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Exploited College Girls - Ali - 18 Years Old

It may seem strange at first that a girl who likes girls would wind up getting dick doing a porno, but once you get to know 18 year old Ali, it all begins to make sense. She broke up with her girlfriend of 4 years and now is an equal opportunity enjoyer because she just can't live without getting some cock, it just gets her off more than a mere strap-on ever could. We're pretty happy about this because this girl can really fuck, that and we like girls that cum a lot. We're pretty sure that if she didn't break the record for most orgasms during a shoot, she at least tied it with huge, body shaking O's that she just couldn't control (not that we'd want her to!). Even though she was quiet and shy at the beginning, she couldn't keep her fingers out of her twat and started revving up during our interview with her. So basically, Ali is a cum starved 18 year old nympho who likes dick, chicks and any combination of the two, just our kind of girl! Just like so many of the girls who pass through our door, Ali likes it when you play rough and loves getting slapped around a bit, she may seem delicate, but she's anything but. Our man Cam knows just what to do with a willing nymphet and gets her juices flowing from the very start and keeps her pussy nice and wet to the end. For being a young one, she really knew how to suck cock and took Cam's stiff rod deep down her throat like a real pro. Sometimes we have to tell the girls what to do, not so with little Ali, after a good fucking, she went right down on his cock to lick all her pussy juices off while they were still nice and fresh. One of the benefits of screwing a lesbian, right? Of course, there's no substitute for getting a good fucking and we think you're really going to enjoy watching her get off over and over again no matter which position, as long as her pussy is getting pounded Ali was a happy girl. She loves getting facials and Cam was more than happy to give her a big fat juicy one. And like the nympho she is, she didn't wait for a towel and wiped off the cum with her fingers so she could gobble up every tasty drop, what a good girl! Ali is such a natural at this, we wouldn't be surprised to see her a lot more in the future, and that's fine with us!
Exploited College Girls - Kenzie - 21 Years Old

Beautiful 21 year old Kenzie decided to take a break from her webcamming and do her first boy-girl scene, and lucky for you she decided to do it here! Super sexual and open to most anything, you'd think that she has a lot of experience with guys, but in reality she's only been with four guys and only fucks her boyfriends. Fortunately, she has a mind to explore herself sexually and having sex with a complete stranger fits in that plan nicely, and of course we're only too happy to help out. Like most girls who find their way to us, Kenzie likes the whole choking, hair pulling, being slapping around thing. She even wanted to be tied up and fucked, so while that one remains on her fucket list, we like her style! She lost her cherry at 15, same time she started watching porn (funny how that works out!) and now loves to watch lesbian porn while she Jills off thinking about fucking a girl someday. We liked Kenzie right away because she was so eager to get more firsts, starting with giving our man Cam a sloppy blowjob on the patio during her interview. We had to move it inside pretty quickly after that or we'd have to start charging admission to the show (or posting bail!). Yes, the girl knows how to suck cock and suck it well. But the real fun begins when we pull out the vibrating wand, her favorite toy, and then the real water works start. Her tight pussy is literally dripping early on and she can't get enough of Cam's cock in her (along with the wand). We've lost count of all the girls who say they might have trouble cumming only to have orgasm overloads and this time is no different. Turns out Kenzie beat her all time record on this shoot and came at least 8 times, if not more, so this fucking a stranger thing clearly agreed with her! She breaks another record by how much jizz she coaxes out of Cam's cock and can't stop laughing with glee after his mighty facial. We're sure this was an experience she'll definitely add to her spank bank and hope that we get to help her again with her sexual explorations!
Exploited College Girls - Kenzi - 21 Years Old

