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Sex Art - Katy Rose (Free House Episode 3 - Capture)

Sexy housekeeper Katy Rose shows up to clean the house that Maxmilian Dior is looking after for friends and catches him naked, as episode three of Andrej Lupin’s sizzling erotic series “Free House” begins. He chases her to apologize and she doesn’t shy away, flirting, pulling off his towel, and stroking his cock to full rigidity in the hallway. She makes it clear who’s in charge, encouraging him to pull off her jeans and panties and lick along her shaved pussy’s tight slit as he finger fucks her. She leans back against the wall for support, moaning with pleasure. Taking control again, Katy kneels to suck her new friend’s long pole, flickering her tongue all around the head and sucking it deep, eyes wide and cheeks hollowing. She turns around and wriggles her ass in invitation, and he slides in and screws her from behind, hard and fast. Katy goes wild with every thrust of Maxmilian’s deeply penetrating cock, her body undulating with arousal, until she’s howling and slapping the mirrored wall as the powerful sensations overwhelm her. Maxmilian slides to the floor so Katy can stand over him and grind her soaked pussy on his mouth. She straddles him, feeds his erection back inside her pussy and rides him slowly, savoring his mighty length and girth with every downward stroke. She soon loses control, arching her back and strumming her clit, her body shuddering as another intense orgasm sweeps through her. Maxmilian lifts Katy up, throws her legs over his shoulders and power drives his cock relentlessly in and out of her juicy pussy. The faster he fucks the wilder she gets, until she hits her triple climax. She finishes him off with her hands, sending his hot load spraying over her thighs, both of them breathless and flushed from their unexpected encounter.
Sex Art - Charli Red (Match)

Gorgeous Charli Red lures Michael Fly away from their chess game with the promise of sex, as Andrej Lupin’s steamy “Match” begins. She starts undressing him, showers his torso with kisses, and pulls out his huge, stiff cock to jerk it with both hands. Dropping to her knees, the stunning brunette feeds its bulbous head between her lips and sucks hard while stroking the shaft intently. She peels down her tight yoga pants and slowly lowers her shaved pussy reverse cowgirl into Michael’s lap. While he gropes her pert breasts, she reaches behind herself and tugs on her ass cheeks until her pussy lips splay open to accept Michael’s pulsing cock deep inside her wet slit. Michael’s face bears an expression of intense concentration as Charli bucks up and down on his dick, perfect ass bouncing, mouth agape in ecstasy. She switches to cowgirl so Michael can guide her by the ass cheeks as she humps even more zealously. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh increases in volume, as Charli rides hard, an intense orgasm rippling through her. Without skipping a beat, Michael stands with his insatiable lover still impaled on his cock, flips her onto her back and immediately resumes driving his prick into her soaked pussy. As another climax engulfs her, he can hold back no longer and shoots his hot load inside her quivering slot, pulling out to let it trickle down her crack. They kiss tenderly, content that they are the perfect “Match.”
Sex Art - Tiffany Tatum (Free House Episode 2 - Guest)

The moment the owners depart, Maxmilian Dior takes advantage of house sitting to invite gorgeous Tiffany Tatum over. As episode two of Andrej Lupin’s steamy erotic series “Free House” begins, Tiffany is through the door and into the bedroom, kissing her lover hungrily and unzipping his jeans to stroke his rapidly stiffening cock. He sucks her beautiful breasts, then licks and fingers her hot pussy, getting her wet and eager to take his big dick. She moans with arousal as he starts plowing his shaft in and out, growing louder and rubbing her clit frantically as he increases the speed of his thrusts. They gaze lustfully into each other’s eyes, bodies moving in unison; as the intensity of Maxmilian’s strokes builds, Tiffany throws back her head and grips the bed tightly, eyes closed in ecstasy as she senses her orgasm rising. Maxmilian evidently senses it too, driving into her even harder and deeper, before pulling out teasingly to delay her sexual fireworks. She kneels to suck her wetness from his rigid cock, licking from root to tip, then sinks down on it in reverse cowgirl. Her perfect ass bounces as she slides up and down his pole, humping herself into a frenzy, letting out little yelps of pleasure. She spins around to straddle him in cowgirl, riding hard and fast, taking him deep. They hit their peak together, Tiffany shuddering through her orgasm and then rising up to let Maxmilian’s hot cum trickle out of her flooded pussy. It’s a wild and passionate fuck, and all the more satisfying for being in a stranger’s bed.
Sex Art - Anna Rose (Provocation)
224mb | 19:58 min | 640x360 | mp4

