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Woodman Casting X - Vanessa Decker

A czech girl, Vanessa Decker has an audition with Pierre Woodman. She will answer general questions about her life and sexual fantasies and experience. Then Vanessa Decker will undress to show her body naked. She will be asked to show her body in doggy style and missionary position on a sofa. Then Pierre convince Vanessa Decker to have a 100% natural sex with him, and he will make her an Anal demonstration of his secret technic. This is Vanessa Decker sex Testing casting X!
Nubile Films - Vanessa Decker (Meet Me)

Big boob hottie Vanessa Decker is dressed to the nines as she waits for Ricky Rascal. The couple may have plans for a date, but as soon as their lips meet they decide to stay in and explore each other instead. Practically before Vanessa knows it, Ricky has moved her to the couch where she slowly slips out of her evening wear. Every time a new asset is exposed, Ricky insists on exploring it with his eager hands and mouth, much to Vanessa's delight. Once Vanessa's panties have joined her dress on the ground, Ricky can really go all out. He uses his hands and mouth to tantalize Vanessa's twat, rubbing her until her pussy is gushing with pleasure. Then he dives in for a few exploratory licks that quickly turn into a full-on feast complete with stiff fingers pressed deep inside of her. Vanessa is quick to return the favor by delivering a sensual blowjob that leaves Ricky groaning in delight. Her sweet mouth and soft hands work overtime as she delivers oral pleasure with absolute abandon. When she gets the chance to climb onto Ricky's rock hard stiffie, Vanessa doesn't think twice before impaling herself and going for a titty bouncing ride. Laying down on the couch, Vanessa lifts one leg high so that Ricky can penetrate her deeply in this new position. Her twat throbs with delight as he works her with long steady strokes. Getting on her hands and knees, Vanessa lets Ricky know that he can go harder and faster for his pleasure and hers. Not only does that new position get Vanessa off, but also it brings Ricky right to the edge of cumming. He barely has time to pull out before he gushes his load all over Vanessa's back and bottom to leave her sticky and satisfied.
Sex Art - Vanessa Decker (The Cove)

Filmed on location in beautiful sun-kissed Mallorca, 1CThe Cove 1D finds sexy Vanessa Decker and her lover Ricky sidestepping their oceanic tomfoolery to concentrate on satisfying the overwhelming sexual urges they feel for each other. They lock lips and Ricky's hands roam over Vanessa's gorgeous big breasts. The brunette stunner lies back on the rocks, sucks on her erect nipples, slips a hand inside her bikini briefs and starts diddling her big, puffy clit. Still partly submerged in the water, Ricky joins in, thrusting his fingers into Vanessa's slippery slot, and lapping voraciously with his tongue. Vanessa arches her body and readily accepting every thrust and lick, panting with pleasure. Vanessa frees Ricky's huge cock from his shorts and applies a hot mix of hand jerks and sucking to the entire length of its throbbing shaft, before spinning around and impaling her pussy on it, sliding all the way down the shaft until her pussy lips rest on Ricky's balls 13 then she starts to grind slowly. Their mutual pleasure builds audibly as Vanessa's heavy breasts bounce in synch with Ricky's cock thrusts, until her entire body starts quivering uncontrollably as her orgasm reaches boiling point. Vanessa leads Ricky into deeper water. He lies on his back and his erect prick breaks the surface like a submarine periscope. Vanessa wraps her cock-hungry lips around it and sucks hard, flicking her tongue on and around the glans, looking up into Ricky's face to feed on his ecstatic expression. Floating back into the shallows, Vanessa straddles Ricky and guides his cock into her pussy, gasping as his hardness slips inside her to the hilt. Vanessa cowgirl rides his cock with wild abandon; she reaches climax first and dismounts, jerking Ricky to a sticky finish. The deep-tanned lovers kiss and swim away from 1CThe Cove 1D and out to sea as the sun sets, their idyllic coupling culminated.
Fitness Rooms - Victoria Pure, Vanessa Decker (Teens Fuck Gym Teacher's Big Cock)

Natural beauties Daisy Lee and Vanessa Decker sweat and suck their way to the top of the aerobics class. When instructor Angelo offers to reward their excitement with a private three-way lesson, the teens peel off their soaking wet workout clothes to show him just how athletic they can be. Angelo worships Vanessa's big natural tits while Daisy warms up his huge cock for a two-girl blowjob. When the threesome hits the yoga mats, nobody is left out of the action. It's an intense workout of pussy eating, dick sucking, and rough sex until Angelo explodes and cums all over their fresh faces.
Female Fake Taxi - Vanessa Decker (Brunette Cabbie Fucked In Car Trunk)

My heart goes out to men stuck with frigid bitches like the chick who rode in my cab today with her poor boyfriend. When she caught him checking me out, she really gave him the gears, squabbling with him about peeking at my big boobs without caring that I could hear. After she got out, I told him I sympathized with him, and Adam showed me how a bad boy like him could be sweet and charming too. Adam's confidence was so seductive, I pulled over in a very hidden spot and joined him in the back to suck his rock hard cock...
Sex Art - Vanessa Decker (Desire)

