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Exploited College Girls - Nikki - 18 Years Old

So for this weeks exploit we bring you 18 year old Nikki's first ever porn shoot video. Yes we debuted shy Nikki with twin peaks Gabbie a few weeks back in an oh so hot 3way, but this scene was shot the day before. Nikki, who was named after Motley Crue's rocker Nikki Sixx, seems to be way more responsible of an 18 year old then most that pass through our doors. What do you think our little classic rocker wants the money for? To blow it on partying? Nope. Fake tits you ask? Nope again. She is trying her hand at porn in order to get Lasik eye surgery. Now that response is a first. Don't hear medical reasons to often but whatever gets them over to ExCoGi to put a cock in their mouth and to spread those young legs to show the world their money-maker is ok with us. And Nikki is so nervous that when asked to show us her nice perky tits she used a typical safe word "Banana" to stop the shoot LOL. Now Nikki you know this is a porn shoot right? Getting naked to bump and grind is sorta a job requirement here LOL. Well our man JJay smooth talks our little Scorpio nymphet and distracts her with our sex toy collection, which she goes strait for the Hitachi of course. It is a girls' best friend and she gets right to work massaging that young tight pussy of hers. And what a wet pussy it is. Next we have her try her oral skills on the stiff cock in front of her face and we see this shy girl is a pleaser and works Jjay's cock over to almost an early blow. But the fireworks start when Jjay rams his cock up her tight box and puts the Hitachi on that little clit which brings or little whore to cum twice before getting into her favorite position doggy. Yes Jjay puts our little self proclaimed whore though the paces as he fucks her real good doggy style. "You've got some real intense dick", she says after he fish hooks her mouth and makes her cum a few more times from the rough behind pounding. You can tell Nikki has not ever been fucked this hard, or had any dick in over a month. This "I always feel whorish" kind of girl is so happy to get a proper dicking from our professional stud Jjay that she has O after O after O and really enjoys her first on camera fuck. Yes Nikki is a little Goth, also a rocker at heart, with a bit of quirkiness mixed in for fun, but one thing is for sure... Nikki loves cock! And after Jjay unloads on her face you could tell Nikki had come a long way from the beginning of the shoot. Porn can be like a box of chocolates sometimes. You never know what you will get when they walk through the door for their first ever porn shoot. But just like chocolate, Nikki sure was a sweetie that was easy to work with.
Hope you enjoy!
Exploited College Girls - Regina - 23 Years Old

What can be said about Regina. First off... I just have to say this girl's mother should be shot for naming her daughter REGINA. If you want to get back at your parents for giving you an old ladies name, showing up at our place sure is one fucking way to do it I guess. But for our purposes here in the write-up we'll call her Gina. Yea that's better. Oh and "YEA" is something our little Gina says a lot. I mean a lot lot. So much I wished I had a ball gag to stick in her pretty little mouth when Cam didn't have his cock in it. Anyways, so our first impressions of this quite, shy girl named GINA was, WHAT THE FUCK IS A SWEET NICE GIRL LIKE THIS DOING HERE! Damn we could not wait to get our hands, fingers, tongue, toys, cock, TV remote and just about anything else we could find lying around the room to use on this little morsel's holes. Well of course she has to have daddy issues... That's a given. And she has to be really naive... check. And no doubt she has money problems, combined with I bet, a scumbag BF / pimp who encouraged her to whore out for cash he could spend... Biiiinnnggggoooo!!! Well here at ExCoGi we don't really give a shit why our little future misguided starlets pass through our doors, were just glad they do and that we get them first. So we start off Gina trying on an outfit during the interview, and I bet you will pick up on the fact that Gina does not have the highest of selection standards when it comes to a mate hahaha. "I'll just fuck like anybody really" (Scratched record sound) WHAT??!! Her words people not mine. Mommy and daddy must be so proud. She can't have daddy issues if daddy's around... right? And the surprises don't stop there! Gina licked her first pussy at 8!!!!!!! (Scratched record sound) Yes 8!!!! This is not a typo, there is no 1 in front of that 8. "I was just experimenting at sleepovers", she said as she shrugs her shoulders. There is so much wrong with this I don't know were to begin... But why she is here is becoming clearer with every uttered word. And the fun doesn't stop there! NO! As she begins to rattle off her sexual accomplishments like a job applicant would from her resume, I'm amazed she has experienced more things sexually before the tender age of 16 than most people ever will! Double VAG (Scratched record sound), YES DOUBLE VAG people at 16... If I didn't love this shit so much, I would be shocked LOL. The rest I will just let you experience for yourselves if you want to watch the stuff we film with her clothes on. But once we do get her clothes off and we see just what innocent but very exploitable gifts God gave this beautiful creature are, I'm again amazed at how sweet but misguided Gina really is. I mean damn those nubile perky white tits are so nice. Like she just finished puberty. And that shaved little pussy is so beautiful I'm surprised it took 2 cocks at once! Ok listen to this, Gina masturbates about 3 times a day and loves doing it so much that her beautiful tight pussy broke her rabbit vibrator toy she told us, and I believe her. How tight is Gina's pussy? Gina's pussy is so tight that during her jilling off session with us she almost stops the rotating beads with her tight box before she has her first convolution of an orgasm. And I do me convolution! You got to see it people... you just got to. Her orgasm was so intense I think the USGS registered it on their Richter scales as a 5.1 earthquake. I really don't think this sex-starved girl knows just how innocently sexy she is. And after that earth moving orgasm she just lays there with her long blonde hair, her legs spread wide eagle while that little pink pussy of hers is just begging to be fucked. YEA Gina, you're going to get fucked real good today, YEA. But not so fast, we have to see just what a good little cocksucker Gina is first and once again this little special girl shines bright with a twinkle in her eye then teabags Cam's balls like a nut goes into a socket wrench. Like sucking milk through a crazy stray after school, Gina's skills with a cock in her face just never cease. But Gina's real whoreness shines brightest when there is a cock in her pussy hole and a thumb up her ass! I just love how Gina's a pretty little nympho pleaser and doesn't say no to any of the slutty things we make her do on camera for the first time, and so will you! Oh, and if you like glazed donuts? Gina's face passes for a sugar glazed donut after Cam unloads on every inch of her eagerly waiting face. Just love girls with daddy issues. So if your first impressions of our oh so innocent looking Gina are nerdy, inexperienced, and not worth my time... I will just say, you can't judge a book by its cover, cuz Gina's a sexual nymph that just whored out for all the worlds to see. I do love my job!
Exploited College Girls - Maddi, Megan - Threeway

