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IdreamofJo - Jo, Antonya (Luminous) (720p)

Attaining iconic status over her ten year career, Jo gained a fanatic following through her work for and other lesbian studios. Now she wants to repay that unwavering support with new scenes, unlike anything she's done before. Ever wondered what really makes Jo tick? Now you can explore the truly personal side of her unique beauty and talent.
1By-Day - Honey Demon (The Dangerous Taste of Honey!)

Close out the old year, gentlemen, with a peek at the sultry Honey Demon on New Year's Eve! Dressed in the colors of sin--red and black, complete with a scarlet feather boa, Honey has a pout on her face that looks as if she's just gotten back from a wild party where none of the men were up to her demonic standards! Maybe what she's looking for in 2012 are men not to fuck, but to be her cunny-licking and ass-kissing slaves! Because as she peels down her outfit and sips champagne, she looks at us with a quiet steely-eyed fierceness that instantly takes command of all cocks susceptible to tough and demanding ladies! She teases us with her stocking tops--with her legs in their firm nylon sheen--and tempts us with her pussy, ass and titties as she plans her program of total conquest of all vulnerable men in the next 365 days! With her high cheekbones, penetrating eyes, and lushly lipsticked mouth, Honey Demon looks like a seductress who'll be haunting our dreams and stiffening our stalks time and again!
Hot Legs And Feet - Abbie Cat, Alexa, Kitty Cat (Body Sushi & Creamed Nylon!)

Join Abbie Cat, Alexa, Kitty Cat and Frank M. in a frisky foursome that gives you the best girl-girl, boy-girl, and fetish-fulfilling action we've seen in a long time! Abbie and Frank M. are the guests at Alexa's "body sushi" New Year's Eve party, where Kitty Cat lays on the coffee table clad in pantyhose and an assortment of sushi rolls along her legs and tummy! Frank M. eats sushi right off her legs, then Alexa distracts him with her golden high heels and curvy calves. Soon she feeds him and Abbie sushi with her bare toes, before switching to stroking Frank's shaft with her sole. She directs his cock into Abbie's mouth with her feet, then suddenly Kitty gets up and blows Frank. We hope none of that lovely sushi went to waste!! Abbie and Kitty rub their nylon-clad feet on Frank's meat and then get into some girl-girl foot-sucking. Frank bangs Alexa while Abbie licks Kitty through her crotchless pantyhose. Even while she's got cock deep inside herself, Alexa remembers to feed her feet into Abbie's and Kitty's lips. Then Abbie fucks Kitty's pussy with her stockinged ped. Alexa enjoys Frank's pork while Kitty sucks her feet, then the girls all get down on the floor together while Frank has a drink. But his cock is wedged between Abbie's stocking feet, and soon he's fucking her pussy. Alexa sucks her own toes for awhile, before climbing on top of Frank's prick and riding him while Abbie and Kitty lick her feet. Alexa does an impressive split over Frank so that she can feed her feet to the girls on opposite sides of the couch. Then Kitty Cat, besides being the erstwhile body sushi girl, also takes Frank's cock up her ass, and she gets to lick up his cream after he squirts on all the ladies' feet, bare and nylon. An impressive performance, Kitty Cat! You're our Model of the Day.
X-Art - Connie (Lovers in Paradise) (720p)

Watch Connie and her handsome boyfriend Aaron make love to each other in Paradise! Their love, authenticity, passion and beauty is a pleasure to behold... After their morning swim, Connie and Aaron relaxed in the shade. Aaron gently brushed his fingertips across Connie's soft warm skin, arousing her. She wants to do the same for him so she takes his cock in her mouth until it becomes hard. Connie smiled as Aaron massaged her. His hands tenderly cupping her full breasts. As she reclined, she let her legs fall open, revealing her gorgeous pink pussy to her lover. She played with both hands, opening herself for him (and you) to watch. Aaron rubbed her clit and slowly pushed the tip of his finger inside her. She smiled as her head fell back. Connie pulled Aaron up so he could enter her. His gentle kisses comforted her as his cock brought her intense pleasure. Finally Connie took control and climbed atop Aaron. The two lovers interlocked their fingers and moved in perfect unison. Watch and enjoy as they experience a mutual orgasm, you won't want to miss the extreme close-up of their cum dripping out of her... beautiful erotica at it's very finest!
Mofos World Wide - Kristine Crystalis (After The Photo-Shoot)
Size : 528mb
Duration : 30:07 mins
Ass Masterpiece - Kelly Divine
Size : 407mb
Duration : 26:06 mins
Girls Do Porn - Episode 138 (720p)

Todays episode features a 19 year old girl who had moved away from her parents to a new state and didn't know anyone except some guy she had sex with and now calls a good friend I guess being away from your parents makes you need money more and this girl likes sex so doing porn was a perfect money making opportunity for her. She had nobody to look after he dog so along it came also (this was a first) we never had a dog on set before and probably never again it was so annoying we had to leave it in the car while the shoot took place. Like most girl she was a little nervous at first but after a few minutes of fucking and sucking she warmed up to being on camera and before you know it we got her to do what she tells us is her first anal experience EVER. Not a bad performance by this girl either I think she had fun and at one stage was asking me for more work what you guys think bring her back?
Lez Cuties - Olena, Kirsten (First time - And Not The Last Time!)

There is always a first time for everything. Tasting another girl's pussy is not an exception. Olena and Kirsten never kissed a girl before, and though they are friends, they never imagined to get so intimate. But when the clothes drop and the girls finally dare to touch each other, they soon forget their worries! It is the first time, but definitely not the last!
Big Tits In Uniform: Katie Kox - Breast Control (720p)

Johnny is obsessed with boobs and when he meets Katie from the ZZ Pest Control Company, she is certainly no exception. Watch Johnny spin a web of lies involving a bug infestation to make Katie come and fumigate his place. And like a spider, Johnny hopes to be lucky enough to catch a feel of her big tits.
Big Tits In Uniform - Katie Kox (Breast Control)

Johnny is obsessed with boobs and when he meets Katie from the ZZ Pest Control Company, she is certainly no exception. Watch Johnny spin a web of lies involving a bug infestation to make Katie come and fumigate his place. And like a spider, Johnny hopes to be lucky enough to catch a feel of her big tits.
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