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Sex Art - Lana Seymour (Red)

Sexy Lana Seymour moves seductively, capturing the attention of her lover Alex Moretti, as Andrej Lupin’s steamy erotic movie “Red” begins. The gorgeous brunette looks like a classic pin-up star as she kisses Alex until he’s desperate for her, and then feeds his rock hard cock between her lips. She makes teasing eye contact with him as she switches between trailing her sticky tongue up and down his shaft, deep throating it and sucking hard on the glans. Straddling Alex, Lana rubs her pussy up and down the length of his cock, her juicy folds wrapping around his shaft with every thrust of her hips. As she rides, Lana undoes her dress so Alex can play with her beautiful breasts. She guides his cock inside her soaking wet pussy and rides vigorously, Alex gripping her ass cheeks and thrusting deep. Turning around, Lana wiggles her perfect ass in Alex’s face before sinking down onto his dick in reverse cowgirl. He rubs her clit and fondles her breasts as she grinds down on him. They move into missionary, Alex driving his cock deep inside Lana’s hot pussy, bodies moving in unison as he fucks her hard and fast. Her intense orgasm triggers his, and he fills her with his hot cum as she shivers and shakes with pleasure.
Sex Art - Melody Mae (Look)

Gorgeous Melody is in ecstasy as she fondles her breasts and finger drills her pussy while her lover watches, as Andrej Lupin’s aptly titled “Look” gets off to a sensual start. Once Melody’s had a powerful orgasm, Maxmilian Dior joins her on the bed and pleasures her body with his mouth and fingers, until he can’t wait any longer to fuck her. Melody straddles Maxmilian and feeds his long, hard cock into her sopping wet pussy, riding him slowly in cowgirl so she can savor every stroke as it fills her tight snatch. But as their mutual passion intensifies, she starts bucking harder and faster, making her ample, beautiful breasts and curvy ass jiggle wildly. The sound of flesh slapping on flesh is as loud as her moans of delight; soon she jerks upright, throws back her head, and her whole body shakes uncontrollably as she climaxes for the second time. Melody and Maxmilian kiss avidly, and with his cock still buried balls deep inside her pussy, he flips her onto her back and fucks her relentlessly. Melody strums her clit while Maxmilian holds one of her legs high, so he can achieve maximum penetration. This drives insatiable Melody headlong into a third orgasm. But Maxmilian has no intention of easing up, not until he’s ready to cum himself. Their bodies interlock as he spoons Melody, fucking her audibly drenched pussy even harder and faster. Melody lets out a wail of bliss, and they orgasm simultaneously, Maxmilian shooting his hot load deep inside her quivering pussy.
Sex Art - Samantha Rone (True)

As Andrej Lupin’s erotic confessional “True” begins, sexy Samantha Rone admits to her suspicious lover, Ryan Ryder, that she’s had an amazing affair with a woman – then describes the experience in graphic detail while fingering her pussy. Both are excited by her words, and Ryan is rock hard as Samantha starts stroking his cock, kissing him passionately. She gets naked and straddles him, sinking down on his thick shaft and grinding sensuously, then riding harder and faster until she’s hit by an explosive orgasm. Senses still reeling, Samantha sucks and jerks Ryan’s dick avidly; they move into spoons, Ryan driving into her from behind, groping her breasts, bodies entwined. Samantha climaxes even harder this time, head thrown back in ecstasy. As she jerks Ryan’s hot load out over her pretty pussy, it’s clear he’s finally convinced she still loves him – even if she does fuck women, too.
Sex Art - Henessy A (A Love Story 2)

Gorgeous Henessy A and her man Alberto Blanco drink a toast to their love, then celebrate in a more carnal manner, as Alis Locanta’s passionate “A Love Story 2” begins. Alberto bares Henessy’s beautiful breasts, lifts her onto the table, yanks her black panties aside, and starts eating her pussy. He sucks and licks her clit, and slides a finger inside her succulent slit, driving her wild. Henessy lies on her front on the table, and unleashes Alberto’s stiff cock, jerking it, sucking hard on the glans, and bobbing her head up and down the thick shaft. She licks Alberto’s balls and deepthroats as much of his huge dick as she can take, gagging on it in her eagerness, then lies back so he can thrust it inside her tight pussy. The horny sweetheart shoots her lover a look that begs him to go faster, harder and deeper, so he slams into her vigorously. She pushes him back into a chair and mounts him in cowgirl, bucking frantically on his cock, her perfect breasts bouncing. After an intense orgasm, Henessy dismounts and sucks Alberto’s dick even deeper, jacking him rapidly so he shoots his load all over her pretty face.
Sex Art - Myiuki Son (Smoke)