So this 3way almost didn't happen people! But thankfully you have Maddi's dad to thank that it did. How can this be Steve, you ask? Well sit back, relax and let me tell you the story... So we all thought Maddi went MIA on us the day before this shoot was to happen cuz she wasn't answering her phone. Did she get cold feet you ask? Had reality set in on our little starlet that she had just fucked on camera for the first time the day before and she was backing out of the 3way, leaving Phoenix without telling anyone? Could she be lying in a gutter injured or hurt? Do tell, Do tell... WELL! We found out later that Maddi is a little bad ass, and she had almost smacked around a crack whore in South Phoenix who had stolen her phone from her while at the mall. But Steve, you ask, how could she have know were her phone was? Well let me explain... Who do you think could she possible call to help her? Who has always been there for her when she fell down and scraped her knee on the playground? Who took her to ice cream after she was punished and got a bare bottom spanking? Who was there to teach her how to drive stick? Daddy? Yes Daddy to the rescue... She called her dad to activate "Find My iPhone" on his computer and saved his little slut of a daughter's porn shoot. Of course she failed to fill him in on exactly what she was doing in Phoenix HAHAHA... But I'm sure this will be one time he wishes he wasn't there for his little darling's call. Now that is what I call supporting your daughter's career choices and helping make her dreams cum true, no matter what that career choice or dream is LOL. So once we get past the drama from the day before and we begin getting our little sluts ready to lick, probe, suck and fuck whatever is in front of their faces, we find out that this is Maddi's first 3way and first time licking a girls pussy ever. Watching these two sexy girls get so excited by touching and licking each other's bodies is exactly what porn foreplay should be. Yes they try every fucking sex toy in our little bag of tricks on their eager pussies; making each cum multiple times even before either of them gets a cock in them. Next we tell the girls to take turns licking each other while getting Jackrabbited by Cam from behind and you can see the enthusiasm on their faces as these girls take turns bury their faces in pussy. The all you can eat buffet is open! But once Cam gets involved for a double BJ you know one of them is going to rim Cam's ass. Go for the gusto Megan, what enthusiasm! Put some tongue in it girlfriend. You bet Maddi's enthusiasm was equally matched as she looked like she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose that little slut as they worked Cam's tools. Damn girls! Sex here at ExCoGi is not good unless we push our true first timers to do things they haven't before. And there were many FIRST to be had! As Megan said, "I've done a lot of firsts in this room", and "I'm such a whore!" So true Megan, so true. These girls cannot be just a little bit of a whore... They have to be total whores! Each taking turns licking pussy from a 69 position as Cam rams his cock balls deep in the others pussy. It gives new meaning to the term "Tea Bagging", and Maddi eating Megan's pussy and licking balls simultaneously like she hasn't eaten in weeks! Beautiful. Almost brought a tear to my eye. Watch as these first time camera whores cum in almost every position we put them in as they whore their little way to slutsville. And the facial at the end? Epic. We at ExCoGi just love that awkward, reluctant, surprised reaction from girls when they aren't expecting the facials or the amount of cum our studs unload on them. A close second is how much we love capturing closet sluts whoring out on camera for their first time sexual experiences; and all for our adoring fans to enjoy! This shoot almost didn't happen. But I'm sure we can all agree that were glad it did! Yes they came multiple times and we hope you all do as well
Exploited College Girls - Harley - 18 Years Old

