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Fake Taxi - Liz Rainbow Is Fucked And Fisted (1080p)

I was driving along when I saw Liz Rainbow sitting on her luggage on the side of the road. It had been a while since I had fucked the slut, so I was real happy to see her. Liz was on her way to the airport, so I offered her a lift and suggested that while we were driving, she might suck my dick? Liz thought that would be a lovely way to pass the time, so she hopped into the front seat and got to blowing! It was so good I had to pull over, and when I did, Liz sat her tight pussy right down on my lap. We headed to the backseat where she sucked my cock, then I fingered her pussy until I could fist her. The dirty bird ate my arse, and we kept fucking until I could cum in her mouth!
Fake Taxi: Shona River - Bikini Babe Fucked In British Taxi (1080p)

A tall blonde number called the taxi today, and when she got into the car, I saw it was my old fling Shona River! Shona had been in my cab before, and fallen for a line about first timers and giving cabbies blowjobs. Shona was headed to the beach and happy to see me, but the beach was an hour away, so she decided to model some of her new swimsuits for me. Shona's tits were as perky as I remembered them, and when she shook her arse for me she woke the Bishop. I asked Shona if she wanted to pause the journey to fuck, and for a free ride, she was all in. I watched her play with her pussy a bit, then stuck my tongue deep inside of it. Shona then sucked and fucked my cock, and I pulled out just in time to cum on her pussy!
Fake Taxi: Jennifer Keelings - Jennifer Returns For Legends Cock (1080p)

The taxi was an absolute mess when I got in today. There were wet wipes everywhere, surfaces were was bizarre! I could not fathom what sorts of activities could leave the car in its shoddy state. That's when gorgeous red headed Jennifer Keelings got into the car. She was on her phone and called me babe, but there was only one problem: I had never seen her before in my life! Turns out Jennifer had taken a ride with my son Antonio, cheeky bastard. She might've had the apprentice, but I told Jennifer what she really wanted was the master. I got into the backseat and ate her pussy through her white panties, then stuck my tongue deep inside of her. After making Jennifer cum, she sucked my cock and balls, then gave me a rimjob. I fucked her wet pussy inside the car and out, then lying on the bonnet, she stuck her finger deep in my arse, and wanked my cock until I covered her big tits and pretty face in cum!
Fake Taxi: Princess Jasmine - Escaped Horny Prisoner Needs Cock (1080p)

Princess Jas was half naked when she got into the taxi and ordered me to drive. Jas told me she had just escaped from prison, and it had been three years since she had a taste of cock. Jas was begging for cock like a wild horny banshee, and she stuck her arse through the partition to the front of the cab. Believe me, looking at her big tits, I couldn't wait to pull over. She played with her pussy as I parked, and as I soon as I was in the back seat she was swallowing my cock. Jas deepthroated my dick, then I fucked her tight pussy inside the car and out! After banging her on a blanket outside, she begged for my load, so I covered her with a facial!
Fake Taxi: Jennifer Keelings - Busty Sexy Redhead Wants Black Cock (1080p)

MP4, Resolution: 1920x1080, Size: 1.36GB, Length: 29:15 Mins
Fake Taxi: Jess Scotland - Stable Girl Gets Her Ride (1080p)

I picked up Jess Scotland, a stacked babe with a thick accent dressed like she was ready for some riding. Jess asked me to drop her by the stables, and I was feeling cheeky, so I commented that the real reason women ride horses is to rub their clit up against a saddle. Jess told me she'd ride me if I got into the backseat, but I didn't expect her to tell me to get on all fours! Jess spanked my arse with her riding crop, then stuck her tongue in it. I watched her stretch her pussy a bit with her fingers, then stuck the riding crop inside her. I was able to get my fist in her pussy and make her squirt, and then she gave me a class tit wank. I fucked Jess' pussy out the side of the cab, then dropped a huge creampie inside of her.
Fake Taxi: Princess Jasmine - Big Tits Brunette Fucked Under The Sun (1080p)

Princess Jas flagged the cab and asked me to drive her to the park at the top of town. She was almost wearing the smallest pair of shorts I had ever seen, and I say almost because they were so small they hardly qualified as shorts in the first place! Jas was moaning, and when she spread her legs, a vibrator fell out. The noises she was making made me fucking horny, and I'm pretty sure I saw her rubbing her clit and tits, and even cumming. I offered to give her something better than a toy, and "you can't beat a cock," she agreed. She was half right, because she beat my cock plenty in the backseat. Jas deepthroated the Bishop, then I made her squirt with my fingers. Fucking her doggystyle out the cab, she fingered her own arse and I came deep in her pussy with a creampie.
Fake Taxi: Sophia Grace - Deep Tight Anal For American Blonde (1080p)

Sophia Grace called me and asked for a ride. She told me she was headed to the park for a yoga lesson, but it was raining, so the lesson was called off. Sophia laid down her mat in the backseat and started to hold some poses, but she quickly decided the real stretching she wanted was from my cock. She took her top off while I found us somewhere to park, then I got into the backseat so she could hop on top of my dick. Sophia ground her pussy into me and put her tits in my face, then slipped down to her knees and gave me a horny blowjob. She then turned around and squatted on my dick, and I fucked her pussy while teasing her arse. After a footjob and a rimjob, I fucked her tight arsehole, made her cum a few times, then covered her with a facial.
Fake Taxi: Shi Official - Shi Turned Into A Super Teen Slut (1080p)

The first time I met Shi, she was a virgin who had never sucked a cock, and was worried about pleasing her boyfriend. Well, the second time I saw her, she was a fucking slut! Shi told me how she had stuck her tongue in her boyfriend's arse, and how it made him cum all over himself. She was a fiend for dick now, and told me she fucked ten different guys in the last four days, then begged me for another go as my cock. With her perky tits out, I wasn't about to say no! Shi deepthroated my cock and I fucked her face, then stretched her pussy with my big cock. She begged me to cum inside her, so I filled her up with a creampie!
Fake Taxi: Sophia Grace - Hot Blonde's Sex Toy Turns On In Cab (1080p)

MP4, Resolution: 1920x1080, Size: 1.80GB, Length: 35:36 Mins
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