At first glance, 21 year old Kenzi comes across as a sweet girl with a bubly personality and a gorgeous smile. But when you look closer at her tattoos and pierced nipples (if you're lucky!), you'll see that this petite vixen is actually a real sex dynamo! Yes, Kenzi loves sex and we love girls who love sex, so it's a match made in heaven. She got an early start at 14 losing her virginity and it only took a few more years before she was on a pole at a strip club. Kenzi is a bit of an exhibitionist and has fantasies of being in an orgy and having guys jerk off to her, so obviously it makes perfect sense that she came to us. Submissive by nature, she loves to please, especially when it's for an older guy. You see, Kenzi has a thing for dads and gets wet when they tell her what to do. Nothing makes her happier than when an older guy takes control and puts her in her place, which usually involves being on her knees! Being such a small girl made our stud Jake and his huge cock look even bigger, which was fine by her! No stranger to toys, she gets right down to it with her favorite, which for trademark reasons we shall only refer to as "the wand", which got her hot and bothered and ready to suck some dick. For someone doing her first porn video, she has cock sucking skills that are definitely ready for prime time. She handles Jake's manmeat like a pro and takes it deep as she can like a real trooper. Her tight little pussy gets a workout as well as she gets a good pounding that goes right to the limit of what she can take. Jake filled her up so much that he had to back off as it wouldn't all fit, but you can tell she was loving it the whole time. So much so that she broke her all time orgasm record and came more time than ever before, so he must have been doing something right! Kenzi loves getting cum all over her tits and face, just as long as you don't cum in her eye. This wasn't a problem though as even though she made him cum, a facial wasn't in the cards this time around. Hell, even porn stars can't always control their cumshots, so it's good to know they're mortal after all! The good news is that we're sure you won't have any problem unleashing a load of your own after watching this sex kitten give you all she's got, and that's a lot!
Exploited College Girls - Natalia - 18 Years Old

There's barely legal, just barely legal and "oh my god, she just turned 18"- legal and it's the later that best describes our blonde cutie, Natalia. She's very petite and has the perkiest little tits you've ever seen, a perfect handful. Just as you'd expect a teen to be, her body is tight with a gorgeous ass and a perfectly shaved pussy just ripe for the taking. You'd think she'd be the innocent type, but she's far from it. Losing her virginity at an early age, she's been around enough boy cock to know what she's doing. She also has a SnapChat channel that's very popular (no surprise there!) and that's probably what led her to take the next step and start her porn career with us, which we like! Cam is the oldest guy she's ever been with, so it was a good time to show her a few new tricks (which was harder than you'd think!). Her pussy was wet right from the start and it doesn't take Cam long to get her going. After some good masturbation, Natalia got introduced to the Hitachi and you'll see how much she loved it. She also claimed to be a 10 when it comes to giving head, which is a lofty claim, but she is the real deal when it comes to cock sucking, and the wetter and sloppier it is, the more she likes it! Natalia wasn't quite ready for full anal, but she gave it the old college try and loved having Cam's finger working her asshole while she rubbed her clit. Another benefit to young girls is they really know how to twerk, and Natalia does some of her best work riding Cam's cock. This one is a real wild child when it comes to riding a cock and you're going to love this extended video with lots and lots of great fucking. We don't know how Cam does it when it comes to tight pussies that would have the average guy cumming in no time, but he held on like a champ and when he finally let's go, it's with a huge facial that covers her face. Welcome to the big leagues Natalia, we think she's got a bright future and we can't wait to see more of her!
Exploited College Girls - Jaycee - 22 Years Old

We haven't had a real country girl grace our site in awhile and we're really happy when one shows up at our door because they know how to have a good time. And speaking of good times, that's what we have here with 22 year old cutie, Jaycee. She really enjoys being a cam girl so it's no surprise that we're her next stop as she's wanted to do porn since she was 16! Even though she has a boyfriend, she's still wanting to expand her sexual horizons and partners. She even confessed that one of the things she was most looking forward to was getting fucked by a large, hard cock and since we're in the wish fulfillment business (and have Cam the man), that's not a problem! With her pert tits, pierced nipples, tight pussy and gorgeous ass, this hot little number was made for a good, old fashioned fucking. After getting dressed up in some sexy black lingerie, you could see her getting wetter by the moment as she jilled off and got a new appreciation for the power of toys! Jaycee will be the first to admit that at heart, she's just a little slut and wants to be fucked like one. She couldn't wait to get her hands and lips wrapped around Cam's hard cock, sucking him deep and taking his shaft down her throat like a real pro. She also discovered a new anal pleasure as Cam broke in her tight asshole with his fingers sending her right into her first of many orgasms. The other way you could see that Jaycee was a real country girl was by the way she rode cowgirl (and reverse cowgirl!), bouncing up and down and twerking her ass on Cam's engorged cock like the wild babe she is. A man can only take so much of that before it's time for a cum shot, and after some serious head and ball sucking, Cam unleashed a powerful load that covered her face with the sticky goo. We're sure that after this, we're going to have a hard time keeping Jaycee down on the farm and expect to see a lot more of this sultry slut!
Exploited College Girls - Naomi, Bonnie - Threeway