As Andrej Lupin’s “Desire” opens on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca, Ryan Ryder does his best to concentrate on an important business call; but Vanessa Decker is intent on distracting him. Ryan’s concentration wavers as Vanessa flirts, and terminating his call hastily, he joins her on the balcony. The triumphant expression on her pretty face indicates that she has her man exactly where she wants him. They move to the sofa, Vanessa stroking Ryan through his pants hungrily as they kiss, making her intentions clear. She lifts her dress and straddles him, guiding his stiff cock inside her and riding it with slow intensity, rocking faster as her pleasure builds. When she’s gasping with arousal, Vanessa lies back for Ryan to eat her pussy and then plow back into her in missionary. She mounts him again, bouncing hard as she races towards her orgasm, slowing down to ride out the waves of ecstasy, then picking up the pace again until they climax simultaneously. Sweat-drenched and satiated, Vanessa knows that where “Desire” is concerned, heart rules head every time.
Hands On Hardcore - Vanessa Decker, Kristy Black (Getting Closer - Anal Threesome In The Photo Studio)

Photographer Franco Roccaforte takes some stunning shots of Vanessa Decker and Kristy Black in his photo studio. The two are getting closer and closer for that one perfect shot, but they are also super attractive women and notice his hard-on in his pants. While both lesbian hotties kiss, Kristy touches Franco’s big dong for a handjob. They share his cock for a blowjob and he feeds them his large black dick before licking Vanessa’s trimmed twat! Time to bang that snatch in standing sex position. Kristy sticks that dong down her deep throat whenever he unplugs his rod from that juicy young fuckhole. Her ass could need some big dong and while giving us a breath-taking ass gape, she starts riding that dick in reverse cowgirl style! The scene heats up with Kristy being licked by Franco while receiving some face sitting by Vanessa! The photographer starts banging Vanessa doggy style and fingers Kristy’s box and ass at the same time. Kristy wants it, and she gets it! Finally, he penetrates that young slim college student’s tight asshole with his thick prick while having her clit licked and returning the favor with some pussy eating!
Pix And Video - Vanessa Decker (Flippant Secretary)

Vanessa came for Toby's cock and there's no mistaking her intentions. Toby is worried about the people outside his office but she shushes him and they're on their way. It's been a while since the last time and even though him and his wife are back together, he just can't help it. Vanessa is just too damn decisive and too flippin' hot. Cum what may.
Euro Sex Parties - Bella Scaris, Vanessa Decker (Stacked Decker)

Bella Scaris and Vanessa Decker came to have a Euro Sex Party. They were looking very sexy in those dresses. It was not long until Tony helped them with undressing each other. Tony munched on Vanessas pussy while Bella sucked on her sweet tits. They both sucked on his cock and James joined the party. The girls got their pussies drilled and got man juice for all.
Nubile Films - Vanessa Decker (Beautiful Orgasm)

Vanessa Decker looks like a dream come true as she struts onto the scene wearing a bra and thong with her long legs accentuated by high heels. When she lays on her belly on the bed, Fernando Martinez starts stripping just for her pleasure! Soon Vanessa can't keep her hands to herself, so she helps whet Fernando's appetite by peeling off her bra and then presenting her juicy ass so that he can slip her thong down her legs and off. Leaning forward, Fernando buries his face in Vanessa's creamy twat and goes to work with his warm lips and masterful tongue. Turning over so that she is on her back, Vanessa hooks her ankle around Fernando's shoulder to hold him in place as she massages her busty boobs and tells him with her gasps and moans just how she likes his oral ministrations. With her first climax still humming through her lush body, Vanessa swaps places with Fernando so that she can help him warm up for the passion to come. Anchoring herself with both hands on the bed, she slips her mouth over the head of Fernando's cock and kicks off her blowjob by sliding the warm soft surface all over. As she progressively takes more of Fernando's stiffie in and out of her hot mouth, she works him to total hardness with her hand. As much as Fernando delights in watching Vanessa have her way with his member, he wants a more interactive part in their lovemaking. Beckoning Vanessa forward, he arranges her so that her landing strip twat is positioned above his mouth. Now he can enjoy his fill of pussy feast as Vanessa continues her interrupted blowjob to complete the sensual 69. Swinging her hips around so that her snatch is perfectly aligned with Fernando's dick, Vanessa slides down slowly until she has finally completed the connection between herself and her lover. For the first few moments she grinds her hips against Fernando. Once she has enjoyed the feeling of fullness, though, she picks up speed until her big all naturals are swaying with every stroke of her needy body. Getting down on her knees once again, Vanessa gasps with excitement as Fernando fills her up and then goes to town pounding that juicy pussy. Grabbing hold of Vanessa's hair, Fernando goes to town smacking her ass as he gives her the rough treatment she craves. Flipping Vanessa onto her back, Fernando continues to fuck her hard until her whole body clenches in ecstasy. In pleasuring Vanessa, Fernando has also brought himself right to the edge of climax. He pulls out at the last moment, letting Vanessa reach forward to aim his stiffie right at the landing strip patch of hair on her mound. Unable to hold back any longer, Fernando covers his lover's twat in creamy cum that signals the end of their lusty lovemaking.
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