Bush Alert! Bush Alert! When 18 year-old Harley showed up for our little shoot I was not expecting a young stripper to have a hairy bush between her legs. But once at the hotel she took off her robe and flashed us what Mother Nature blessed her with... I have to admit, I kind of thought it was hot. If your dream girl is of the Polynesian or South Pacific persuasion then Harley is your type. Long dark silky hair, perfect firm perky tits and I do mean PERFECT, great ass and tight body. What's not to like? Ok ok ok, so she fucked it up with a few tats and facial piercings, we all did stupid shit or made a few bad decisions when we were young. I hope today doesn't turn out to be another one. But damn girl those tits are spectacular!!! And once we got our little islander on the bed and rubbing her pussy we found out just how shy and awkward our little slut du jore is. During the interview we found out that this shy newbie was hit on by her boss when she was just 15 years old and finally gave into his "Creepy" comments at 17! Reality alert fathers!, this is what happens when daddy's not around to make sure his little darling doesn't end up swinging from a stripper pole or spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy for strange men with cameras and cash LOL. Just wait till you see this weeks exploit squirm when we introduce her to toys and the Hitachi. Once again it's a first at how hard Harley cums that her sweet pussy lips gets so flushed and swollen that it's a site to behold. Oh and sucking cock? She does everything we tell her to do and admits she likes it when Cam rams his cock deep down her throat so she can't breath. We definitely have to coax out of her what's going on inside this little slut's head, but her facial expressions tell everything as Cam makes our 1 st timer cum multiple times. Oh yes our little stripper is shy, coyly admitting she enjoys watching herself get fucked while we film her. So much so that we started one of our videos for her to watch while Cam gave it to her doggy style. I think Harley just found something new to do at home while getting fuck. Fuck can this little whore take a dick balls deep down her throat while a vibrators on her clit. But the real treat is when Cam unloads on her face for her first facial ever and you sense the disdain and disgust of all that cum covering her face and in her mouth. They say variety is the spice of life and just like going hogging every now and then is fun, so is adding some bush to the mix. As long as these barely legal girls are young, cute, naive, and exploitable... we shoot em for your viewing pleasure.
Exploited College Girls - Gabbie, Nikki - Threeway

18 Year Old Gabbie Returns With Nikki For A Threeway

So here at ExCoGi we are all about firsts and real, non scripted, sex scenes... and this weeks video is Nikki's first time having sex with a girl and 3some, along with Gabbies' very first sex scene on camera. Booya! Sure Nikki is a little intimidated when Gabbie whips off her dress at the start of the shoot, fuck! Who wouldn't be? Those tits are monsters for that little frame and I'm surprised she doesn't have chronic back problems. Sure Gabbie is way more experienced also with girls than Nikki and confessed she just had a 3some with a young couple she meet on tinder a week before this shoot. Damn girl what a fucking little slut you are and just the perfect girl to show our first timer Nikki the ropes of licking pussy. Even though Nikki has never had a 3some or licked a pussy she took to it like a duck takes to water, confessing on camera "I think I'm a lesbian" when asked if she likes it. LOL. I LOVE FIRST TIMERS! Of course we love to give girls orgasms and they both use the Hitachi, aka "the orgasm torture device" on each other till they squirm in ecstasy. Yea Jjay gets to have his cock sucked by 2 super cute newbie's at the same time. But the fun really starts when we get these little whores into a 69 and our resident stud takes turn fucking those sweet teen fuck-holes while they tongue and lick each other's clits. Just try not to cum when you see these girls experiment and probe each other with their tongues and fingers. The way these girls taste each other's pussy juices while watching a cock ram inside the others tight tender pussy is just another first for these nubile 18 year olds. Damn are we glad to exploit these 2 new comes first. You can tell these girls are sooooooooo into licking each other's pussies and doing whatever we tell them to do, all the while getting fucked and enjoying these first time experiences, that this video almost qualifies as not being a porno and is just exactly what it is! Two totally fucking hot, girls-next-door types, that just turned 18 years old wanting to experiment their sexual desires while being the little slutty whores that we all hoped they'd be. And you our fans get to experience it POV or by being a fly on the wall as this sexual fantasy plays out. You don't have to wonder if this is Nikki's first time with a girl, or when Gabbie says, "I'm having the time of my life" while licking Nikki's pussy and getting pounded... IT IS! This is innocence meets coming of age experimentation with 2 gorgeous girls just out of high school in a so fucking hot of a way! This is Nikki's first GG 3some experience and Gabbie's very first sex scene on camera so enjoy the experience.
Exploited College Girls - Jaylee - 22 Years Old

