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Exploited College Girls - Bonnie - 18 Years Old

Everyone wants to live the dream, and for barely 18 year old Bonnie, being a porn star is living out a fantasy she's had. Like most of our girls, they like to Jill-off watching their favorite porn and in this case Bonnie's favorite was ECG! When she found out she'd be getting fucked by our stud for her favorite porn brand, she could barely contain her excitement. The fact that he is the first guy to ever make her cum just makes this even better! You can feel the chemistry between our guest stud Cam and Bonnie - there's even some passionate kissing! You can tell she really enjoyed herself and really got into every scene, not to mention being open to anything in the bedroom. It doesn't hurt that Bonnie is a cute, energetic Latina who just loves sex, especially when it's with someone who knows what their doing, so doing a scene with us was a natural fit. She has a great body with luscious tits that beg to be sucked and an ass that's open for business, just the kind of girl we like. Being only 18 years old, Bonnie hasn't really done many of sexual things our man Cam taught her. But we start things off slow, with some insights in her personal life, and some hands and toys on and in her body. For those of you who are fans of oral action, you're going to really enjoy watching her pussy getting the full treatment with lots of licking and sucking. She got so wet early on that it made for a sloppy good time for all! Of course she returned the favor and then some with inspired cock sucking and deep throating that's sure to make your dick hard. When she eagerly went down on our stud's ass with her tongue, we knew we had a real winner here! But of course, she couldn't wait to get a rock hard cock in her and we were happy to oblige. It should be no surprise that Bonnie also likes it a little rough, so getting held down, choked and spanked just made her take it up a couple levels for some truly epic fucking. So much so that even our stud Cam had to take a moment or he would have exploded in her ti ht little pussy. Not to worry though as she finishes him off with her expert tongue and gets a huge facial as her reward. We're happy we could help Bonnie live her dream of being an ECG girl and you're going to be glad we did too! She enjoyed her on-camera fuck session so much, she wants to come back and have some more fun, this time with another girl, or maybe 2 guys. Let us know what you think!
Exploited College Girls - Lyra - Threeway

When we last saw Lyra, we were impressed with her great attitude, sexiness and her delicious D cup tits. Now she's back to take on two cocks at once and again she doesn't disappoint! While she comes across as the slightly nerdy girl next door type, we know her better as the freaky Dead Head who loves getting fucked hard in all her holes. In fact, she refers to herself as a hippie whore and we couldn't agree more! No matter what we threw at her, she came back asking for more with a sloppy smile that told us all we needed to know about her. She was excited for weeks leading up to her threesome debut and couldn't wait to be filled up by our studs engorged cocks filling all her up until she was squealing with pleasure. The guys got her warmed up with some pussy play which made her super wet and ready for some awesome blowjobs. We have to give Lyra a lot of credit for her oral skills and how far she could could take both of their cocks deep in her throat. Like we mentioned, she likes it sloppy and the juices were flowing as she satisfied both our studs over and over again. Of course, she loved being filled to the hilt with their hard dicks, especially when that involved getting ass fucked, this girl loves anal! It wasn't just her ass that got attention, she gets a thrill from eating ass and gives a superb rim job, licking and sucking our guys asshole as she stroked his cock making it rock hard. You've just got to love a girl who will go to any length to please her man. Whether it was sucking and fucking in all kinds of positions or getting her pussy and ass taken for a spectacular DP, she loved it all and kept cumming and cumming as they gave her the fuck of a lifetime. All told, Lyra is the kind of girl we love here at ECG and we hope we can find more like her!
Exploited College Girls - Jadyn - 19 Years Old