We love it when our girls come back to visit and especially so when it's two of our youngest sweet things Naomi and Bonnie! You may recall seeing these two 18 year olds showing off their beautiful tits and tight wet pussies as our man Cam took their porn cherries. They both started watching porn at a very early age, so it's no wonder they both landed in front of the camera for your viewing pleasure! As it turned out, by the time the fucking was over, these two hotties were bff's and were going to take each other home to really get to know each other. They met up with us at an adult shop to pick out some toys for the shoot and couldn't wait to start fondling each other in the store! That's what happens when you let a couple of sex crazed girlfriends loose in the dildo section, not that we minded at all! Our firsts started right there with Naomi getting her first titty suck and fondle by another girl and watching her squeal with delight, you know they were going to fuck each other silly in no time at all. They couldn't wait to get Cam's cock out on the drive to the hotel and reminded us of how good they were at sucking a hard cock. With their tiny twats all moistened up, they got right into it once they hit the bed. This was Naomi's first lesbian experience and she loved having Bonnie's talented tongue twiddling her swollen clit. When it was time to return the favor, Naomi knew just what to do and it's clear that she was born to suck pussy. Since this wasn't just a lesfest, Cam jumped in and made sure each girl had her turn at his massive manmeat. From there you can guess the rest as this sexy threesome switched out with each other with some epic fucking and sucking we know you're going to enjoy. And as if Cam's cock wasn't enough, the girls kept the funtimes going with some strap-on fucking that had Naomi's eyes rolling back into her head while orgasming hard. The one thing their playcock can't do is splooge and Cam was happy to feed their hungry mouths with a full blown facial that covered their faces. If seeing cum on a girls face is sexy, seeing two of them licking the cum off each other is off the charts. These two were loads of fun and as far as we're concerned, they can visit us anytime!
Exploited College Girls - Autumn - 18 Years Old

We love the eager beavers that are excited to be doing their first porn shoot, nothing like a young girl who just wants to fuck right? Our 18 year old waitress, Autumn, is just that kind of girl. She loves to have fun and was a bundle of energy from the very start. Autumn had some friends that did porn and they had such a good time she thought it would be worth a try, and we're very happy about that! Did we mention that she's a vivacious redhead with killer tits and a tight pussy that was wet as soon as her panties were off? She'll disarm you with her pretty eyes and pouty lips, but underneath that innocent smile is a girl who loves being naughty. Autumn gets off when she thinks she's being bad, which is probably why she is so open to trying new things, including exploring some anal penetration. Our man Cam liked her immediately and knew just what to do to get this ginger's juices flowing. As part of their sexual education, ECG girls are always given toys to play with and it should come as no surprise that they cum away with a new appreciation and a shopping list once they've experienced the pleasures they bring. Autumn was left quivering and wet after getting a good going over with our secret weapon and couldn't wait to get some dick. Of course, Cam was ready to drive deep into her, filling that tight pussy to the brim. That wasn't the only hole she wanted filled either. Since she was 14, Autumn loves giving blowjobs, especially when they're wet and sloppy, just our kind of girl! She shows off her amazing cock sucking skills and shows just how sloppy she can be. And while we're speaking of holes needing to be filled, Autumn also give us some anal action showing that she was really pushing herself for your viewing pleasure. Of course what Autumn really wanted all along was to get her sweet pussy pounded and she wasn't left disappointed once Cam let loose with his mighty manhood! As it turns out, Autumn likes it when you play rough and loved a little choking and manhandling as she moaned with pleasure, cumming over and over while being rammed hard. For being such a good girl, she was rewarded with a huge facial that covered her face with juicy jizz. We have a feeling you're going to like this lively redhead as she shows you just how eager her beaver is!
Exploited College Girls - Serena - 21 Years Old