Sometime you can just look at a girl and know she's a total slut, and after getting a good look at her tats and skimpy outfit, we knew Jaylee was going to be a good time. This girl really likes being naked and doesn't care if anyone sees her that way or not, or as she puts it, "it's a good day for them!" At 22, she's had plenty of experience and even showed an 18 year old girl on the plane ride pictures of her pussy to try and convince her to go to the shoot with her, we love that kind of enthusiasm! Our petite cum whore also likes getting a big mouthful of pussy, whether it's her girlfriend's or some sweet thing she just picks up. She's a small girl and has a tight little pussy to match, which makes it better when it eventually gets filled to the brim with Cam's hard cock. Jaylee couldn't wait to get her holes filled up and to release her inner slut, which was just fine with us. It didn't take long for us to also realize that she had some daddy issues as Cam got her warmed up, so she's a real pleaser from way back! So Jaylee likes girls, check, giving blowjobs, check, getting fucked, check, but what about anal? Ass is definitely on her list, she loves having her tight little asshole licked and played with and even likes some toys, but she's just too tight for a big cock. That doesn't stop her from giving our man Cam a nice little rimjob though, so we'll give her the check. She's basically just a little submissive whore who will do anything you want, she just wants to make her daddy happy after all! Between her tiny twat and hot, wet mouth Jaylee takes Cam to the edge and gets a huge facial as her reward. We love girls who get off from getting a huge load and Jaylee loved being the little dirty slut she is.
Exploited College Girls - Gabbie - 18 Years Old

So I thought long and hard on what to write about for Gabbie, this weeks exploit, and after 2 days of pondering what to say... here it is: Blah Blah Blah. Blah. Blah, Blah Blah Blah! Blah. Blah Blah Blah.!!! Do any of you really give a shit about this week's write-up after seeing that preview of her on twitter?! Just fucking watch the video already... What are you still reading this crap for?... Go watch the fucking thing and lets all agree on just how amazing this girl is. A star is born.
Exploited College Girls - Raya - 18 Years Old

I will start you off this week with a little sex humor... What do fat chicks and mopeds have in common? Their both fun to ride until your friends see you on one LOL! Now I'm sure Cam doesn't mind being seen riding and ramming it home with Raya though, and from the moment this bubbly 18 year old showed her smiley faced we knew this girl was going to be fun. Oh and what a fun whore she turned out to be. If you like your tail a little thicker with absolutely GINORMOUS whopping tata's, with a little bit of "daddy issues" sprinkled in for fun, Raya is the slut in training for you. This energetic cum sponge seemed actually proud of the fact she had fucked so many guys already and "ball parked" the number at 60 or 70! To fuck that many guys by the tender age of 18, I hate to tell you dear, is not something to brag about or put on your resume. You know this girl had to have started spreading those legs early to reach those numbers this young. Any guesses at what age she started?... Anyone?... Bueller?... Bueller?... Well if you guessed 13 when she took her first dick you win a cigar! Raya even started earlier than that when she sucked her first cock in the front row of a movie theater at age 11!!! We're not in Kansas anymore Toto! She wasn't done surprising us either when she told us how she rubbed her tight pussy and "made a few videos" on the plane ride over here! Pay attention ExCoGi fans, naughty exhibitionist Raya might just be on your next flight ? and just might brighten up your next long or boring red eye by putting on a show for you. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... and after we got to know just what a total fucking slut this girl was we wasted no time shoving sex toys and everything we could find laying around up this girls fuck holes. We think she even found a few new BFF's with batteries that day. She loved the jackrabbit, along with getting DP'd with a butt plug for the first time ever as we brought this whore along on her sexual journey to a total of 4 orgasms! Raya is just one of those girls who is up for anything and would let you do just about anything you want to her, AND WE DID! Raya is also a pleaser, oh yes she is, and she continues on her pleaser ways while sucking Cam's cock saying "yes sir" to everything she is told to do. Did Cam makes her lick his ass? You betcha! This good little whore does everything we tell her to do as Cam probes her fuck holes in every position possible. Of course she loves every second of it even admitting that being called a dirty whore makes her pussy wet. You have to listen to this girl's screams of ecstasy as we bringing her first sex on camera to a whole new fucking elevated level. Watch how hard she cums on Cam's cock in reverse cowgirl. This is actually the first time a guy has ever made her cum and oh what an O it was. I don't think I have ever seen that much girl cum lathered on a cock before! God I love young misguided girls who have daddy issues! And yes... we made her keep that butt plug up her ass the whole fucking time Cam was plowing her. We hope we fulfilled your expectations as we exploited you Raya? I know you really got messy and we definitely ran out of wipes! We do aim to please here at ExCoGi.
Exploited College Girls - Jade - 21 Years Old

