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All Internal - Elena Vega (1080p)

Elena Vega got a dick in her sight, and immediately made it available to Raul. After a brief adventure into her pussy, it was decided that she really would enjoy that stick in her ass instead. Deep, until it was ejected to produce a nice messy load of cum inthere.
All Internal - Elena Vega

Elena Vega got a dick in her sight, and immediately made it available to Raul. After a brief adventure into her pussy, it was decided that she really would enjoy that stick in her ass instead. Deep, until it was ejected to produce a nice messy load of cum inthere.
RoccoSiffredi: Charlie Red, Elena Vega - Rocco's Dirty Girls 7 (1080p)

MP4, 2.24GB, 45 Mins

Rocco's Dirty Girls 7 - Scene 3.
Rocco Siffredi - Charlie Red, Elena Vega (Rocco's Dirty Girls 7)
768mb | 45:12 min | 960x544 | mp4

Hot New Anal scene Charlie Red, Elena Vega!!!
Box Truck Sex - Elena Vega Really Enjoys Toys (1080p)

On this day we have met this young beautiful lady,Elena Vega. She was interested about our massage so she entered our truck. After a little time she have enjoyed our massage studio so hard,that just take a look at this wild sex scene in the center of Prague!
Sex Art - Elena Vega (Bookworm)

Stunning Elena Vega entices Nick Ross away from his reading by wrestling playfully with him, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Bookworm” begins. She straddles her man and kisses him passionately, pulling down his jeans so she can trail her wet tongue up the length of his rapidly stiffening cock, then sliding it between her lips and sucking it deep. He undresses her and goes down to eat her shaved pussy, her nipples stiff and her back arching with pleasure. She turns over and he slides his cock into her from behind; she moves up onto her knees so she can slam her bubble butt back to meet his powerful thrusts. They switch positions so she’s on top, riding him vigorously, her hips rocking as Nick’s thick pole plows into her pussy; then they flip over into missionary, her beautiful body undulating as she grinds on his cock, while he thumb strums her ultra-sensitive clit. The speed of his strokes accelerates until they’re fucking wildly, Elena climaxing hard around his pistoning dick. She jerks his hot load out over her tits and tummy, leaving her sticky and sated, and him free to return to his book without distraction.
Sex Art - Elena Vega (Real About You)

Sexy brunette Elena Vega daydreams at work, fantasizing about her studly boss Maxmilian Dior. As Andrej Lupin’s amusing and arousing “Real About You” begins, Elena is so distracted by her dirty thoughts that she gets in trouble for neglecting her work. At home, in bed, she has all the time in the world to enjoy her fantasies, her hands under the covers, stroking herself... Or are they fantasies? Suddenly, Maxmilian’s head pops up from beneath the sheets. They kiss avidly, Maxmilian caressing Elena’s beautiful breasts as he grinds against her. He eats and finger-bangs her shaved pussy, spreading her open and sucking her clit, making her writhe with pleasure. She’s at boiling point as he thrusts his hard prick inside her, hooking one leg over his shoulder and gazing into her eyes as he fucks her vigorously. Elena’s tits shake with each thrust, and she gasps with delight as he pins her to the bed and slams into her. Now she rides him, squatting over his pole, bucking up and down the full length of it, rocking her hips to feel every thick inch. Her climax is intense, the culmination of all her fantasies, and she hops off to stroke him, one hand cupping his balls, the other working his shaft until he shoots his hot load over her breasts. Sometimes dreams do come true…
FakeHub Originals: Elena Vega - Fake Actor (1080p)

Martin Gun is a former superstar actor, and was the go-to action hero of the 90s, but he hasn't made a movie since 1994. Every night Martin relives his glory days by watching his movies with live-in girlfriend Elena Vega. Elena has seen all of his films many times, but she likes Martin's big cock, so she indulges his nostalgia. While he brags, she sits on his lap, and Martin sucks her perky tits. As a movie plays in the background, Elena sucks Martin's dick, then backs her ass up on his thick rod. Using his golden award to play with Elena's clit, Martin makes his girlfriend cum, and then she swallows his load.
Dane Jones - Elena Vega (Passionate Anal Sex In Stockings)

Elena Vega and Dorian have been seeing each other for a while now, and passions between them are blazing at an all-time high. So hot is their romance that Elena went out and got herself some see-through red lingerie to surprise Dorian with. Seeing his lady love's tits in the mesh drives Dorian wild, and when Elena joins him in bed, the couple kisses passionately. Elena takes Dorian's hard cock in her mouth, then Dorian tastes her pussy and fucks her missionary style. To make things extra special, Elena spreads her cheeks so Dorian can fuck her anal style until he creampies her ass!
Sex Art - Elena Vega (Chasing Men Episode 3)

Sexy Elena Vega is fooling around with Nick Ross on the couch as episode three of Andrej Lupin’s steamy series “Chasing Men” begins, blissfully unaware that she’s the subject of a fuck contest between Nick and his buddy. As they kiss and cuddle playfully, Elena straddles Nick’s lap and pulls off her top so he can nuzzle her beautiful breasts. He flips her onto her back and pulls off her jeans and lace panties, licking her sticky lips and probing her hot hole, thrusting his fingers in to make her moan and writhe with pleasure. She leads Nick over to the bed and unzips his jeans, long-licking his stiffening cock and sliding it between her lips. She sucks it deep, getting it dripping wet, then sits astride him and feeds it inside her shaved pussy. She rocks her hips to slide up and down his greasy pole, then squats to bounce more vigorously on it, slowing the momentum to draw out their mutual pleasure. She dismounts to suck her juices from Nick’s dick, looking up at him flirtatiously before taking as much of his long shaft as she can manage into her mouth, then grinding her clit over it. Elena’s nipples are diamond-hard as Nick eats her pussy again, before he thrusts back inside her in missionary. As he pounds her relentlessly she goes wild, tits jiggling with each stroke as she’s tipped over the edge into an intense orgasm. But Nick doesn’t let up and bangs her even harder, then pulls out so she can jerk him off with both hands, milking out his hot load over her quivering body. Nick may have won bragging rights as he takes the lead 2:1, but there’s no doubt Elena enjoyed putting him there.
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