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Glamour Pornstar - Aaliyah Love (Aaliyah Casting Day)
Size: 611mb | Duration: 26:56 min

Starring: Aaliyah Love | Name of clip: Aaliyah Casting Day | Added: 04.07.2014 | Genre: All Sex
Female Agent - Brian - E231

When this stud walked into my office I felt my pussy shudder with excitement. I have a thing for men with big bodies and I could tell that this was a guy who worked out. I was feeling more confident in my role as fake female agent and when he started flirting with me during the interview I knew that his cock would be spending time deep inside my pussy. He had originally come for standard modelling work but when I mentioned doing porn his interest was piqued. He was soon stroking his cock and I obviously decided to give him a hand. I took him into my hot, damp mouth and sucked him deeply. He mentioned that he liked hard sex, so I jumped onto his stiff cock and rode him like a stallion. He had great stamina and his cock felt amazing sliding in and out of my pussy. We changed to the spoon position but he wasn't used to fucking on film so his legs got in the way of his cock gliding in and out of me. I asked him to fuck me from behind and he was soon pumping fast and furious into me, making my body shudder and convulse with pleasure. This was an amazing casting so far, but just like most men, he managed to fuck it up in the end. As he slammed into me from behind I felt him tense up a little and his body began to jerk with pleasure behind me. He'd only gone and shot his load deep inside me, I had been creampied in my own casting. I was furious and threw him out with his cum still seeping out from my tight pussy lips. A great casting ruined by the selfish act of him cumming deep inside my velvet tunnel.
Lets Try Anal - Jay Dee (Russian Cutie Gives Anal A Try)

Exploited College Girls - Charlotte

It turns out our girl Charlotte has done a little personal exploration with her "neck massager" and discovered that in addition to banishing an achey neck, it can give her intense squirting orgasms. Yes, of course Jay got it on camera. Yes, of course it's fantastic. Aside from being a squirter, Charlotte is an all around sex pot with BJ skills that are beyond compare and a banging' body that's absolutely built for fucking. You can see right away that Charlotte is cute, sexy, comfortable and a little wild. In addition to her various threesomes she reveals that she's recently learned to give herself massive squirting orgasms with her Hitatchi. Sidenote - do you think the button-down, respectable Japanese businessmen that run Hitachi have any idea that at least 75% of Americans under 30 don't know anything about their brand beyond huge, gushy solo orgasms?
DP Overload - Lucy Belle, Black Angelika

Let's take a walk down on memory lane with a real classic. Black Angelika and Lucy Belle shows at their best as they serve no less than three guys at the lake side. The fun starts with the two girls having their own fun. But then they notice each other and the session turns into an orgy, with a lot of amazing DP action.
Round And Brown - Nina Rotti, Skyler Nicole (Sweet Spread)

Nina and Skyler were suited up in their patriotic bikinis ready for some Fourth of July fun. We had to celebrate the old fashion American way with some sexy ladies and fireworks. These two lovely ladies were almost hot enough to start the fireworks on sheer looks. They shook their asses in celebration of the holiday and got undressed to make the party even hotter. We moved inside to create some more fire works. Tarzan let these to fire vixens take ahold of his pocket rocket. They bounced their all American booties on his dick until he popped like a firecracker all over Nina's tits. Skyler licked it off her soon after.
Public Agent - Albetza - E206

Have you ever met a women wearing no underwear who can do the splits?? I I was talking to Albetza and trying to convince her that I was a real modelling agent and i was looking for...
Fake Agent UK - Kim - E101

Kim used to be an exotic dancer, but had fallen on hard times and was looking to make some quick cash doing some modelling work... I suggested porn, she said no, I said 2 grand, her answer turned to yes in a heartbeat. Funny that, how the universal language of cash can change a mind so quick. She strips, and reveals a curvy, petite mediterranean tanned body with massive tits. All good so far, then onto a clean shaven pussy accompanied with a pierced clit. Nice touch. So I get my digits to work on this Turkish beauty and notice that her pussy is tight, well tight, nearly watertight, call a fucking locksmith I need to get into this sharpish. If its that tight around my fingers, what's it going to be like around my shaft?! It was about time to find out. Two words, tight fit. God it felt good. I had to keep changing position just to hold off the white army. Then I went into doggystyle and thought fuck it and went hard and fast... Well, let's just say little Kim couldn't quite take my length, so it was time to put it back in her mouth and finish the deed. Now when I cum, I cum big, and I don't know what sort of calibre of cumshot Kim was used to, but she wasn't quite expecting the explosion of cum that covered her entire face. She didn't know what to do, much to my amusement. So I wiped her down and showed her the door. Next.
Hard X - Allie Haze In 1st Anal Scene

Sumptuous starlet Allie Haze is very excited today, she's on the verge of performing her very first on-camera anal scene. And with no other than Major Leaguer James Deen! We feel privileged for having witnessed this amazing scene. These two were clearly meant for each other and the sexual chemistry that flows between them will make you hard.
Erotica X - Ana Foxxx (Harmony)

James Deen and Ana Foxxx lovingly embrace in this steaming hot scene! After warming her up with his nimble fingers and licking every inch of her beautiful chocolate skin he takes her and brings her to sweet orgasm.
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