19 year old leggy blonde Jadyn is actually not doing her first porn scene today. Now, you know how fanatical we are about bringing you fresh first-timers. But today we're making an exception, even though our super cute local has done 2 other scenes before today. First, she said she's open to losing her anal virginity on camera today for us. Hello! Yeah, we'll take that. But more importantly, one of ExCoGi's most popular girls, Madison, is about to shoot her girl-girl-boy threeway for us tomorrow - and she wanted a experienced but still young girl who loves pussy. Well, Jadyn is all of that, and more, so that's why we're making an exception today. First, guest director Troy notices some pretty bad scratches on Jadyn's gorgeous long legs, courtesy of her dog. We just read a couple of requests from you guys about putting our girls in pantyhose, so this seemed like a great opportunity to do that. Jadyn's long teen legs in tan pantyhose - yummm! The beginning really is a feast for all you pantyhose and nylon legs lovers! We continue the interview and personality exploration during the photos, lunch, and even a game of mini pool. Jadyn's still a bit shy but she's warming up to the whole thing. Having stud Jake nearby is clearly helping. In fact, just watch how she's eating him up with her eyes when she masturbates for us with a toy, and he puts first his finger, and then a glass butt plug inside her tiny, tight teen ass. Is she falling in love here? Jadyn returns the favor by sucking on guest stud Jake's big cock, and even giving him a rimjob. Thoroughly hard and ready, Jake takes Jadyn in doggy by the room's window. He fucks our petite teen as she looks out over the city skyline. Not that she can take in much of the view, Jake pounds that tight teen pussy to Jadyn's visible delight. Try and count Jadyn's orgasms through this shoot. She's subtle about it but you can tell if you pay attention. Lovely Jadyn enjoys that big dick in doggy, cowgirl (with butt plug again!), reverse cowgirl, sideshow/spoon, and gets choked and fucked to orgasm before letting big Jake unload a bucket load of cum over her teen face (and hair, and neck, and tits, and... The only bummer with Jadyn's shoot is that one of the reasons we even had her come to shoot with us didn't happen - Jake's cock was simply way too big for that tiny teen ass. Oh we try. In fact, Jadyn suggests she wants to get assfucked while being pinned against the wall. Sounds super hot, so we try it. But after just a few seconds she taps out and walks off - "he's way too big!" she laments. We turn the cameras off to let her recuperate but rest assured we did discuss trying anal again - to no avail. We never force our girls to do anything they're not ready for, so we just have to let anal go for today. That's ok, there's always tomorrow - the Jadyn and Madison (!) threeway. We packed a lot of fun into Jadyn's shoot. As you know, we really love to get personal (and yes, dirty) with our girls and we hope we achieved this mission. Enjoy!
Exploited College Girls - Madison - 20 Years Old

Our favorite mixed race mega cutie Madison is back and today she gets to please (and orgasm with) 2 cocks to her heart's content. Cute, happy, and ultra kinky as always, our cheery sweetheart starts off cleaning and sucking on our 2 studs in the shower before taking things out to the balcony where the boys take turns enjoying Madison's mouth and pussy. Despite Madison being just a young sandwich maker, we can already tell our little rockstar knows how to take care of 2 cocks at the same time really well! The boys and Maddie take things into the bedroom, where the real fun begins. The intensity increases, Madison sucks those 2 cocks like it's her mission in life, she gives both boys rimjobs, and the guys take turns fucking Madison's tight young pussy and getting sucked off. After a really intense fuck session it's time for anal! As you remember, Madison had Vince in her ass before but today it takes a little more work. Reverse cowgirl anal isn't in her bag today, but she enjoys when Mr V fucks her little ass from behind while big Jake strokes his cock and watches. The highlight must be the DP though. DP or "Double Penetration", for you porn newcomers, Madison takes both Vince AND Jake in her holes - at the same time. We focus one of the cameras on her face, and one on her filled holes so you don't miss a second of this incredibly hot moment. Madison taps out after getting DP'd for a few minutes - having 2 good sized cocks inside her at the same time is more than she can handle for too long. But after Big Jake fucks her to a few more orgasms (and really, Madison cums over and over again in this epic fuck session!), she's down to try another Double Penetration, in a different position this time though. The boys barely fit inside her but she enjoys the extreme pressure and pleasure for a few minutes. After the double stuffing, Madison ucks on Jake's big cock as Vince fucks her pussy, with Maddie on top. Vince busts a big cum load inside her pussy without telling anyone first. We get a beautiful creampie out of Madison - which we make her eat, of course. Madison, ever the dirty girl, does as she's told! Now it's Jake's turn to cum, and Madison can't wait. First we're thinking of doing another creampie and really fill up our cutie, but we decide on a cum facial instead. Good thing too because after fucking (and choking) Madison to another big orgasm, Jake blasts an absolutely massive load of cum over her face, in her mouth, and in her hair. We repeat the cumshot from all 3 camera angles, then split-screen it, and then replay it in slow-motion. Jake's cumshot is a work of art and you get to see if from every angle. Madison sucks every last drop of cum out of Jake (that eye contact when she sucks his cock, her beautiful face covered in cum - absolutely hot as hell!), and then sucks and licks off the remaining cum that made its way on the bed sheet. So dirty, so hot. Thoroughly spent, with more orgasms than she's ever had, Madison has one last thing to do before we let her go: take a morning-after pill. Turns out she is not on birth control, and Vince just came inside her. After taking care of that little issue we watch her shower for a few moments before we say goodbye to one of ExCoGi's most popular newcomers, who said she'd love to come back (maybe with another girl?) if her ExCoGi fans want her to. Let us know how you think Madison (and the boys) did!
Exploited College Girls - Brooklyn

