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Sex Art - Amaris (Silence)

Gorgeous blonde Amaris doesn’t says a word to her lover Kristof Cale, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Silence” begins. As he talks animatedly, she simply chooses to unbutton his jeans, then seal his lips with a kiss as she strokes his stiff shaft. She smiles up at him as she licks the head of his cock, and bobs her head to suck it deep. She straddles his lap, grinding on him as she presses her beautiful breasts into his mouth. He sucks them eagerly, feeling the nipples harden between his lips, then flips her onto her back to lick and finger her shaved pussy. When she’s dripping wet, he rubs the tip of his dick up and down her slippery slit, drawing out the anticipation before plunging it deep inside her. He pounds into her relentlessly, Amaris rocking her sexy body up to meet every thrust, moaning with pleasure. They spin into cowgirl, Amaris bucking on Kristof’s boner fast and hard, bouncing and grinding her way to an immense climax. As she’s gasping through the aftershocks, Kristof lifts her, deposits her on her back and plows his prick into her soaked pussy in missionary, her legs held high. Immediately finding his rhythm, the rampant cocksman slams into her as she stimulates her clit and writhes beneath him. As the insatiable beauty tips over into her second orgasm, Kristof pulls out to spray her with his hot load. The lovers kiss in “Silence,” their body language having spoken volumes.
Sex Art - Miki Torrez (Office Episode 3 - Overtime)

Gorgeous Miki Torrez doesn’t appear too happy about working overtime with Maxmilian Dior at the start of episode three of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series “Office” – but as the atmosphere grows flirtatious, she jumps in his lap for a passionate kiss. Frantically pulling down his pants, she wraps her lips around his stiff cock, sucking until her cheeks hollow, taking it all the way to the root. Naked except for the skirt pushed up around her waist, the sexy brunette straddles her horny colleague and feeds his thick dick into her shaved pussy. She bucks up and down, her squeals of pleasure increasing in volume as he grabs her ass cheeks and drives into her, while sucking her pert breasts. She switches to reverse cowgirl, riding even harder and faster, her athletic, sweat-shiny body trembling with every thrust, perfect ass rising and falling hypnotically. They switch to missionary, Maxmilian plowing his cock full tilt into her juice-dripping pussy, until Miki is engulfed by an orgasm so intense that she howls and shakes. As she jerks her partner off over her glistening skin, it’s evident this is a working relationship they both thoroughly appreciate.
Sex Art - Selvaggia (Blind Date 2)

It’s lust at first sight when sexy Selvaggia hooks up with Jesus Reyes in Alis Locanta’s sizzling erotic movie “Blind Date 2.” Back at his apartment they’re immediately locked in a sexually charged embrace that results in the ebony Adonis undoing his new friend’s jeans, pushing a hand inside her panties and playing with her pussy before they’re even through the door. They move to the bedroom, the pretty blonde letting her handsome date undress her and lick her shaved pussy, making her moan with pleasure. She wants his cock though, unzipping his pants and taking his huge, stiff dick between her lips, getting it shiny with saliva as she sucks it deep. They move into missionary, Jesus fucking the gorgeous babe with long, slow strokes, occasionally withdrawing completely so he can trail his cock up and down her slippery slit teasingly. Rolling her onto her side, Jesus re-enters in spoons, intensifying his thrusts until Selvaggia is overcome by wave after wave of sexual pleasure. She straddles him in reverse cowgirl, riding energetically, then spins around into cowgirl, her hot ass bouncing. Finally they switch back to missionary, at which point Selvaggia loses all control, thrashing wildly as she has a mind-blowing climax. Jesus screws her right through it, slamming in hard and fast, then pulling out to shoot his creamy load all over her undulating tummy. As they embrace passionately, it looks like this is the start of a beautiful relationship.
Sex Art - Nelly Kent (Your Hands On My Skin)

