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Nuru Massage - Dana DeArmond, Whitney Wright (Showered With Affection)

Two masseuses, Dana DeArmond and Whitney Wright, are waiting at the reception desk for their next scheduled appointments, both due to start in a couple of minutes. They are both NURU massage treatments, which is a nice break from all the swedish massages most people get.While they wait, the masseuses flirt a little with Dana playfully flicking the bottom of Whitney's satin robe. Whitney playfully tries to get her to stop since a client might walk in any moment! That doesn't stop her from instantly crawling onto Dana's lap to make out and fondle Dana's breasts, though. Dana then eventually says that they have to stop because one of her favorite clients is about to come in.Dana mentions that she's had this client before and he's pretty good-looking, especially because she loves a man who exudes lots of confidence. Whitney mentions that her client is also quite good-looking, he tends to come in straight from the office after work and she loves a man who can rock a suit. She thinks he gets them tailor-made because rumour is he's pretty wealthy. Dana mentions that hers also likes to wear suits. She thinks he's some big shot lawyer, it explains why he's so stressed all the time and comes for massages so often. Whitney remarks that that's a strange coincidence, her wealthy client is a lawyer, too...Just then, the client, Charles Dera, comes in the door wearing one of his trademark suit and tie, looking confident. When he approaches the counter, the masseuses greet him and explain that there was some kind of mix-up in the schedule and he was booked with both masseuses, so he can pick whichever one he prefers for the appointment. He explains that it was not a mistake - he just landed a big account for his firm and wanted to celebrate, so he decided to treat himself and get a one-of-a-kind massage - NURU with two girls instead of one! The masseuses look at each other hesitantly and apologize to him that the parlor doesn't actually offer two-masseuse massage treatments, but Charles says he'll give them each a big tip if they agree to do it. Dana says it's a little unorthodox, but she supposes she doesn't mind if Whitney doesn't mind. They decide that since they've both already been booked and have nothing else to do anyways, what's the harm?The masseuses lead the client to the private massage room, complete with a large shower. They undress him from his business suit, being playful with him, leaving on his tie until last, etc. They announce that they'll get undressed next but Charles proposes an idea, it would be much more fun if the two masseuses undress each other instead. They say sure, and he watches while they put on a little show for him of undressing each other sensually. Once all three are naked, they lead Charles to the shower. He says this is his favorite part of the massage experience, and the masseuses say that in that case, they'll spend some extra time in the shower today just for him. The two masseuses give him a lengthy shower cleaning and massage, full of pampering and some body worship, stroking his dick, and even spending some time touching each other as well at his request.After the shower, the masseuses lead Charles to the mat and begin the massage proper. They oil up each other's bodies, again with a bit of emphasis towards putting on a show for their client, rubbing each other's breasts for fun. Once thoroughly oiled up, they bring their attention back to Charles and give him an explosive two-masseuse NURU massage, which ultimately leads to a sexy threesome with both Dana and Whitney eager to please!
Milfs Like It Big - Dana DeArmond (Bossy Bitch)

Dana DeArmond is used to having things her way. When she stumbles across the mess made by her handyman Xander Corvus, Dana gives him a piece of her mind. Xander apologizes but Dana doesn’t want to hear it. She throws a fit and tears off her dress revealing sexy bright red lingerie. Dana berates Xander until he snaps and puts her in her place. Turns out a mouth full of cock is all Dana needed to quiet down!
Milfs Like It Big: Dana DeArmond - Bossy Bitch (1080p)

Dana DeArmond is used to having things her way. When she stumbles across the mess made by her handyman Xander Corvus, Dana gives him a piece of her mind. Xander apologizes but Dana doesn’t want to hear it. She throws a fit and tears off her dress revealing sexy bright red lingerie. Dana berates Xander until he snaps and puts her in her place. Turns out a mouth full of cock is all Dana needed to quiet down!
Digital Playground: Dana DeArmond - Drenched And Dicked (1080p)

MP4, 1.37GB, 32 Mins
Digital Playground - Dana DeArmond (Drenched And Dicked)
370mb | 31:53 min | 854x480 | mp4