Our usual super-stud TC is taking a well deserved break, so today we got ECG inventor and mastermind Steve doing the camera work and directing, and a guest cockmeister who you might recognize from elsewhere...On to Brooklyn: Cute and kinky girls can be found everywhere and we love getting them them from near and far, especially when they come all the way from New York like our appropriately named fuck buddy, 21 year old Brooklyn. Our first timer was a little nervous at first, but she settled in quickly due to her great personality and huge sexual appetite, a winning combination! It also helps that she looks great naked with a perfect set of perky titties and an awesome ass just made for a good pounding. She has a thing for older guys who know how to please, but she's also open to dirty nerdy boys who like being bad. We're pretty sure she has no problem getting whoever she wants! Like a lot of the girls who come through our doors, she loves getting fucked doggy style and having a hard cock deep between her cheeks. A close second (which won't surprise you once you see her go) is giving head and she happily dove in for some great cock sucking action and looked pretty happy doing it, our kind of girl! After getting herself all warmed up, her wild side came out once she had a hard dick inside of her dripping wet pussy. Grabbing the sheets as she gets properly fucked, her gorgeous eyes told the story of how much more she wanted. On the top or the bottom, on her back or on her knees, Brooklyn made a great impression and came across like a pro, but she still has things to learn and we were happy to educate by giving her the first facial she's ever had. She loved it a slurped up every creamy drop, then went back for seconds! So start spreading the news, this girl from New York is one you're going to enjoy!
Exploited College Girls - Marie - 22 Years Old

Anal alert! Like many of our girls, 22 year old Marie wanted to broaden her horizons, so what does she do? Why, shoot some porn of course, and we're sure glad she came to us with her exotic looks and enormous sexual appetite! She tells us she got her first taste of sex at 15 and has been pretty busy since then trying new things. You're going to love Marie's perfect 32D boobs that are soft and real along with her beautifully shaped ass. Much to the surprise (and excitement) of TC, he was happy to hear she was into anal (for obvious reasons) which got his mind and cock working extra well, which you'll see. But she's gone farther than that on her sexual journey and has headed to swingers clubs where she's taken multiple guys at once, just out kind of girl! Any girl that likes to experiment naturally likes grinding on a toy and pretty Marie is no exception, in fact she has all kinds of toys. She couldn't wait to get started, so out came the vibes to get her warmed up. Marie never had something in her ass and pussy at the same time, so TC took care of that filling both her holes with vibrating goodness. If you're going to fill two holes, you might as well fill three and Marie was more than up to the task as she expertly takes TC's massive manhood all the way down. Of course, when you have a girl who's into anal, bending her over and enjoying that beautiful butt is a must. TC gives both her wet, creamy pussy a workout and eager asshole as well. From behind, on top, on the bottom, TC gives Marie a fuck she's going to remember and along the way knocks out more firsts for her, including a huge creampie that filled her wet pussy to the brim. So it's mission accomplished for broadening Marie's horizons and we suspect this isn't the last we'll see of her or her magnificent ass!
Exploited College Girls - Paige

Many would-be porn starlets get their start here on ECG and we're more than happy to break them in. Our latest girl, 20 year old Paige from Pittsburgh, is someone you'll sure to be hearing about, so we're over the moon to bring her exclusive debut video to you! She's definitely ready having a strong exhibitionist streak and desire to show off her incredible body. Between being a dancer and webcam model, she's been working up to her first porn shoot and it's a winner. You've got to love a girl who's in it for the sex and money, sounds like she's got her priorities straight! Of course, bring a horny, eager and willing cum slut to our pro TC and he'll know exactly what to do. And that of course is to give her a fuck to remember! Paige has a great, fun loving attitude and she couldn't wait to get in the car and flash her beautiful tits in TC's face. And by beautiful, we mean epic, perfect natural breasts to go along with her hard fuckable body. She also love giving blowjobs and gets wet every time she's giving head. Of course, she does it like a pro and sucks down all of TC's mighty cock. She's a toy lover too, so when the magic wand appears, it puts a spell on her that makes her cum over and over again. Paige is really fun in the sack and you're going to enjoy how much she gets into it. She doesn't really have a favorite position, as long as there's a cock in her pussy, she's a happy camper! She's also a submissive which was good news for TC as he's the kind of guy that likes being in control. She gives herself up and likes it even better with a little hair pulling and choking, so she has some real slut in her too! So we have yet another ECG graduate, ready to enter the porn world and suck her way to stardom. Just remember where these girls get their "fuckucation". You're welcome!
Exploited College Girls - Angelica - 21 Years Old

