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House Of Taboo: Kitana Lure - Unforeseen Submissive Games (1080p)

Yanick Shaft breaks into a mansion and makes himself a sandwich when all of a sudden the busty blonde bombshell Kitana Lure shows up in the kitchen. She's quite surprised about his presence. He tries to talk himself out of the unpleasant situation, but as soon as he tries to leave, the brown-eyed Russian sex goddess takes advantage of this unforeseen option for submissive games! The curvy babe with big tits grabs a red rope and offers him to tie her wrists together. Then, she massages his dick with her hands and grabs his shaft to give it a wank. He licks Kitana Lure's delicious pussy and stuffs her face with his big dick, deep throating her on the kitchen counter! Watch him dominate her, suck her fingers and bang her pink doggy style before cramming her butthole with his thick boner. Kitana Lure screams and creams during various anal sex positions, enjoying that burglar banging the shit out of her derriere. Today's House of Taboo scene is packed with anal gapes and loads of cum all over that gorgeous beauty's face!
Tonights Girlfriend - Kate Kennedy (1080p)

When it comes to hobbies, I really just have one: porn stars. And tonight it’s Kate Kennedy. She’s relatively new to the industry, has a few titles out that I’ve seen, and she’s blonde and hot as fuck. Now she’s going to be in my hotel suite, naked. My hobby continues.
NF Busty: Lena Paul - Ready For Love (1080p)

Damon Dice is a lucky man to have a hottie like Lena Paul waiting for him when he gets home from work. Decked out in sheer lingerie and high heels, Lena is a mouthwatering sight for tired eyes. Best of all, she's already nice and wet and ready to fuck when Damon sets foot in his home. Striding across the room, Damon reaches out to draw Lena close for a deep kiss as his hands roam her curves. Her big breasts steal the show as they were meant to do in the halter top Lena's wearing, but Damon is more than just a boob man. Guiding Lena to the couch, he rolls her thong down as he peppers her bottom with kisses and shapes the globes of her ass with his big hands. Leaning in with his tongue out, he probes at the tenderness of Lena's chocolate starfish until she's squirming in blatant sexual need. As Damon starts taking off his workaday clothes, Lena relieves herself of her lingerie. Turning around in her boyfriend's arms, she props her knockers up as though she's offering up a feast. Damon is quick to lean in and have a taste of each big areola and hard nipple. Then he leans back and enjoys himself as Lena whips out his hardon and wraps her lips around the shaft. She's an expert at deep throating Damon's big dick, and it's obvious by the way she plays with her boobs that she's enjoying herself as well. Damon helps Lena lean back, then ducks his head down and samples the moist muskiness between her thighs. Finding her slippery with excitement, he rises onto his knees and positions himself so he can enter Lena's welcome warmth with just a thrust. Throwing her head back in delight, Lena lets herself melt into the moment as she enjoys the friction between her thighs. Her tits quiver with every stroke, encouraging her to bring her hands up to knead the heavy globes as Damon continues to work for both their pleasure. On her knees on the couch, Lena watches over her shoulder as Damon once again enters her from behind. The position lets him admire her big ass as he fucks. Even better, though, is when Lena climbs into Damon's lap and rides his fuck stick with her back to him. The position lets Damon peek around her body to enjoy the way her fun bags bounce, especially as Lena enjoys an explosive climax! Down on her knees as Damon remains seated on the couch, Lena resumes stroking and sucking. Her persistence pays off as Damon grows close to cumming. Bringing her jugs together for a titty fuck, Lena keeps It up until Damon gives her a face and chest full of hot jizz to play with.
Mofos B Sides: Marilyn Moore - Ass-king Nicely (1080p)

Blonde cutie Marilyn Moore is horny as all hell, but her boyfriend has a meeting to get to, so she gives him the one thing he’s always wanted – a chance to fuck her in the ass! After pounding her pussy, he slowly slides in deep and gives her a hot anal orgasm!
Pornstars Like It Big: Luna Star - Sex Is The New Green Energy (1080p)

Xander Corvus is always meeting with inventors claiming they have the next biggest breakthrough in science, but Luna Star says she has new form of renewable energy – with sex! Luna can see he’s skeptical, so she offers to show him a live demonstration! With Xander’s vitals being monitored, Luna licks up his cock and balls, slobbering all over them with her luscious blowjob lips. Science takes time and this experiment is just getting started! Laying down on the examination table, Luna spreads her big, bubble butt and takes in every inch of hard cock Xander has for her, pounding her as hard as he can, grabbing a handful of her big tits, until she’s taking a warm facial – for science!
Petite HD Porn: Danni Rivers - My Horny Girlfriend (1080p)

