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Sex Art - Linda Sweet (His Hidden Desire)

It’s the turn of sexy redhead Linda Sweet’s partner to realize his fantasies in “His Hidden Desire,” the concluding episode of Andrej Lupin’s boundary-pushing two-parter. A relationship counseling session breaks down the couple’s inhibitions, and that night Maxmilian Dior dreams he is dominating Linda and acting out his deepest cravings. He fondles her beautiful body through her satin slip, squeezing her breasts and rubbing her pussy, one hand around her neck. She gazes at him submissively from her armchair as he sucks her nipples, frigs her pussy and feeds his juiced-up fingers into her mouth. He guides her to unzip his pants and stroke his rigid cock with both hands, then holds her head steady and thrusts into her mouth. She deepthroats avidly, then lies back with her knees up by her ears so he can slap his dick against her smooth shaved pussy. She gasps and moans with arousal as he thrusts into her over and over, strumming her clit, groping her tits and gripping her throat. Each time she’s about to orgasm, he pulls out, keeping her on the edge. He bends her over the armchair, slaps her ass and fingerbangs her vigorously, then slams his cock back inside her. The harder and faster he fucks her, the louder her cries of arousal grow; when he pulls out and slaps his fingers against her sensitive clit she convulses through an intense orgasm. He flips her over and she jerks his load out over her gorgeous breasts, gazing up at him adoringly. Maxmilian awakens smiling, feeling a new intimacy with his lover now they have lived out their sexual desires in their dreams.
Sex Art - Linda Sweet (Her Hidden Desire)

Stunning redhead Linda Sweet is at relationship counseling with her partner Maxmilian Dior, as the first episode of Andrej Lupin’s hot two-part drama begins. The session unleashes Linda’s wildest fantasies, and that night she dreams of “Her Hidden Desire.” Dressed as a dominatrix in a shiny black corset, panties, stockings, and high-heeled boots, Linda brandishes a cat o’ nine tails as she steps out of the darkness toward her lover. She places the whip handle between his teeth, circles him and licks his face; he remains motionless and compliant, even when she trails the whip over his cock. Sitting astride him, Linda removes her corset so he can suck her perfect breasts, making it clear she’s still in charge by whipping her subservient stud, tugging on his nipples, slapping his face and wriggling on his lap. He is rock hard when she takes off her panties and grinds her red bush on his face, then removes his shorts and flicks the whip over his cock before spitting on it and stroking it. She straddles him in cowgirl, bouncing up and down on his thick shaft, whipping his thighs as she rides him hard; then spins around into reverse cowgirl, breasts jiggling as she humps to her climax. She keeps riding, her second orgasm triggering Maxmilian to cum inside her with a yell. When she awakes, Linda smiles and cuddles up against her sleeping lover, deeply stirred by the experience of playing out “Her Hidden Desire” in dream time.
Sex Art - Rebecca Volpetti (Countryside)

Hot lovers Rebecca Volpetti and Pavlos enjoy a flirtatious and fun date in the beautiful “Countryside” before going home to fuck passionately, in Andrej Lupin’s intimate erotic movie. In the bedroom they kiss voraciously, sexy Rebecca rubbing her man’s stiffening cock through his shorts. He tugs her dress open, sucking her gorgeous breasts as she straddles him. They get naked and Rebecca strokes his hard cock between the plump lips of her shaved pussy, then guides it into her slick hole. At first her movements are slow and sensual, but she soon speeds up the pace, her perfect ass bouncing vigorously. Her moans become breathless and erratic, the sound of flesh slapping on flesh growing louder as Pavlos jackhammers his dick into her receptive slot. Rebecca slides off Pavlos’s pole and plants her pussy on his face, reaching back to jerk him off as she grinds her hips rhythmically. She sucks and licks her juice from his dick, before moving into spoons so he can penetrate her again, plowing into her soaked snatch like an out of control express train. Her fingers strum her clit, her breasts jiggling and her cries of pleasure growing louder as her orgasm sweeps through her. They switch to missionary, gazing into each other’s eyes; Pavlos thrusts into Rebecca with great intensity, glistening with sweat, strong arms wrapped around her as he shoots his load deep inside her. They embrace and kiss tenderly, glowing with mutual satisfaction.
Sex Art - Cristal Caitlin (Que Es La Pasion 3)