Dana DeArmond | Drenched And Dicked | 26.09.2018 | All Sex
Babes - Bambi Black, Dana DeArmond (Rose Petal Proposition)

It's Bambi and Johnny's anniversary, so she's created a sensual playground with lacy red lingerie, rose petals on her bed, and a trail of candles to help him find his way to her. The only thing missing is her boyfriend! Bambi's stepmom Dana gives her sweet stepdaughter a pep talk, and finds herself seducing her instead! That's when Johnny arrives, and the babes decide, "Better late than never!" so they invite him to join in for an anniversary threesome they'll remember all year long!
Tonights Girlfriend - Dana Dearmond (1080p)

Finally, my dream of having the legendary MILF, Dana DeArmond, come up to my room just for me, is coming true tonight. I’ve been dreaming about her big tits, long brown hair, thighs clad in stockings and lingerie straddling my hard cock for as long as I can remember. Tonight, Dana DeArmond is all mine.
Blackmailed: Dana DeArmond - Stepmom Dana: Blackmailed Anal MILF (1080p)

Stylish beauty Dana DeArmond is sick and tired of her freeloading stepson, Seth Gamble. When the bitchy MILF finds Seth in the kitchen complaining about the lack of food in the fridge, Dana quickly puts him in his place. She criticizes the lazy slacker about his lack of a job, and he responds by furiously storming out of the room. The brief quarrel weighs on Seth, but it's not the day's only surprise. Stumbling past Dana's bedroom, he overhears her moaning in lust. And it turns out that the spiteful slut isn't alone — she's cheating on Seth's father with a friend from their country club! Later on, Seth confronts his stepmother for her deceptive ways, but she emphatically denies the facts. Finally, Dana fesses up and admits that she was fucking another guy. When she comes clean, Seth turns on her, threatening to tell his dad the truth about his seemingly perfect wife. The desperate stepmom begs him not to snitch, but Seth sees the opportunity to take control (and advantage!) of the household situation. So he offers Dana an ultimatum, pledging to keep her tawdry secret safe — as long as she agrees to give up her hot ass for a taboo buttfuck! Dana recognizes that her stepson is blackmailing her, but the hopelessly compromised cheater has no choice. She acquiesces to Seth's perverted scheme, timidly kneeling in front of him as he pulls out his prick. Dana drools and gags as Seth relentlessly fucks her throat. She hops onto the couch so he can cram his cock into her cunt. Seth smacks her ass and chokes her through a heated pussy fuck. Dana masturbates as her depraved stepson drives his dick up her tight sphincter! The lewd lady sucks cock ass-to-mouth and talks dirty as Seth hammers her butthole. Their decadent, intense anal encounter climaxes as Seth blows a thick load of cum over Dana's beautiful face. Afterwards, the blackmailed tramp attempts to confirm that she's in the clear, saying, "It's our little secret ... don't tell Daddy!"
Evil Angel - Dana DeArmond (Milf Dana Smokin' Anal, Farting, Feet)

Mother Fuckin' Anal, Scene 4: Seductive, glamorous Dana DeArmond smokes while masturbating. The leggy, flexible MILF strokes her clit, fingers her asshole and sucks her own toes! When salesman Bill Bailey pesters her, Dana grinds her big butt onto Bill's rising boner. She gives his huge cock a luxurious, smoky blowjob. Dana takes deep drags on her cigarette while Bill fucks her pussy and asshole, and she strokes his shaft with her bare feet. The kinky beauty cuts long, lewd farts. Bill shoves his balls into her anus!
My Friend's Hot Mom - Dana DeArmond

Widow Dana Dearmond misses her dearly departed husband, especially giving him blowjobs in his American-made classic muscle car, the black beauty that has sit dormant and inoperable in her drive for so long. But with the help of her son's mechanic friend Logan, the legendary roadster is up and running again…and so are Ms. Dearmond's urges! The roar of her late husband's car coming to life again rattles something in the MILF's loins, and the hum of it's purr creates a longing in her to give another front-seat hummer. There's no better time like the present for passion, i.e. Logan's big cock in his friend's mom's mouth! Dana reunites her mouth with a dick and the front seat of car that jumped her engine, and soon her son's friend is injecting his hose right into her motor to keep it running for a long, long time!
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