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X-Art - Paige (California Couple Cumming)

Supermodel Paige is enjoying her time laying out in a cabana, watching the beautiful ocean views in Malibu. As she's soaking up the sun, she can't help but feel horny as she's anticipating her boyfriend's arrival back home. Paige was so turned on thinking about him, she just couldn't wait and began touching herself. As she's giving herself an orgasm, her boyfriend walks in and helps her finish the job ;) Watch as this SEXY California couple get each other off multiple times!!!
X-Art - Sybil (Hot Fucking)

Exclusive to, Sybil and Jake are both stunning and the sex doesn't get any hotter than this. They have, what people would refer to as classically beautiful features. Sybil is sitting on the couch reading her favorite book and beginning to get turned on as she watches her boyfriend Jake trim the garden, shirtless. Jake comes over and surprises her with more than just a rose ;) Watch this well shot and HOT video of our favorite, exclusive X-Art couple. You cannot miss this! The price to join is worth this video alone. Real European fashion models, having real life passionate sex! I'm so turned on by it and you will be to!
X-Art - Kendall Rae (Sexy Surfing Lessons)

Kendall and Tyler have been secretly fantasizing about each other since the day she had her first surfing lesson. The fantasy finally became a reality, and the two of them couldn’t help but cut the lesson short and fuck on the beach! Watch as Tyler teaches blonde beach-babe Kendall more than just how to surf.
X-Art - Izzy Delphine (Hot Russian Sex)

Izzy is headed to the office ready to interview the newest applicant to be her assistant. She knows her job well and only the best can work for her. As she enters the elevator, a hot guy catches her eye and she playfully flirts to get his attention. You can imagine her shock when she enters her office to find he is applying for the job. She can't help herself but to want to take this relationship out of the office. Lucky for her, Samuel doesn't really care about the job and is much more interested in the hot blonde in front of him. Their innocent flirtation quickly turns into a hot sexual encounter and Izzy is in total ecstasy. Watch her cum as she bends over the desk and rides his cock to her full desire. Izzy certainly knows how to handle a big cock and before you know it she is bringing the pleasure to an explosive ending.
X-Art - Kendall Rae, Hanna (18 Year Old First Time Threesome)

Watch as Hanna, an 18 year old has her very first threesome with this hot surfer couple. Kendall begs her boyfriend Tyler to teach this innocent girl how it’s done. Not only is it Hannah’s first time having a threesome, it’s also her first time in bed with another woman. Hannah explores her sexuality and experiences multiple real orgasms.
X-Art - Nikki Fox, Anny Aurora (Surprise Sex For Three)

Anny is all dolled up and ready to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday. What he doesn't realize is she has the ultimate fantasy surprise hiding behind the door. It's been an extra special year and she can't wait to gift him a sexy threesome. He's never tried it and always wanted to. Since Anny loves both guys and girls, why not have a little fun herself too; right? The door opens on his birthday evening and he is definitely happy and surprised to see a hot girl when it opens! His birthday gets even better when each girl takes a turn riding his cock to hot orgasms! Not only is he lucky enough to have both girls, he also picks one for a creampie. Which one do you think it is? And who wants this same birthday surprise? Watch this video and you might just get it!
X-Art - Susie (Sexy Movies Cum Inside)

Date night at home could be boring unless you have a hot blonde porn star to enjoy the evening with. And especially when that sex siren is Susie. An infectious flirty smile, snd an inclination for ALL things sexual. She’ll get you to stop watching the movie and focus entirely on her. Fuck her, lick her, choke her. Take your pick. As long as she’s the center of attention, she’s happy. And you will be too. Where do you want to finish?
X-Art - Kenna James, Kendall Rae (My First Video Is A Threesome)

When fashion model Kendall came to us for casting, we were instantly in love. From the runways of Milan, this sweet, leggy 19 year old is as beautiful as she WAS sexually inexperienced. She had never been with a woman, never used a vibrator, never had anal sex and definitely never had a threesome. Kenna James just happened to be staying with me at the time and was up for the challenge of giving Kendall so many orgasms we couldn’t even count. James Deen also assisted in making this one of the hottest scenes I’ve EVER had the privilege to witness. We went to our secret location for the sex part of the video and literally it was as if there were no cameras! The two beautiful blondes and James were so hot for each other that everyone on set was wet (this rarely happens). This vid is a little different style for us, but it’s 100% real and if you want to learn how to make a girl orgasm or have a hot threesome, you can NOT miss this! A must watch and download to your collection of quality erotica to enjoy and cum back to over and over again!
X-Art - Kim, Anita Bellini (Threeway Strip Poker)

Everyone knows the classic game of strip poker and when you have two hot girls playing, how can you resist not joining in? Well fortunately for Kai, Kim and Anita took notice of each other when their clothes started to come off. They couldn't resist taking the game to the next level and caress each other's puffy nipples and pink little pussies. In all his surprise, Kai was happy to pleasure both girls to complete satisfaction. Both girls get super wet and cum over and over until they share the ultimate ending together. This is truly the hottest game of strip poker! xoxo
X-Art - Anny Aurora (Real Life Moving Day Sex)

Anny has decided it is time to move to a new exciting city and is packing up her apartment. She realizes there is just so much to do that she decides to hire some help. When Samuel arrives, he takes notice of Anny's perfect little ass as she bends over in front if him. She takes him upstairs to help her look for a specific item but this time she bends over a little longer to let him get a good look:-) Samuel decides to take advantage and Anny is quick to agree. She was just waiting for him to make a move. They quickly rip each other's clothes off and caress every part of their hot bodies. Samuel can't believe his luck on this moving job today. Anny is in total ecstasy as Samuel licks her little pink pussy and then takes his cock deep inside her. This has turned into the best moving day ever!
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