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Fully Clothed Sex: Nathaly Cherie - A Game Of Hide And Seek (1080p)

After this youthful couple played hide and seek they are playing a different game - getting nasty in the kitchen. Nathaly's boyfriend Marc is starting right away. She's bending over so he can lick her pussy from behind and they are keeping their clothes on while having sex. Every time they get in a different positions, Nathaly suck his huge cock to pleasure her lover to the fullest. When Marc is shooting his cum on Nathaly, his jizz ends up on her satin blouse and she doesn't mind it at all.
Fully Clothed Sex - Taking Their Time (1080p)

It's well known that ladies take their time when they're in front of the mirror. Our sexy redhead is the prefect example of the rule and also takes her time. however she also pay lot of her attention to her boyfriend. She is sucking his big dick and he doesn't mind it at all. These two horny fuckers keep their clothes on while having sex, so they can leave right away after they're done. In the end he cums in her mouth as she slowly licking his hard cock and swallow his jizz.
Fully Clothed Sex: Tera Joy - Insecure Boy And Strong Woman (1080p)

Bossy woman are horny in some kind of way, that's probably a point where most people agree on. They know what they want and have strong characters. The feeling of deducting them of have sex with these superclass ladies gives an extra horny tension. Check this scene, a perfect example. The boy is insecure and the woman is strong and the sex is good. Her pussy is clean and smooth, horny as hell these two.
Fully Clothed Sex: Kate Gold - Incredible Looking Redhead Enjoys Fully Clothed Sex (1080p)

This beautiful redhead, named Kate Gold, is taking care of this guy and his nice huge cock, but not before he has finished licking her pussy until it’s dripping wet. Kate takes off the guy’s pants and you can watch her sucking and slurping on his dick. The real action begins when sexy Kate is gets fucked by the big meat stick. She only pulls her skirt up and moves her panties to the side, so he can insert his tube steak into her cunt. She ends up with a cumshot all over her velvet blouse and she doesn’t mind it at all.
Fully Clothed Sex: Alexis Crystal - Black Stocking Vamp (1080p)

She looks irresistible in her short skirt with laced black stockings underneath. He really finds it hard to not put his hand on her, and even though her tries he just can't resist. She doesn't seem to mind at all and spread her legs for him, allowing him to shove her panties to the side and taste her sweet pussy. Then she goes down on him before letting him stick his dick deep inside her. He cums all over her sexy panties.
Fully Clothed Sex - He's A Fire Starter (1080p)

When he comes over to fix her fireplace he does not only get the fire started in the fireplace but he gets her fired up as well! She can't contain herself and simply grabs his cock right through his overalls. Then she opens up his zipper and whips out his hard dick, sucking like she hasn't eaten in days. Not bothering with undressing she lifts up her skirt and lowers herself onto his cock.
Fully Clothed Sex: Susan Ayn - She Needs A Fuck (1080p)

Beautiful brunette Susan Ayn is one lonely and un-fucked housewife. She spends her days fooling around the house and spying on her employees. One who particularly grabbed her attention is muscular gardener. One day she just stands like that and watches him work. The gardener doesn't like the audience so he approaches her and fuck her brains out! Once he is done with taking care of the Susan's triangle garden, he comes over her tight skirt and then returns and finishes his job outside.
Fully Clothed Sex - Cum On Her Short Skirt (1080p)

They are taking a walk outside when she starts undressing him. When he is totally naked she takes his dick in her hands and starts giving him a handjob and blowjob, making his cock rock hard. She is still fully dressed. He doesn't take off her clothes but instead pushes her panties to the side and slides his dick right inside her. When he cums he sprays all over her tight skirt.
Fully Clothed Sex: Chelsy Sun - Fucked Hard In The Back Of A Car (1080p)

When the car salesman claims that this car is big enough to have sex in, you should always ask for a test ride. Not a ride in the car, but a ride on the dick of the car salesman! And he was right- there is more than enough space to lick, suck, and fuck really hard in this car! He may not have sold a car today, but he got something much better!
Fully Clothed Sex: Inga Devil - Angry Milf Gets Fucked On Her New Car (1080p)

Elegant business women Inga Devil comes home and found the mechanic fixing her car. The car was supposed to be ready an hour ago and busy Inga Devil doesn't like delays. But there is something about this guy that makes her all wet, so instead of firing him she goes on her knees and blow his hard Boner. The mechanic soon takes over the control; bend over this nicely dressed business lady and fuck her hard from behind. Inga is still wearing panties while she Cums on her shiny Car.
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