Sexy blonde Cristal Caitlin gets fucked relentlessly by Juan Lucho in “Que Es La Pasion 3,” a stunning reprise of Alis Locanta’s sizzling SexArt classic. The original movie, shot in 2014, was written by its Spanish star Amarna Miller; she also wrote the script for the 2015 sequel, which featured Tracy Lindsay and Julia Roca. Gorgeous Cristal is a worthy successor, and the twist this time is that it’s Spanish stud Juan who speaks the words of passion, as we see flashbacks of his wild coupling with the insatiable beauty. Juan’s pants are around his ankles and Cristal trails her hands over his tattooed torso as she crouches down and grabs his huge, erect cock. She runs her tongue along the length of the shaft and around the bulbous head, laps at his balls, and then feeds it into her mouth, sucking avidly. After some skillful deepthroating, Juan pushes Cristal onto her back on the kitchen table, yanks her panties off over her high heels, and eats her pussy until she’s gasping with arousal, before spearing her with his rigid dick. She gazes up at him ecstatically as he jackhammers into her, her leg up on his shoulder and her fingers on her clit, driving her wild. Taking off her skintight red dress, the gorgeous blonde bends over the table so Juan can fuck her from behind, slamming back to meet his vigorous strokes. Now Juan sits in a chair, and his naked lover straddles him in reverse cowgirl, the sound of flesh slapping on flesh mingling with her cries as she rides harder. She spins around into cowgirl, tits bouncing as she bucks on Juan’s thick cock, her body suddenly convulsing in the grip of an intense orgasm. Dismounting, she kneels to suck Juan’s cock until he shoots his load in her mouth, gulping it down, and scooping up the stray droplet that’s trickled down her chin. As the title suggests, it’s a study in passion; and in powerful sexual attraction.
Sex Art - Gina Devine (The Retro Collection - Road Trip Episode 2)

Gorgeous Gina Devine is the focus of attention in episode two of this unseen classic from 2012, Andrej Lupin’s “Retro Collection – Road Trip.” Having stopped for a picnic with some friends, raven-haired Gina leads her boyfriend Thomas Lee back to the car for some private playtime. She poses for some sexy pin-up style photos, baring her breasts between passionate kisses, then pushes her man onto the back seat, tugs his pants down, and takes his stiff cock in her hot mouth. Sliding her lips up and down on his shaft, she takes it deeper on each stroke, oblivious to the lesbian lickfest her friends Ariel Piper Fawn and Miela A are having at their picnic site. Gina gazes up at Thomas as she runs her tongue all around the head of his dick and sucks it voraciously, then peels down her black pants to reveal pretty red gingham and lace panties. These come down too, and Gina slides a finger between the prominent lips of her pussy, putting on a slutty show for Thomas, before straddling him and guiding his boner into her slick slit. She slides up and down on his thick shaft, smearing it with her wetness as she grinds. Legs up to brace herself, she bounces harder, moaning with arousal as the horny sensations build. Ariel and Miela come to find their friends, but creep away when they realize what the horny couple are doing. Gina moves into doggy position and Thomas eats her pussy and ass from behind, then drives his rigid cock back into her. Thrusting steadily, he fucks her through an intense orgasm and fills her with his cum load; she immediately sinks her fingers into her drenched pussy, letting the hot jizz trickle out. It’s the perfect climax to a fun-filled day for the four horny friends.
Sex Art - Belle Claire (Stay Alone)

Hot sex with beautiful blonde Belle Claire is the subject of Kristof Cale’s erotic flashbacks, as Andrej Lupin’s stylish and playfully passionate “Stay Alone” begins. After picturing her jumping naked in the pool, Kristof’s first major recall sees Belle bent over a bathroom sink feeding his cock into her pussy. She gropes her perfect breasts as he plunges his pole steadily in and out of her wetness, watching her own reactions in the mirror. As their mutual arousal intensifies, so does the speed of Kristof’s thrusts, causing Belle to grip the sink to maintain her balance as her body shakes uncontrollably around his pounding cock. Belle’s cries of pleasure increase in volume as she has an intense orgasm, at the exact moment that Kristof shoots his hot load deep inside her. Kristof’s next horny remembrance takes place on their bed. Belle straddles him, and they embrace and kiss voraciously, before she takes off his shorts and strokes his uncut cock. She rubs her shaved pussy along her lover’s stiff dick, slips it inside her juicy hole, and gazes deep into his eyes as she rides him with slow intensity. Kristof strums her clit to drive her to a massive climax, then rolls her onto her front and drives his cock into her in doggy. He fucks her hard and fast, before the sensation of her succulent folds wrapped around his thrusting dick has him pulling out to anoint her plump pussy lips with his hot cum. While they may no longer be an item, there’s no doubt the sensual and emotional power of his memories will stay with Kristof forever.
Sex Art - Morgan Rodriguez (Chasing Men Episode 4)