Elegant Asian beauty Myiuki Son smokes and drinks wine while waiting for her lover, as Andrej Lupin’s sexy sizzler “Smoke” begins. When Kristof Cale arrives, Myiuki immediately straddles him to unleash his big, hard cock from his jeans, pulling up her skintight dress and grinding her naked pussy against him. She bares her beautiful big breasts with their kinky pierced nipples as she guides Kristof’s rigid erection inside her pussy, riding vigorously. Kristof grabs Myiuki’s ass and assists her thrusts for maximum penetration, making her buck wildly as her orgasm sweeps over her. Myiuki spins around into reverse cowgirl, grinding to another climax. Kristof eats and fingers her juicy pussy, then plunges back inside her in missionary, slamming into her relentlessly, getting off on both Myiuki’s ecstatic expression, and her pussy muscles that grip his shaft like a fleshy fist. Kristof speeds up his strokes, fucking Myiuki to another orgasm that makes her whole body quiver, before pulling out to decorate her silky skin with his hot load.
Sex Art - Kira Queen (Secretly 3)

Sexy Kira Queen smiles with pleasure as Alberto Blanco fondles her big breasts and curvy ass, at the start of Alis Locanta’s highly erotic “Secretly 3.” The evocative black and white switches to vibrant color as the lovers kiss and caress each other on the couch, Alberto going down to eat Kira’s succulent shaved pussy. She bares her beautiful breasts, tweaking her stiff nipples as her man’s tongue drives her wild, then gets naked and releases Alberto’s huge cock from his jeans. It’s already rock hard as she starts stroking it from root to tip, sliding it between her full lips and sucking on it hard, deepthroating skillfully. Straddling him in reverse cowgirl, Kira starts riding vigorously, tits bouncing with every thrust. She pauses to lick her own cream from his shaft, then remounts in cowgirl, ass cheeks jigging as he slams up into her. They move into doggy, Alberto gripping Kira’s hips tightly so every thrust hits the spot as he drills her hard and fast. Switching to missionary, their cries of excitement grow louder and more urgent until Kra climaxes noisily and Alberto pulls out to pump jet after jet of hot cum over her tummy and quivering tits. It’s a sexually explosive end to an unrelenting fuck.

Sex Art - Mary Kalisy (Structure)

Stunning Kalisy and studly Maxmilian Dior are locked in a powerfully sexual, naked embrace, as Andrej Lupin’s stylish and hyper-erotic “Structure” begins. Kalisy sits in Maxmilian’s lap as they caress and kiss each other voraciously, their undulating bodies in perfect synch. Maxmilian concentrates on sucking Kalisy’s tiny tits, while she strokes her pussy, before letting him take over. The camera cuts to Kalisy standing against the wall, legs open wide, with Maxmilian sitting between them eating her pussy. His tongue immediately hits the spot, making Kalisy moan with pleasure, eyes closed and mouth agape, writhing wildly. When Kalisy grabs Maxmilian’s head and forces his tongue deeper inside her wetness, she gets so aroused that she loses control, and she slips down the wall as an intense orgasm rips through her body. The action cuts to Maxmilian sitting back in the chair, his huge cock sticking up, erect and proud. Kalisy grips it by the base and slides her mouth up and down the shaft, taking it deep, rubbing his balls. Kalisy climbs aboard Maxmilian’s prick and rides him, grinding on him, kissing him hard. She leans back, rocking her hips, accelerating the speed of her bouncing until she climaxes again. Kalisy kneels on the chair, and Maxmilian drives his cock into her honey-dripping hole from behind. Within moments, she is howling louder than ever, swept up in wave after wave of ecstatic sensation as he pumps her pussy relentlessly, driving her over the edge again. But they’re not done yet, and continue fucking each other senseless, standing against the wall. Eventually, Maxmilian can hold back no longer, and, as Kalisy orgasms yet again he unleashes his load deep inside her quivering pussy. It’s a full-on climax to a multi-orgasmic fuck.
Sex Art - Alexa Tomas (Agua Caliente)

