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Club Seven Teen - Alla B (Original Casting Video Of Alla)

Alla was minding her own business when an older trustworthy looking guy approached her. He has a camera and that must mean he’s important. She gets her things at the pharmacy and then goes outside. Much to her surprise, the gentleman with the camera is outside waiting for her. Would she like to be in commercials or movies? What teen wouldn’t? All she has to do is stop by his studio and he can make it happen. The truth is far more devious than even he would like to admit. There’s no way he’s ever going to make her famous. All he’s going to do is work on trying to get her naked. If he can achieve that, she’s like putty in his hands. A naked teen on his casting couch is ripe for the taking as he’s proved many times before.
Spizoo - Lexi Foxy, Sadie Holmes (The Noisey Neighbor)

Have you ever had a noisy neighbor, that was keeping you from your priorities?!?! That is exactly what happened to Sadie Holmes & Lexi Foxy. They confronted their neighbors....Nathan Bronson & Donnie Rock. When they discovered that the boys from the White Devils were listening to their newest track at high volume, they decided to join the party. These groupies could not contain themselves. They had a drink, and their panties instantly dropped. These two band mates pounded these sluts just like they do the girls on the road. Watch this fuck fest unfold, and you are sure to drop a note.....or a load.
Burning Angel - Charlotte Sartre (Goth Anal Whores 2)

Princess of Darkness Charlotte Sartre was in need of something to fulfill her every desire and give her lots of orgasms, so she turned to the dark arts and her orgy board whilst clad in sexy red and black velvet lingerie to summon Owen Gray and his big cock. The power of the orgy board itself is debatable, but the power of anal is not! Filled with the pure spirit of sex, and a butt plug, Charlotte was ready for her pussy pounding, taking his meat down her throat, and an anal reaming from her conjured fucktoy. Watch her ass gaped, fisted, stretched to the limits, and covered in cum in this gothic sex fantasy!
Nuru Massage - Olive Glass (First Day On The Job)

Olive Glass is escorted to the reception area by her manager. When he informs her that the person that was supposed to train her today called in sick, she wonders if he'll be the one training her. Unfortunately for her, he has to run to an important meeting and can't stick around. He assures her that she'll do fine. It's been quiet lately and he's pretty sure no one will be coming in by the time he gets back. He wishes her good luck and steps out. Not a minute passes before Marcus London walks in and greets her. When Marcus asks if his regular masseuse is in she tells him that she actually called in sick. When she asks her if she can service him she sheepishly replies that she can. Marcus asks her if she ever gave someone a Nuru massage. She replies that she kinda has. Marcus knows a rookie when he sees one and tells her that he'll be more than happy to show her the ropes. Happy to have the help, Olive leads him to the massage area. When they jump in the shower together he gives her instructions making sure she doesn't turn the water scalding hot. He laughs it off as she begins to lather his back. They flirt with each other as she gets on her knees and starts stroking his cock. It looks like the new girl is a quick learner! Once she rinses off his dick she puts it in her mouth and starts sucking on it. As he fucks her mouth, he tells her that they're going to have to skip the bath as he's pressed for time. They move to the mat as Marcus lies down. She oils him up but after having his cock in her mouth all she wants is his dick inside her again and since he's pressed for time, he gives her exactly what she wants!
Reality Junkies - Britney Light (Give Me A Name)
253mb | 24:07 min | 960x544 | mp4

Britney Light | Give Me A Name | 15.06.2018 | All Sex
POVD - Holly Hendrix (Oil Me Up)
897mb | 27:29 min | 852x480 | mp4

Holly Hendrix | Oil Me Up | 15.06.2018 | All Sex
Karups OW - Nia Black (Dressed To Drill)
1.01 GiB | 46:03 min | 854x480 | mp4

Nia Black | Dressed To Drill 15.06.2018 | All Sex
Gangbang Creampie - Lily Lane - 167

Lily is on the pedestal. She's ready, the guys are ready... (Including a special guest.) So without further ado, we have some quick banter then we get that skirt up, get dicks in hands, dick in mouth and mouth on pussy. She's stellar at multitasking, and if you watch she's ALWAYS reaching for a dick. So the guys get to taking turns on her pussy while the others keep her busy. She's always got some kind of sexy silly face going on, which means she's really enjoying her self. She's so happy about each load she gets, and she got some THICK MESSY loads this week. The guys start dropping ropes of that hot cum into her. So much so it drips down and across her ass. Each load making her happier and happier as she reaches down and scoops up the run-off after each pie. The guys fuck her all the way around the bench, until the get her on the floor and pump her back in forth on the spit roast. The guys drop a few more loads just to top her off then it's back up on the bench to go ahead and discuss round 2. I mean that was so goddamned hot it's not a question of if, but WHEN we have her back to use ALL of her holes this time. But until then we have to say goodbye, and see you soon!
Blacked - Chloe Foster (Dinner And A Movie)

Chloe has been with her boyfriend since high school. She is happy, but in the back of her mind, she wonders what it might be like being with someone else. When she finds out her man is about to pop the question, there is no time to lose. Since graduating she has kept in touch with one of her old professors and they have become pretty close. With this being her last chance, she decides to put a plan into action. It's time to have some fun before she takes the plunge.
Exploited College Girls - Paige, Elena - Threeway

We told you we'd be seeing more of petite up and comer Paige and we were right! But it gets better because this time it's a three-way with our favorite yoga instructor, Elena. We'd be happy to see either one of them bent over and naked, but the pair of them is a true ass paradise! The fact that he had two of the sexiest girls back for seconds with him being the third was not lost on our man TC who was definitely up for it, if you know what we mean. Things get going fast and before they even get in the bedroom, TC has his cock in their mouths for an incredible bathroom scene with soapy bodies and wet pussies. There's not much talking in this one as the girls couldn't wait to go down on each other even before TC had his cameras set. He didn't mind and you won't either when you see the two of them getting up close and personal. Of course, it's not a party until there's a dick involved and TC jumps into the middle for some fine cock sucking by the ladies. If you want to know what it's like to have two horny sluts going down on you while you've got a sweet pussy in your mouth and another on your finger, well now you'll know. And it just gets hotter from there with lots of sixty-nine action and plenty of pussy pounding. You may remember that Elena is an anal fan and she wasn't going to let an opportunity like this pass her by and neither was TC! You could tell she was on sensation overload with a cock in her ass and Paige sucking on her clit, just the kind of thing we know you're going to like! And what's not to like when you've got two beautiful girls down on their knees eager for a sticky facial, right? TC rewards them well with an epic cumshot over both their faces which just made them sexier if that's possible. We don't get a lot of three-ways here but when we do, you can be sure it's going to be something special, just like this one with Paige and Elena.
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