To say that Jade, this week's 21-year-old ExCoGi's exploit, is lacking confidence would be an understatement. It's almost like saying this week's new stud Jake has a small cock... NOT! Jake, put that thing away or someone might get hurt! I think Jade is hoping she won't be able to walk strait for a week after today. This girl knows she is sexy, hot and built for sex and her first impression of our man Jake is met with skepticism when I pick both of them up at the airport. She's just not sure weather Jake's up for the job or not? "I've never had a guy give me an orgasm before" she says. Well let's introduce you to Frankendick, Megacock, or shall we call it Godzilladong! Jake's fucking monster of a cock is going to rip this unsuspecting nursing Student's award winning vagina in half. And trust me she will never judge a book by its cover again. Now I've seen hundreds if not thousands of vaginas and I must say what a beautiful pussy you have. Just listen to how badly this slut begs for Jake's cock as she sucks and deep throats his donkey dick before he gives it to her. Jade just cannot stop saying in amazement how fucking big Jake's cock is and praying to God with ever thrust! This girl's facial expressions are nonstop and priceless as Jake pounds this sex starved whore first in doggy style and then in every position possible. Oh and did I mention Jade squirts... and squirts, and squirts! Trust me... she has O after O with every wave of Jake's magical wand. She even screamed so loud during reverse cowgirl that I thought security would knock on our door. Stripping was never this much fun and why didn't I try fucking on camera sooner is probably what was running through this girls mind during and after this shoot. If you love watching our studs give unsuspecting closet whores the fuck of their lives with more orgasm's then they have ever had before, then this video will be in your top 5. I suspect Jade didn't quite know what to expect when she walked into our hotel room that day but left understanding what a real fuck session is and how good sex can be from a professional when she left.... I guarantee it. If your looking for a new career Jade away from he stripping pole I know you have one being a slutty cum bucket in the jizz biz. I will leave you now to Jack or Jill off with this little medley from the comic Andrew Dice Clay. "Jack and Jade went up on the hill both with a buck and a quarter... Jade came down with $2.50 OOOH!!!...That fucking whore!"
Exploited College Girls - Paisley - 23 Year Old

So this week we are bringing back a fan favorite stud Jjay to put our 23-year-old totally fuckable hottie Paisley through the paces. Now I know this girl is not the girl-next-door type we usually exploit here on ExCoGi, but good old Steve just could not pass up shooting a girl's first fuck on camera. Especially if that girl has been in... Playboy!!! and Hustler!!! That's right, grab your dicks and hold on, Paisley was in both magazines last year showing everyone her moneymaker and what the good Lord blessed her with. Luckily for us when the bills started piling up and she got desperate for cash, she made that decision that we wish more girls would make to take a cock on camera for the first time, and damn are we glad she made that decision with us. From the moment our stud got this cum dumpster to spread her legs and suck his dick on the ride back from the airport you can tell this girl was built for sex. Once back at the hotel he spun this little slut around on his cock in all the required positions our ExCoGi fans demand, most with a butt plug in since she loves anal sex and ass play. He even got this cute faced sex-starved kitten to lick his ass. Sorry mom and dad but your little daughter is a whore!... If they didn't know this already, they know it now LOL! Trust me everyone you will love this girl's awesome set of tits and pink as can be pink pussy that she couldn't stop spreading as she's begging to be fucked. I personally loved the huge cumshot that stud unloaded onto her unsuspecting face at the end. You could tell she was not expecting that much cum as she looked up with those puppy dog eyes as to say, "did I do good?" I'd say you did real good Paisley, real good.
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