’s chest, perfect ass in the air as she rides his fingers and strokes his erection through his pants. Alex’s cock springs up, rigid, as she unzips him; she jerks and sucks the thick shaft lovingly, her eyes on his, conveying all her adoration. She sucks him deep, then straddles him in reverse cowgirl so he can watch her fantastic ass bouncing as she slides up and down on his cock, rocking her hips to grind out every powerful sensation. She spins around to face him, squatting on his dick and riding with slow intensity at first, then faster and harder as their ardour builds. The room fills with the sounds of sex – flesh on flesh, the bedsprings squeaking, Lana’s gasps and moans of pleasure – and they cling to one another as they orgasm together, united in love.
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