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Bang! Confessions - Paige Owens A Double Dose Of Cock By Fucking Her Twin Step Bruthas!

Paige Owens looks like the girl next door but she is a dirty cumslut! Her mum's new boyfriend has twins and she can't help but want to fuck them both! This crazy confession leads her to fucking both of the twins and getting her tight pussy fucked by double the dick! Just when she gets fucked in every position by Twin #1, Twin #2 comes into the room afterwards to finish her off!
Bang! Confessions - Zoey Monroe (Delivers Vegan Food To The Wrong House And Fucks The Resident!)

Zoey Monroe used to deliver vegan meal preps and she ended up at the wrong house! She was startled by the person who lived there and he chased her out of his house. She went back into her delivery van and realized her pussy was wet because she had peed herself, but she was also super turned on! She drove back to his house to see if he wanted to have sex with her, she couldn't take his strong arms off her mind. She confessed that he got her pussy wet when he grabbed her, and he showed her just how wet he could make her pussy after that! They fucked all over his giant mansion and her pussy juice squirted all over in pleasure!
Bang! Confessions - Casey Calvert Sucks Her Drivers Cock In The Car Wash!

Casey Calvert is in Las Vegas partying with her friends and being chauffeured around by a professional driver. They go through a car wash and her friends dare her to suck his cock and make him cum before the car wash is over, and she succeeds! After leaving her phone in the car, the driver comes back over to return her phone, and he startles her while she plays with her pussy on the bed. While she didn't plan to see him again after sucking his cock, she can't help want more! He licks her pussy and brings her over to her bed where he makes her cum repeatedly by stuffing her pussy with his giant dick!
Bang! Confessions - Harmony Wonder Gets Creampied By A Peeping Tom

Harmony Wonder has always wanted to put on a naughty show for a peeping Tom then invite him in to fuck her. She can't contain her excitement as he watches her finger her dripping wet pussy in the bathtub, so she invites him in to experience the wet hot pleasure firsthand.
Confessions - Chloe Foster (Chloe Just Loves To Fuck Bad Boys)

Ever since Chloe can remember she had always gotten so wet when there is a bad boy around. She just loves the thrill of fucking those hot trouble makers. The thrill of doing something so wrong just turns her on so much more. She finds herself a prison man and he just got out of the slammer and she is hoping he will come and slam her! Small Hands comes over and fucks her raw. Its been so long since he had a pussy like hers. That shaved little thing tastes so sweet and she wants that hard cock deep in her throat. She gets choked and can not wait to see what kind of trouble they can stir up... but first cum on her face you naughty bad boy!
Bang! Confessions - Danni Rivers Negotiates Her Rent By Fucking The Landlord

Danni Rivers is looking to rent a new house, and she found the perfect one - except for the price. She noticed the leasing agent was really sexy and decided to fuck him to get the price down. She fit his dick into her mouth and he fit the apartment into her budget!
Bang! Confessions - Marley Brinx Gets Fucked All Over The Kitchen Counter

Marley Brinx is a petite and sexy tattooed vixen who wants to cook dinner for her husband. She realizes she doesn't have garlic salt, so calls her hot neighbor over to see if he has any. He lays her out on the kitchen counter and licks her clit, before fucking her tight pussy against the fridge. He finishes her off with a creampie that is sure to leave the kitchen very messy!
Bang! Confessions - Bridgette B (Celebrates The 4th With Sparklers, Dick, And Sex!)

Bridgette B spends her first 4th of July in America, and has a scene during it. When the scene ended, and things were wrapping up, the cops showed up to bust everyone. Bridgette and her big tits were game over, but this cop couldn't hide his boner for her. So she knew she had a chance, and wasn't going to miss out on it. She got naked, and the cop was hers. He fucked her hard, making her big tits bounce around and in different positions. Sounds like the perfect 4th!
Bang! Confessions - Sarah Jessie Lets Her Personal Assistant Worship Her Pussy To Keep His Job

Bang! Confessions is a hot new series that takes you into the dirty, secret real life sex scenes that happen when pornstars are off the camera! This week's confession stars Sarah Jessie, a petite blonde with huge titties and a pierced clit. Instead of firing her assistant for not doing his job correctly, she finds out how he can work his dick inside of her! Sarah Jessie is a high-powered business woman who has assistant that she thinks is sexy. He keeps making mistakes, and she tells gives him the option to be fired or fuck her tight pussy. She pulls up her pencil skirt and commands him to suck on her throbbing pierced clit. He raises his hard cock into her pussy and lathers her face in a creamy cum explosion to keep his job.
Confessions - Katya Rodriguez (Every Girl Deserves A Creampie)

Katya is sick of her scared little boyfriend not wanting to give her a nice hot creampie; he says its just not right. Katya is tired of his excuses and decides to take it into her own hands! She invites over her good friend Danny who is not afraid of emptying his load deep in her hot wet pussy! Katya grabs his cock giving him one great blowjob and soon they are fucking like wild until the time cums for him to cum in that beautiful pussy of hers and watch it ooze on out! Now that's a creampie every naughty girl dreams od!
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