Gorgeous brunette Morgan Rodriguez is an unwitting participant in a good-natured fuck contest between Maxmilian Dior and Nick Ross. As episode four of Andrej Lupin’s sexy series “Chasing Men” starts, Maxmilian is desperate for female company, and soon he is hooking up with amorous Morgan, groping and kissing her passionately in his dimly lit bedroom. Stripped down to her black panties, Morgan straddles Maxmilian in a hot sixty-nine, sucking the head of his thick cock as she jerks the shaft, grinding on his face as he licks and frigs her. She mounts him in cowgirl, impaling her soaked, shaved slit on his stiff pole, bucking wildly. Maxmilian is content to simply lie back and gaze into the horny humper’s eyes as she rides his cock, her beautiful breasts jiggling wildly. Her cries of pleasure increase in volume as she bounces harder and faster, then shudders and stiffens as she has an intense orgasm. She dismounts to suck her pussy juice from Maxmilian’s dick, before he pushes her onto her back and plows into her pussy again, going deep with slow, steady strokes. Moving into spoons, Maxmilian speeds up his thrusts as he rubs Morgan’s clit, driving her out of her mind. She climaxes noisily, and Maxmilian pulls out and showers her with thick, white cum. The final score in the contest is a draw at 2:2, but the well-fucked girls feel like the real winners…
Sex Art - Elena Vega (Chasing Men Episode 3)

Sexy Elena Vega is fooling around with Nick Ross on the couch as episode three of Andrej Lupin’s steamy series “Chasing Men” begins, blissfully unaware that she’s the subject of a fuck contest between Nick and his buddy. As they kiss and cuddle playfully, Elena straddles Nick’s lap and pulls off her top so he can nuzzle her beautiful breasts. He flips her onto her back and pulls off her jeans and lace panties, licking her sticky lips and probing her hot hole, thrusting his fingers in to make her moan and writhe with pleasure. She leads Nick over to the bed and unzips his jeans, long-licking his stiffening cock and sliding it between her lips. She sucks it deep, getting it dripping wet, then sits astride him and feeds it inside her shaved pussy. She rocks her hips to slide up and down his greasy pole, then squats to bounce more vigorously on it, slowing the momentum to draw out their mutual pleasure. She dismounts to suck her juices from Nick’s dick, looking up at him flirtatiously before taking as much of his long shaft as she can manage into her mouth, then grinding her clit over it. Elena’s nipples are diamond-hard as Nick eats her pussy again, before he thrusts back inside her in missionary. As he pounds her relentlessly she goes wild, tits jiggling with each stroke as she’s tipped over the edge into an intense orgasm. But Nick doesn’t let up and bangs her even harder, then pulls out so she can jerk him off with both hands, milking out his hot load over her quivering body. Nick may have won bragging rights as he takes the lead 2:1, but there’s no doubt Elena enjoyed putting him there.
Sex Art - Antonia Sainz (Messy)

Sexy Antonia Sainz is doing chores in her underwear when Michael Fly distracts her with a sensual massage, at the start of Andrej Lupin’s steamy erotic movie “Messy.” He fondles and sucks her beautiful breasts, then tugs her cotton panties aside so he can lap at her slick pussy slit. Antonia’s panties come off, and she gasps with arousal as Michael’s tongue flicks in and out of her juicy hole. Antonia strokes Michael’s stiff cock against her pussy before guiding it inside, their bodies moving in synch as he thrusts with slow intensity. He speeds up his strokes, Antonia’s big tits jiggling and her back arching as she savors the powerful sensations. They move into spoons, Michael slamming into the hot brunette from behind; she craves a taste, and flashes a naughty smile at him before jerking his dick, slapping it against her swaying breasts and sucking her own juices from the head. Now she straddles Michael and sinks down on his rigid cock, grinding her hips to take it deep. Michael squeezes her firm ass, ensuring he hits the spot with each thrust. After a noisy mutual orgasm, Antonia lies back with a smile to watch her lover finish the chores.
Sex Art - Katy Rose (Chasing Men Episode 1)

Sexy brunette Katy Rose couldn’t care less whether Maxmilian Dior and Nick Ross are keeping score of their conquests. As episode one of Andrej Lupin’s playful series “Chasing Men” begins, Maxmilian ditches his bro for some bedroom fun with Katy, who soon has his shirt off and her hand in his jeans, stroking his cock. He peels down her white bodysuit to nuzzle her beautiful breasts, then lies back to enjoy it as she licks his stiff pole from balls to tip, and takes it between her hot lips. She sucks and jerks him avidly, then straddles him and guides his rigid dick into her tight, shaved pussy, sliding up and down on it slowly and sensuously at first. She grinds her hips as her arousal builds, leaning back to let Maxmilian thrust up into her, then bouncing on him with a naughty smile that says she’s loving every moment of it. Maxmilian flips the gorgeous babe onto her back so he can plow into her vigorously, fucking her to a noisy string of climaxes, before shooting a couple of spurts of cum over her pussy and sliding back inside to finish. The score is 1:0 to Maxmilian, but Katy looks like the cat that got the cream.

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