Gorgeous Anna Rose dresses in sexy lingerie for a date with Maxmilian Dior, as Andrej Lupin’s “Provocation,” the latest instalment of his nostalgic and evocative “Vintage Collection,” begins. A slow, seductive 1920s jazz soundtrack transports us to a bygone era, as Anna puts on seamed pantyhose, heels and a flapper-style dress, then delays going out by unzipping Maxmilian’s pants and stroking his huge, rigid cock. He bares her beautiful breasts and sucks her stiff nipples, then tugs down her pantyhose and spreads her legs wide enough to eat her shaved pussy. Anna moans as his probing tongue sends shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her body, even louder when his fingers come into play. He trails his cock along the juicy folds of her pussy, and prods it teasingly, before sliding it balls deep inside her wetness. Intent on savoring every ecstatic moment, Maxmilian’s thrusts are slow and measured, which pleases Anna immensely. Letting her take the reins, he stands – with his cock still inside her – and repositions himself on the edge of the bed. He grips her ass tight and buries his face between her breasts she humps up and down on his pole; he lies back so she can ride him even harder. Anna’s gasps grow breathless and erratic, her ass cheeks quiver, and she slams down to the root of her man’s cock and holds there as she’s engulfed by a huge orgasm. Still reeling, Anna stands and bends forward so Maxmilian can drive his cock into her from behind. He speeds up and fucks her more intensely as she slams back to meet every stroke, until he shoots his load deep inside her hot pussy. Kissing tenderly, they bask in the glow of their timeless passion.
Sex Art - Katy Sky (Free House Episode 1 - Departure)

Sexy blonde Katy Sky delays leaving for a trip by whipping out Kristof Cale’s huge cock and flicking her tongue over the head, as episode one of Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Free House” begins. Katy spits on the thick shaft and rubs it against her pussy through her tight white panties, before taking it in her mouth and sucking it voraciously. She gazes up at Kristof’s face to gauge his reaction, and is spurred on by his expression of utter bliss. As she grinds her pussy against Kristof’s erection, she lifts her dress up over her big, beautiful breasts, so he can suck hard on their stiffening nipples. Tugging aside her panties, she feeds Kristof’s pole between the plump folds of her soaked, shaved pussy. The gorgeous blonde gasps with pleasure as she rides Kristof’s cock, her breasts bouncing wildly. She dismounts to suck her juices from his dick, then bends over for her lover to bang her from behind. They find the perfect rhythm, Kristof thrusting hard and fast as Katy slams back on him to take every stroke deep. They switch to missionary, Katy moaning and trembling with extreme arousal, a powerful orgasm sweeping through her as Kristof pounds her relentlessly. He’s not done yet, and drives her headlong into another climax, before shooting his hot load deep inside her. Sated – for now – they are ready to set off on their trip…
Sex Art - Veronica Clark (Cosset)

Sexy brunette Veronica Clark gets a sensual massage from Kristof Cale as Andrej Lupin’s lustful and loving “Cosset” begins. Veronica lies face down on the bed as Kristof removes her white lace underwear. He showers her naked body with kisses, before savoring the flavor of her gorgeous pussy. She smiles and moans softly with arousal as he squeezes her big breasts and slips two fingers inside her. Kristof yanks down his shorts and slides his stiff cock into his sweetheart’s soaked pussy from behind, kissing her tenderly as he drives into her. He picks up the pace until he’s fucking her vigorously, flipping her over into missionary and strumming her clit. Their bodies move in perfect synch, Veronica tugging on her pierced nipples as Kristof increases the intensity of his thrusts. She clings onto her man, head thrown back in ecstasy as she climaxes on his cock. Now she takes the lead, sucking and jerking his thick erection and then straddling him in cowgirl. Her perfect ass bounces up and down as she bucks on his shaft, gasping with every deeply penetrating stroke, right through a second, even more powerful orgasm. Kristof’s hot load trickles from her pussy as they kiss and caress one another, sated and oh so in love.
Sex Art - Arian Joy (Honey Jar)

Gorgeous Arian gets horny while drinking her morning coffee and jumps on Michael Fly’s lap, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Honey Jar” begins. They kiss voraciously, sexy Arian lifting her top to reveal her pert breasts with diamond-hard nipples. Michael kneels to pull Arian’s white cotton panties aside and lick her shaved pussy; she rocks her hips up to press against his mouth as his tongue pushes deeper. The petite raven-haired sweetheart releases Michael’s huge, rigid cock from his jeans and sucks it as deep as she can take it, bobbing her head up and down. She gets naked and straddles him in cowgirl, spearing her tight pussy with his thick pole, riding energetically. She spins around into reverse cowgirl, bouncing frantically, sliding the full length of his shaft with each thrust. Bending backward, she rubs her clit feverishly as Michael grips her hips and slams up into her, driving hard, fast and deep. Her yelps grow louder as her orgasm sweeps through her, and they switch to missionary, humping vigorously, Arian’s pretty face glowing with pleasure. Michael pulls out to let her jerk his hot load over her tummy, both of them gasping from the exertion of their passionate fucking.
Sex Art - Lee Anne (Vintage Collection - Cabaret)

