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X-Art - Ivy (Soul Mates)

Soul Mate: Your other half. The person who completes you. The person who makes you feel over and over again like you have butterflies. Ivy came to our recent shoot on Ibiza and she brought her real boyfriend and soul mate with her. She was so excited that she convinced her real-life lover to have sex on camera. I cant wait to see what you guys think about her with her real man versus the actors. Watch them show their skills orally and all of their favorite positions as a couple. A beautiful finish in her mouth, their favorite.
Sex Art - Milania A (Privacy)

Size: 134mb
Site: SexArt
Added: 2012-08-14
Model: Milania A - Privacy
Pictures: x 120 jpeg
Resolution: 3456x5184
X-Art - Caprice And Anneli (Girl Time)

Come inside the room that Anneli and Caprice share and see them up close and personal. Watch them touch each other and show you their stunning bodies. I wanted to release these great photos of Anneli and Caprice before you see the new boy/girl videos next week. Even though they both had their own rooms on our trip, we caught them sharing a bed together a few times. Both of these girls are unbelievably PERFECT! Sweet, smart, funny and SO beautiful, maybe this is why they are drawn to each other! ,Another different style photo-set for you before we release an awesome new threesome scene with Anneli next week!
Joymii - Ariel, Lily B (Morning Lovers)

Imagine waking up to not one, but two beautiful and sexy babes like Ariel and Lily. And on top of that - and each other - they're making love to each other… wow… we'd call that a good morning. And a good morning it was for these two… their supple and sexy bodies intertwined… caressing, kissing, touching. It wasn't long before the toy came out however, and that's when things started to get really hot, really quickly. As Lily holds the toy over her sweet pussy Ariel fingers her as Lily screams with pleasure. Then they switch and… well, we won't tell you everything. You'll just have to see for yourself. We hope you enjoy these morning lovers as much as they enjoyed each other.
X-Art - Caprice (Fun in the Sun)

Experience the real Caprice as she relaxes and has some fun at the beach! This is a different style photo set from a guest fashion photographer who joined us on our recent Caribbean trip. Catch a glimpse of Caprice running and jumping on the grass. See her in her black bikini and watch her strip out of it. Watch her play with snorkeling gear, get wet in the waves, go swimming and pour water all over her perfect body. Pay attention to all of her adorbale expressions as she has fun showing you every inch of her body up-close and personal! A fun and cool portrait of the natural and glorious Caprice. Hope you like it!
Joymii - Caprice And Miela (More Than Friends)

There's a distinction in the world of online erotica between "art" and "porn". Art is supposedly appreciated by the higher senses, savored for its form and composition, its beautiful figures and elegant poses, and viewed from a critical
X-Art - Veronika (Friends with Benefits)

Veronika and David are good friends and co-workers who love to have sex with each other now and them, just for fun and stress relief!When Veronika first met David, she thought he was charming and sweet, but not really her type. But one afternoon, after the holiday party at their office, they both ended up back at his flat. These two office buddies always laugh and have a good time together. So, when Veronika casually mentioned that she gives a great blowjob - David smiled and asked her to prove it. Never one to turn down a dare, Veronika unzipped David's pants. Holding his cock in her beautiful hands, Veronika pulled him closer and brushed her lips against his neck. David's cock grew long and hard in response. Veronika twirled her tongue around the head of David's cock. The feeling was incredible, so he wanted to return the favor. David pulled her jeans off and started to slowly kiss and lick Veronika's pussy. "Should we?" he asked, pulling her pussy gently apart. The smile on her face said, "YES!" Without u tering another word David slid the head of his cock inside his friend's gorgeous pussy. She loved the way it made her feel so full, stretching open. "Oh my God! I'm cumming" Veronika said, her face flush with excitement. David pushed his cock all the way inside. It's nice to have friends with benefits! Enjoy!
X-Art - Connie (Lovers in Paradise)

Watch Connie and her cute boyfriend Aaron make love to each other in Paradise! Their love, authenticity, passion
and beauty is a pleasure to behold...After their morning swim, Connie and Aaron relaxed in the shade. Aaron gently
brushed his fingertips across Connie's soft warm skin, arousing her. Connie smiled as Aaron massaged her. His hands
tenderly cupping her full breasts. As she reclined, she let her legs fall open, revealing her gorgeous pink pussy to
her lover. She played with both hands, opening herself for him (and you) to watch. Aaron rubbed her clit and
slowly pushed the tip of his finger inside her. She smiled as her head fell back. He kissed her... down there, just
how she liked it most of all. Connie pulled Aaron up so he could enter her in 'spooning' position. His gentle kisses
comforted her as his cock brought her intense pleasure. Finally Connie took control and climbed atop Aaron. The
two lovers interlocked their fingers and moved in perfect unison. Watch and enjoy as they cum together...
beautiful erotica at it's very finest!
JoyMii - Mela (Wet)

There's a distinction in the world of online erotica between "art" and "porn".
Art is supposedly appreciated by the higher senses, savored for its form and
composition, its beautiful figures and elegant poses, and viewed from a
critical distance. Porn is supposed to be relished by the lower senses, used
for immediate gratification, and viewed as closely and uncritically as possible.
And never the two shall meet. Until Joymii.
X-Art - Anneli (Dream Girl)

Lucky, lucky Mr. X! He was able to romance Anneli in the Caribbean and she
decided to take him for a ride. Watch her take his cock in her mouth and him
lick and finger her perfect pussy. After warming up he pushes his large cock
inside her wet pussy from above. Next she rides him and finally he takes her
from behind until she has the strong orgasm he's working for. She makes the
best faces when she cums.... To return the favor, she sucks his cock and
finishes him off with her adorable hands. You won't want to miss this one!
P.S. I stuck in a few funny behind the scenes photos in this set - look who's
marking the take, so cute!!
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