Gorgeous Nelly Kent lies naked on a therapy table as Juan Lucho spreads oil over her flawless skin, in Alis Locanta’s erotic massage movie “Your Hands On My Skin.” His slick hands explore her beautiful body, squeezing her pert breasts and gliding over her shaved pussy, focusing on stimulating her clit. The sexy brunette turns over and Juan lavishes attention on her perfect ass. She moves one knee up to give him access to her pussy and he oils it up and finger-bangs her until she’s gasping and moaning her way through a breathless orgasm. They kiss passionately as they switch places, Juan lying back on the table for Nelly to lick, stroke and suck his big cock, swallowing it as deep as she can take it. When he’s thoroughly lubed up with saliva, she straddles him on the table and impales herself on his dick. She rides energetically, her hot ass rising and falling in his lap, then spins around into reverse cowgirl, tits jiggling as she bounces wildly. Dismounting, she squirts massage oil over Juan’s rigid dick and jerks him off with both hands. It’s a happy ending to a must-see massage special.
Sex Art - Cherry Kiss (Jealousy 4)

Sexy Cherry Kiss is mad as hell at Alberto Blanco as “Jealousy 4,” Alis Locanta’s latest reimagining of his erotic theme, begins. The amorous lovers soon make up with a flurry of hot kisses, Alberto removing Cherry’s white lace panties to eat her shaved pussy. Cherry moans with pleasure as her man sucks her juicy folds into his mouth and laps at her hot slit, gasping ecstatically he uses two thrusting fingers alongside his tongue to penetrate his insatiable sweetheart. Cherry kisses her own sweetness from Alberto’s mouth, before tugging down his jeans and wrapping her beautiful lips around his huge dick. She bobs up and down the impressive length and girth of it, taking it deep down her throat. Then, once it’s completely spit-lubed from tip to base, she straddles Alberto and rides him cowgirl, his hands squeezing her perfect ass cheeks as she bounces. She spins around to ride in reverse cowgirl, bucking wildly, Alberto reaching around to rub her clit. She slams her pussy down on his cock faster and more ferociously, until an intense orgasm sweeps through her. Cherry slides down onto the carpet on all fours so Alberto can fuck her doggy style, their bodies moving in harmony as he plows in deep. The gorgeous blonde clings to the chair for support as she cums for a second time, howling and glistening with perspiration. But Alberto’s not spent yet, so Cherry sits back in the armchair with her legs spread wide, and he fucks her fast and furiously in missionary, until she climaxes yet again, and he pulls out to shoot his creamy load all over her throbbing pussy lips and inner thighs. There’s no doubt “Jealousy” is the ultimate aphrodisiac for this horny couple.
Sex Art - Sandra Wellness (Elevator Part 2)

It’s lust at first sight when gorgeous brunette Sandra Wellness rides an elevator with tattooed stud Juan Lucho, as episode two of Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie series “Elevator” gets underway. Next time they meet, they exchange cellphone numbers, and before long they are kissing passionately as they ride up to Juan’s apartment. Once inside, sexy Sandra soon has Juan’s jeans unzipped and his hard cock in her hand. As she strokes it, he lowers her figure-hugging dress to her waist and flicks his tongue over her stiffening nipples. He sits and lets Sandra feed his cock into her mouth, clamping her lips around its thick girth and bobbing her head up and down the shaft, taking it deep. Eager to fuck, Sandra gets naked, straddles Juan and sinks his pole deep inside her wet, shaved hole. She rides him in cowgirl eagerly, making sure his huge cock penetrates her to the max every time she slams back onto it. With Juan holding her by the hips, Sandra increases the intensity of her humping until her body undulates wildly in the grip of a powerful orgasm. They move into doggy position, Sandra’s ass up high as Juan plows into her from behind. He stops and remains still so Sandra can fuck herself on his cock, sliding on and off him, winding her hips to increase the arousing sensations. Juan flips her over to eat her juicy pussy and tight puckered asshole, then eases his dick into her in missionary, squeezing her breasts as he increases the pace of his thrusts. She gazes into his eyes as he screws her to another climax, then pulls out to let her jerk out his load over her belly and breasts. These horny neighbors look set to ride together every chance they get.

