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X-Art - Leanne (Red Hot Sex (In Love With Leanne)

Leanne is a stunning brunette with a long lean body and stunning green eyes. She can perform the kind of sexual gymnastics you will only see in an erotic video! Oh wait, that's what this is. But this is special. Leanne is special. She can do tricks to Luke's cock that are unbelievable. And her enthusiasm is limitless. You have to watch to believe this girl. And see why we are in love with Leanne!
X-Art - Cindy Shine (Sauna Sex)
293mb | 21:35 min | 854x480 | mp4

Cindy Shine | Sauna Sex | 04.05.2019 | All Sex
X-Art - Kaisa Nord (Stairway To Heaven II)
662mb | 25:19 min | 976x544 | mp4

Kaisa Nord | Stairway To Heaven II | 28.04.2019 | All Sex
X-Art - Kim, Amaris (Good Day For A Poolside Threesome)

When is it not a good day for a poolside threesome you ask? Well never. I guess. Ha. Well it couldn't get any better with gorgeous, blonde, Czech beauty Amaris, stunning long legged and thin Kim and a guy who looks just good enough that it could just as easily be you in here. Again I picked the music for this one. The video starts like an old school Tom Petty video. Watch and see what you think about my music choice. I've always liked tunes b4 my time. What do you guys think about the HOTTEST action X-Art has had in a while and my music choices?
X-Art - Kim, Kaisa (Cum In For A Threesome Tiger)

It's been a while since we've had a threesome. At X-Art I mean lol So I thought it would be great to come back with a REALLy hot one! Kaisa and Kim are SO hot for each other and Levon is plenty of man for both of them. Now I know you guys might nit all approve of Levon. But could you do better? If you think so, send me a video. But, seriously: watch this first. It's worth it. Up your threesome game or prepare for your first. You'll be ready either way after watching this.
X-Art - Katy (Meant To Be Forever Sex)

Sometimes you see a couple and you just know. The romance, that original lust that will possibly never end. When you watch these two, you will know that "meant to be" feeling. The sex is HOT and the cinematography is stunning! In original X-Art style with stunning models and true emotions this is one video you will want to download and keep in your permanent collection of quality erotica. I'm going to watch it again...
X-Art - Sybil (Moonlight Sex Games)
681mb | 25:54 min | 976x544 | mp4

Sybil | Moonlight Sex Games | 27.03.2019 | All Sex
X-Art - Sybil A (Stunning Sexy Shower)
606mb | 23:00 min | 976x544 | mp4

Sybil A | Stunning Sexy Shower | 21.03.2019 | All Sex
X-Art - Kinsley (Hot Night Tiny Blonde)

Kinsley may have a tiny pussy, but thats about all. Her huge breasts and perfect round ass and legs forever are anything but.. Lucky stud Muchael Vegas comes home and finds Kinsley already stripping and grabbing his cock. This 21 year old is so horny she is literally attacking. When she starts to get what she wants, she starts to go with the rythm. This is a HOT video, Michael knows how to fuck and Kinsley likes it. See for yourself...
X-Art - Carrie (Cum In My Kitchen)

Alexis and Luke are extremely horny. I mean they're young; who can blame them. She starts out cooking some spahgetti for Luke and for some reason this seems to REALLY turn her on!? Well it does. But anyway, even if that doesn't seem realisitic the SEX is! Alexis is HOT and natural, slim with a stunning model figure and these two just cant get enough of fucking! We know we have been short on movies lately with all the issues in Malibu and Europe. But get ready for that to change here! This one is worth the membership alone.
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