The term sex kitten often gets overused, but when it comes to 21 year old Serena, it's the perfect description of this very sensual first timer. This girl loves sex and when you hear her moans of desire, you'll know just how into it she gets. Though she's single, she has her hook-up buddies and loves to tease them with hot bootie pics and sexy texts so when they arrive, they're all revved up and ready to fuck. She loves turning her guys on and likes it even better when they return the favor with lots of foreplay. Doesn't matter much whether they use their fingers or a toy, it's all pleasure to her. Fortunately for her guys, she loves, loves, loves to give blowjobs and considers her skills to be a 10. We're happy to confirm that and definitely agree the girl has skills! Serena doesn't mind it at all if you want to play rough, she likes it that way and started getting aroused with the very first spank on her lucious ass. Of course, our man Cam knows just what to do with girls like Serena and got her warmed up quickly by taking control of the situation. Our secret weapon claimed another victim and it's turning out to be a favorite toy by our girls! Serena couldn't wait to get some cock in her mouth and she gobbled it up like a real pro. She knows how to take it deep and we can guarantee those were tears of joy as she gagged Cam down her throat. Another surprise is how much Serena loves anal sex. While some girls are just learning, anal is just one of her things and she really pushed herself with Cam taking a large butt plug for some double- penetration. There's lots of ass pounding action in this one we know you anal aficionados are going to appreciate! Serena also gets off on facials for special occasions, so we think a porn debut qualifies and she gets a full load over her pretty little face. Serena purred like the sex kitten she is and we're sure this is one pussy you're going to enjoy!
Exploited College Girls - Nicole - 19 Years Old

Praise be for all the tight little hotties, especially our 19 year old preachers daughter, Nicole. We've all heard the stories about how bad preachers kids are, well in this case they're all true, in a good way! With her beautiful body and perky tits, it's no wonder she snuck out at night to get into trouble with the boys. But be careful, she'll be the first one to tell you she's a big tease and the only thing you'll get from her is blue balls. But not this time around as our man Cam gives her the best cock she's ever had and she gives it all up for a bunch of firsts just for you! She got and early start losing her cherry at 15 and had two guys her second time around, so Nicole is no stranger to cock. That is unless it's a fake one, yes, she's never had any toys and on top of that usually only cums once or twice when she gets fucked. Well of course we like that kind of challenge and once we broke out the secret weapon, the orgasms just kept cumming and cumming the whole time. After a little toy action, Cam went to town on her pussy with some great oral action which had Nicole writhing in pleasure. She couldn't wait to get some cock in her eager mouth and showed how she made all the boys crazy with her tongue. By this point her tingling twat was dripping with juices and she finally got what she really wanted, to be filled up with Cam's massive man meat. It wasn't long before we realized naughty Nicole is a actually a submissive who likes to play hard. Wrap your hand around her throat, grab her hair while you pump her pussy or give a firm slap on her gorgeous ass cheeks and you'll see just how bad she likes to be. You only have to watch he body shake with orgasm after orgasm to know she got the fuck of her life. Being a preacher's daughter, she also knows how to get on her knees and we know she was thankful when Cam blows a huge load on her face for a facial Nicole won't forget. Newcomers like Nicole are why we like the bad girls, they're just way more fun and you're going to enjoy her too!
Exploited College Girls - Madison, Jadyn - Threeway - 19 & 20 Years Old

It's been a little while since we've had a good lesbian threeway, so we thought we'd bring in a couple of our most popular (and sexiest) girls to have a genuine pussy fest. Of course we have a great cock to go along with the action and our stud Vince was more than happy to bury his huge man-meat into not one, but two pussies for your viewing pleasure! Jadyn is a devoted lover of sweet young twats and actually prefers them to cock. She believes in the power of the tongue and after watching this sizzling video you'll see hers in very talented. She couldn't have a better partner than our kinky little subbie, Madison, who will do just about anything to get off. An added bonus is that this is her first ever lesbian experience, and one she won't soon forget! She told us she was nervous going in, but you'd never know that by the way she had her hands and lips all over Jadyn as soon as they got on the bed. These girls were a match made in heaven and the juices were flowing early on as they sucked each others tits and pussies with abandon, getting hot and bothered and ready for more. And by more, we mean Vince's cock which was hard at attention from the show he'd been given. There's no doubt about it. these girls both love cock, and took him deep in their mouths to make sure he was rock hard for what was to cum. As if that wasn't enough, they also made sure his ass was well taken care of by taking turns giving him sloppy rimjobs while the other had his cock buried to their tonsils! Any mere mortal might have blown their load by then, but Vince was a pro and there was plenty of fucking left to do. Jadyn and Madison's pussies were dripping with excitement by then and ready to take some well deserved cock. And they didn't disappoint, being good girls and taking turns getting rammed and eating each others pussies in every conceivable position. The action builds to what could be the hottest creampie we've ever seen on ExCoGi with Madison sucking the cum out of Jadyn's pussy before sharing his load in a big, wet, sloppy cum kiss. Madison must've found her calling because she had to go down one more time on Jadyn to make sure she didn't miss a single drop. Take our word for it fellas, if you enjoy yourself with these to kinky cum girls as much as they did, you're in for a wild ride!
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