Sexy brunette Lee Anne and her lover Nick Ross are styled in a perfect homage to early 1930s Berlin in Andrej Lupin’s “Cabaret,” the latest edition of his highly acclaimed, nostalgia-flavored “Vintage Collection.” A hot jazz soundtrack sets the atmosphere as the couple sips Champagne, flirting with intent, until Lee Anne makes the first move. She guides Nick’s hand between her spread thighs, tugging her panties aside to ride his fingers as she kisses him. He sucks her erect nipples, her red lips parting as she gasps with pleasure; she slides down her black, frilly panties and Nick sucks her clit as he finger-bangs her wet pussy. Lee Anne frees Nick’s stiff cock from his pants and jerks it frantically, lying back on the table as he thrusts it inside her. He drills his long cock into her steadily, lifting her feet up onto his shoulders so he can slide in harder and deeper. Nick sits back in his chair so Lee Anne can straddle him, slamming down on his dick and bucking on it energetically. She switches between slow, intense grinding and frenetic humping, ass cheeks rippling and beautiful breasts jiggling as she careers towards her orgasm. She kneels to lick her juice from his cock, stroking it with both hands, then sinks down on him in reverse cowgirl, her perfect ass bouncing in his lap. She rides to another, even more dramatic orgasm, lying back to let him power into her soaked pussy. He pulls out to shower his hot load over her gorgeous body, embracing her tenderly, a timeless moment shared.
Sex Art - Clea Gaultier (Celebration Oral Sex Reloaded)

Sexy Clea Gaultier eats fruit in a titillating manner before embracing Juan Lucho, as Alis Locanta’s sizzling erotic movie “Celebration: Oral Sex Reloaded” begins. The French fox and her Spanish stud kiss voraciously, Juan’s hands squeezing Clea’s firm ass in her booty-hugging skirt, then tugging down her bra to suck her stiff nipples. He licks up and down the slit of her pussy, making her moan as his tongue hits the spot and presses between her sensitive folds. Clea bends over and spreads her cheeks so Juan can eat her from behind. She kisses her juice from his lips, then releases his huge, stiff cock from his pants and trails her tongue up and down the impressive length. She lavishes her attention on it, lapping at his balls, stroking and sucking it deep, stretching her lips around it as saliva dribbles down the shaft. He wants to taste her again, and she spreads her thighs wide and lets him treat her to some more frenzied tonguing, her wet pussy blossoming open as he licks. They flip into a sixty-nine so Chloe can suck Juan’s thick cock again as he eats her, deepthroating it down to the balls. They drive each other closer to orgasm with their mouths and tongues, and when they can hold out no longer, Clea gets to climax while riding Juan’s face, and then Juan gets to cum in Clea’s mouth. She lets his hot load trickle down her chin, looking up at him adoringly. They may be orally fixated, but these horny lovers still fuck through the closing credits…
Sex Art - Karol Lilien (Slow Tease)

Hot blonde Karol Lilien admires her curvy, naked body in a mirror, before dressing in sexy black lingerie, stockings and heels, as Andrej Lupin’s dynamic erotic movie “Slow Tease” begins. Karol covers herself with a black silk robe, and awaits the arrival of her man. When Maxmilian Dior shows up, Karol fixes him with a sultry stare. He responds by showering her with sensual kisses. Karol sheds her robe and pushes Maxmilian onto the couch, unzipping his pants and stroking his huge, erect cock with both hands. She runs her tongue up and down the shaft and circles it around the head, before feeding his cock between her luscious lips. Gazing up at him seductively, the blonde bombshell gives him a beautiful blowjob that renders him silent with lust. Karol straddles Maxmilian and strokes his cock against her lace-covered crotch while he sucks on the erect nipples of her lovely big breasts. She makes him wait a little longer, standing to peel down her lingerie and push her curvaceous ass in his face. She gasps with arousal as he eats her shaved pussy from behind, then straddles his lap again, this time impaling herself on his thick pole. Once she gets into her rhythm, she goes wild, humping and grinding and howling in ecstasy. Spinning around into reverse cowgirl, she rides even more frantically, bouncing on his length as he rubs her clit until she shakes through an uncontrollable climax. Maxmilian kneels to eat her drenched pussy and then plunges back inside her in missionary, fucking her to another screaming orgasm before shooting his hot load inside her. What started as a “Slow Tease” ends in frenetic pleasure for them both.
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