Spunky teen Danni Rivers wants to invite you in for a party in her pussy! She teases with glimpses of her bare twat as she runs her hands up her bottom and starts stripping off her shirt and shorts. With such a tease standing before him, Bambino doesn't stand a chance! His resistance to Danni's invitation melts away as she wraps her lips around his hard dick and starts sucking him off in a 10/10 blowjob. Reaching back, Bambino strokes Danni's twat and ass as she keeps gobbling that cock. He likes her on her hands and knees, so when she turns around and waves that bottom at him he's happy to anchor his hands on her hips and sink balls deep into her greedy twat. Long, sure strokes get both of them grunting with excitement as Danni meets Bambino thrust for thrust. A stiffie ride on Bambino's fuck stick is the next order or business, followed by stretching out on the bed so he can continue pounding her bare snatch as she writhes on the bed. Danni can't keep her hands off her sensitive titties and hard nips as Bambino brings her off yet again. When he pulls out to jizz all over her tummy, Danni slides her hand down to drench her fingertips through the pool of cum so she can bring it to her lips for a taste.
True Anal: Emily Willis - Backdoor Addiction With Emily (1080p)

Anal is Emily Willis’ favorite thing, she says sticking with vaginal sex just gets boring. Lucky for us she just started gaping too! So we’re here to help keep this cutie happy. She takes a big rod in all three holes and earns an anal cream pie for her efforts.
Exploited College Girls - Londyn (720p)

Filipina-mix Londyn is the kind of chick you want to bang the second you meet her. She's super pretty, got that calm-yet-energetic vibe going on, and you just know she puts out like a freak in the sheets if you push her buttons right. Before we get to that though we find a present in the hotel lobby, talk about her sexual history (surprisingly tame for a hot girl like that), likes and dislikes, and all the other stuff we like to know a guy might want to know before we dip our sticks in to strange receptacles. We watch our dental assistant school student masturbate to orgasm with a toy to get her loosened up. Londyn confesses to sucking off 20 guys in her life. Let's make it 21 - enter guest stud and ladies man Mr Vince. Vibrator still in Londyn's tiny Asian pussy, she sucks on Vince's dick like it's a slice of durian (Philippines reference for ya), then sucks him some more and even lets him face-fuck her until there are tears (of joy, no doubt) in her eyes. After some sweet 69 - can't say no to that tasty Asian peach! - it's boom boom time (OK enough with the Asian stereotype references). May we just say Londyn's ass is one of the nicest we've ever seen when she's bouncing on Mr V's dick in reverse cowgirl? Luckily we always capture all the action with 3 cameras at once so you don't miss a thing. And OMG, you really don't want to miss that bouncing ass and titties, and Londyn's gorgeous face as she's getting fucked hard and good by our stud. She's really digging doggy style, too, so much so that they do it a few times with slight variations (so you guys can see EVERYTHING - face, pussy getting fucked, her body) as she's getting pounded on all fours. We even do a split-screen of Londyn in the K9 position. We really cover all the bases. And we're only getting started! Lovely Londyn and Mr V continue the bang fest. Londyn enjoys it all but which position is YOUR favorite? Kinda leaning toward where our stud fucks her from behind, both lying down, Londyn's long slender legs either up or down, and that cock gliding in and out of her sweet wet honeypot. In fact, this last position is so goddamn amazing, we let our stud cum inside Londyn like that, then watch his semen cum back out - and then we show that creampie from all 3 camera angles. And then in slow-mo. And then we show closeups of our Asian babe with all that cum in her. If that ain't graphic enough we'll need to talk about getting a gyno-cam or something, and show the cumshot as it's happening inside her. Hey, that's an idea for the future - let us know if you want us to try that at some point. Guest director Troy shot this scene, maybe he'll do it on his regular gig (BlackAmbush) some day. After getting fucked to 3 orgasms (Londyn asks if she is supposed to lie about it but we told her no so 3 is the real, honest-to-horniness number for her today), and beautifully inseminated by our stud, we let our beautiful neighbor off the hook with just a few more questions, in particular if we'll be seeing her again. Well, that's largely up to YOU, dear members. Let us know how you think Londyn did.
MYLF (Milfty): Lily Lane, Anna Bell Peaks - Cash, Grass, Or Ass (1080p)

Lily Lane is a stacked milf looking for a ride. She flashes her huge tits at an unsuspecting biker who is instantly ready to scoop her up. Lily ditches her luggage and hops on. They get back to the guys place and he is nice enough to ask if Lily needs a place to stay. She does not have any money, but she has a warm pussy and soft tits to offer up! They begin to fuck dirty style in this guys garage. He is loving every minute of it, until his wife walks in. He was quite lucky though, because his wife was a wild mature vixen who was down to join in. What happened next was a hot and dirty threesome ending with some heavy pussy squirting and of course a hot load of cum!
MomPov: Jayda - Sexy MILF Loves Cock In Her Mouth (1080p)

– 33 years old MILF
– Works in the medical field
– Recently decided to do her first porn
– She does have a boyfriend who supports her decision
– He told her to have fun and to have a good orgasm
– She usually does naked yoga every morning to start the day off
– She is super bisexual and loves to lick a smooth bald pussy
– One of her favorite things to do is suck cock and deep throat
– She is definitely one of the top 5 best blowjobs I ever had
– Prefers rougher sex getting hair pulled and choked
– Loves anal sex so I made sure to fuck her ass good
– One of my new favorite MomPov MILFs for sure!!
– Has a perfect round bubble butt that bounced while fucking
– She requested a hot load in her ass for an anal creampie
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