Well it sure looks like being on our site is graduation day for a lot of our college girls that have done some modeling or camming in the past. In the case of 21 year old Angelica, she's done both and is no stranger to the camera. Sexually, she's a wild one, just listen to her webcam stories and you'll see what we mean! What else can you say about a girl that brings her own butt plug for TC to use, and uses it on the plane ride down? Add a pierced tongue and it starts to add up that we've got a bit of a freak between the sheets. The good thing is that we like that around here and all freaks are welcome, especially the ones in college! Angelica has no time for boyfriends it seems, only guys to fuck. And with her model looks and slim, tight body, it's no wonder that she gets hit on all the time. That might annoy some girls, but not here, she likes the attention. She prefers the bad boy type, not so much for the tatoos, but for playing rough. She's just the type that our porn stud TC knows how to handle, and take advantage of! He gets her warmed up with some toys to go with her anal plug and things heat up quickly from there. She likes it sloppy and devours his cock, choking it down her throat before bending over to take it from behind, of course with the plug still in, what a girl! If she like to play rough, she came to the right place and TC has a good time with her in position after position. Angelica has a sweet, juicy pussy and you know it had to be really tight as well as TC had to pace himself to keep from blowing the loads he's famous for. When Angelica asks if he came, he lets her know that when he does, she'll know it, and that was exactly the case as he unleashes jizz blast that coats her with his sticky cum. So now webcammer Angelica is another ECG graduate and ready for the big time, you're welcome!
Exploited College Girls - Carissa - Anal

After her hot porn debut right here on ExCoGi, San Diego college cutie Carissa has returned for some awesome anal action with her favorite porn star, TC. With a tight athletic body, beautiful tits, an ass that doesn't quit and great cock sucking skills, we're sure happy to see her back here at ECG! Carissa is adventurous when it comes to sex and at 21 years old, she's racking up as many experiences as she can, so of course she had to have some anal. She tried once before when she was drunk, and without lube, so you can guess how that went. No wonder she wanted to have a pro show her the ropes the next time around, and our man TC was perfect for the job! She was nervous at first, but once she had his dick in her mouth, that went away fast and she was ready for more, which she got! If you like toys. you're going to like this video, we sure know Carissa does! Last time around she liked them so much she went out and bought some for herself. This time she went all in as TC broke out the toy box and filled all her holes, no doubt another first for her. She couldn't wait to suck TC's cock as he plugged her pussy and ass, getting off like crazy in the process. There's no substitute for the real thing though as she couldn't wait to get his cock in her luscious ass. Big difference when you have someone who knows what he's doing and by the look on her face, she really enjoyed it this time around. TC was having a good time too and gave her the ass-fuck of a lifetime which had her moaning and grinding the whole time. With such a tight little asshole, even a pro like TC can't hold out forever and he unleashed another mighty load, filling her ass until the cum came dripping out. We can now safely say Carissa is a big anal fan, a perk for being so adventurous! A big bonus for us too, we sure like these horny college girls looking for new thrills and just like last time, Carissa doesn't disappoint!
Exploited College Girls - Miki

Miki is an artsy type that wants to be a photographer, but this time she decided to be in front of the camera instead of behind it. Given that she is a cute and petite 20 year old, we're glad she did! Apparently she didn't need much convincing because she loves sex. Miki's been with a lot of guys and has given twice as many blowjobs. You can tell this is definitely one of her specialties after watching her go down on TC's cock every chance she gets. And it's not just guys that get to experience her talented mouth, she likes to go down on girls too (hmmmm, that gives us some ideas!). TC was pretty surprised when she told him she hasn't had an orgasm in a month, and even more stunned to learn she doesn't masturbate. Miki prefers the real thing and she's picky which guys she fucks. That's good news for us though as she had a months worth of orgasms saved up and was ready to let go and have some fun. Well, when you've got a seasoned porn pro like TC, you know there's going to be a lot of orgasms in store. In fact, Miki lost count of how many times she came on his cock. Of course, TC breaks out the toys to get her warmed up, which doesn't take long! She returns the favor with an amazing blowjob to get TC's cock hard for the fuck fest that follows. Miki likes feeling vulnerable and really gets off taking it from behind and...well, taking it in any position really. With her screams of pleasure, you know she was having a lot of fun making up for all those orgasms she missed out on before today. And as you'd expect, any girl who loves blowjobs loves a good facial too and Miki was very eager to get down on her knees for this one. TC doesn't disappoint and covers her face as only he can! After this amazing performance, we're thinking that Miki should get out in front of the camera more often!
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