Natural Beauty 2 (2018)
Natural Beauty 2 (2018)

Studio: Sex Art
Runtime: 1h 49mn
Video: 640x360
Audio: AAC-LC
Size: 1.22 GB
Genre: All Sex
Cast: Anissa Kate, Stella Cox, Belle Claire, Antonia Sainz, Kendra Star

Sex Art - Veronica Leal (Element)

Hispanic honey Veronica Leal is fooling around with Pavlos, as Andrej Lupin’s steamy erotic movie “Element” begins. Tanned blonde Veronica looks sexy in white lingerie as the playful, passionate lovers kiss and roll around on the bed. Pavlos kisses Veronica’s toes and squeezes her hot ass; she nuzzles his stiffening cock through his shorts, then pulls them off and sucks him all the way to the root. Pavlos helps Veronica out of her skimpy white panties and she straddles him and guides his saliva-coated cock into her shaved pussy. She rides vigorously, humping her firm ass up and down, grinding in his lap for maximum penetration. She presses her beautiful breasts in her man’s face and he sucks her diamond-hard nipples as she undulates on top of him. Her pussy is visibly creamy as they fuck harder and faster, and Pavlos pushes her onto her back and goes down for a taste, sliding his tongue between her plump pussy lips. They move into spoons to resume fucking, flexible Veronica with her legs folded right back to let her lover thrust deep. She goes face down, ass up to take his dick in doggy, slamming back onto him, gasping with excitement. Now they switch back to cowgirl, glistening with perspiration, Veronica bucking wildly until she’s hit by a climax so powerful she squirts all over her man’s cock. She slides it back into her sodden pussy, spinning around into reverse cowgirl and bouncing hard until he fills her with his hot load. It’s a sticky end to a truly explosive fuck session.
Sex Art - Cherry Kiss (Sweetheart)

Sexy blonde Cherry Kiss snaps saucy photos of bare-assed boyfriend Kristof Cale as he prepares breakfast, at the start of Andrej Lupin’s playful erotic movie “Sweetheart.” They kiss tenderly, passion growing until Cherry is kneeling to take Kristof’s stiff cock in her mouth. She licks, strokes and sucks it avidly, taking it deep; then bends over the table so Kristof can thrust into her shaved pussy from behind. As their humping bodies instantly find a mutual rhythm, Kristof squeezes Cherry’s perky breasts and rubs her clit, speeding up the pace to drive her wild. He turns her onto her back on the table, spreading her long legs wide and licking her clit as he finger-bangs her, before sliding his cock back into her and power-fucking her hard, fast and deep. Cherry looks up at him adoringly, moaning with arousal. She strums her clit furiously as her lover’s vigorous thrusting pushes her over the edge into an intense climax. Her orgasm triggers Kristof’s, and as his hot cum trickles out of her pussy, he kisses her tenderly once more, delighted to have such a vivacious beauty as his “Sweetheart.”
Sex Art - Elena Vega (Bookworm)

Stunning Elena Vega entices Nick Ross away from his reading by wrestling playfully with him, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Bookworm” begins. She straddles her man and kisses him passionately, pulling down his jeans so she can trail her wet tongue up the length of his rapidly stiffening cock, then sliding it between her lips and sucking it deep. He undresses her and goes down to eat her shaved pussy, her nipples stiff and her back arching with pleasure. She turns over and he slides his cock into her from behind; she moves up onto her knees so she can slam her bubble butt back to meet his powerful thrusts. They switch positions so she’s on top, riding him vigorously, her hips rocking as Nick’s thick pole plows into her pussy; then they flip over into missionary, her beautiful body undulating as she grinds on his cock, while he thumb strums her ultra-sensitive clit. The speed of his strokes accelerates until they’re fucking wildly, Elena climaxing hard around his pistoning dick. She jerks his hot load out over her tits and tummy, leaving her sticky and sated, and him free to return to his book without distraction.
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