Real life couple Joel and Alexa Tomas share a bath as “Agua Caliente” opens, their passion for each other as hot as the water. The heat stays with them once they’re dry and dressed; Joel, watching Alexa slip into a tight blue dress, cannot resist coming back for more. No sooner has the Spanish beauty rolled it down her slim hips than Joel is holding her in his arms, pushing his tongue into her mouth and running his hands over her slender body. Squeezing the sexy brunette’s firm ass, he pulls her dress up and pushes her back onto the bed to tear off her panties and feast on her shaved pussy. He laps at her dark lips to spread them open and dive into her hole, sending his fingers in after his tongue once her pussy is good and wet for him. Lying down beside her, Joel’s cock springs out of his pants and Alexa strokes him slowly before taking him into her mouth, sucking him and moaning around his shaft, savoring every inch. Joel thrusts into his lover’s throat and she takes it easily. Now Joel takes Alexa from behind as she lies on her side, hammering away hard and fast, the heat of their passion building, her nipples rock hard. Up on her knees, Alexa takes it even harder, Joel slamming his dick up her juiced-up hole as she cries out in sexual ecstasy. They flip over so Alexa is riding Joel in cowgirl, bouncing up and down on his thick shaft, driven wild. Finally Joel thrusts into her in vigorous missionary, before showering her with his hot cum. They kiss through the afterglow, utterly enamored by each other.
Sex Art - Chrissy Fox (Repeat)

There’s no mistaking what sexy blonde Chrissy Fox wants, as “Repeat” opens with her blowing Thomas Lee, bobbing her head up and down on his stiff cock. She jerks him off over her perky little breasts, getting him to cum within moments, hot sperm splattering her nipples. As Chrissy showers, Thomas joins her, ready for more. She kneels, jerking and sucking him until he’s rock hard again, then turns around so he can thrust into her hot shaved pussy from behind. Thomas holds still as Chrissy slides up and down on his pole, hands braced against the shower wall, slamming back to take him deep. She turns to face her man, leg over his shoulder so he can slide back into her even deeper, long slow strokes making her gasp. The room echoes with the sound of wet flesh slapping on flesh as Thomas fucks the pretty blonde vigorously. Down on the floor, Chrissy straddles Thomas, perfect ass rising and falling and tits jiggling as she rides him until she orgasms explosively and he fills her with his hot load. Of course, now they need to shower again…
Sex Art - Tina Kay (Dance For You)

Sexy cutie Tina Kay dances around her living room with her headphones on, as 1CDance For You 1D begins. The slender hottie looks adorable in nothing but a T-shirt that barely covers her ass, eyes closed, oblivious to the world until Maxmilian Dior strolls in with a cup of coffee. Tina tries to tempt him to dance with her by grinding her firm ass against his crotch. She sways seductively for him, then straddles his lap; he lifts her top to find she's wearing no panties, and her shaved pussy rubs against his cock in his shorts as he squeezes and sucks her beautiful big breasts. Turning, Tina grinds on Maxmilian's lap, shaking her booty until he can't resist nuzzling her sweet cheeks. She bends over as he starts to lick her smooth slit, spreading her open and making her gasp with pleasure. They finish undressing each other and Tina sucks Maxmilian's stiff cock, stroking the shaft as she bobs her head over it, then sits astride him and sinks her wet pussy down onto his thick dick. She holds still as Maxmilian bucks up inside her, fabulous titties bouncing in his face. Tina turns around into reverse cowgirl, legs together to make the ride even tighter. Maxmilian fucks her hard as she slides up and down on his cock, fingers strumming her clit. She hops off to suck him again and then he slams back into her in doggy, fucking her to a noisy orgasm and pulling out at the last minute to splatter his load over her pretty pussy and amazing ass.
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