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X-Art - Gabriella & Anneli (Girls Night Out) (720p)
Size : 811mb
Duration : 21:57 mins
X-Art - Gabriella & Anneli (Girls Night Out)
Size : 261mb
Duration : 21:57 mins
X-Art - Girls Night Out (1080p)

Models: Gabriella, Anneli, Veronika, Samantha

In this exclusive HD X-Art video four gorgeous girls go out on the town for an evening of uninhibited sex and unforgettable good times! The story is a twist on a popular sexual fantasy, but this time - the GIRLS are in control!
It's Friday Night and it's time to have some fun! Spanish brunette Gabriella, little blond Anneli and her two sexy girlfriends hire a limousine to chauffeur them around the city as they go clubbing. As the wheels get rolling and the champagne starts flowing, the girls chat freely, each recounting her most recent sexual experience....
X-Art - Abby (The Rich Girl - Part One) (1080p)
File Length : 08:15 mins | Size : 530mb
Come and watch this 'rich girl' get herself off in HD. Gorgeous, privileged and
extremely horny - Abby just arrived home from boarding school. While waiting for
her lover, she slowly strips out of her jeans and white blouse and pushes her hands
down inside her black cotton panties. She rubs and fingers herself until she has
her first orgasm of the evening. But, she's not finished. She is hot and ready now,
waiting for the real thing....
X-Art: Tabitha - Stay with Me (1080p)

Beautiful fashion model Tabitha just turned 18 and has experienced sex for the first time this year.
She is from the country and loves it there, but she comes during the week to the city for her fashion work.
On this night she finds herself waking up in her boyfriend's city apartment and recalls earlier in the evening when he said 'stay with me'. She is still an extremely innocent girl, but at the same time she is hungry for more of the passionate sex they shared the night before.
Watch her take his cock in her mouth and then pull him inside until they both have a beautiful, mutual orgasm.
Remember your first time staying the night? Or if not, maybe imagine it was like this.
X-Art - Tabitha (Stay with Me) (1080p)
File Length : 12:51 mins
Size : 964mb
X-Art - Tabitha (Stay with Me) (720p)
File Length : 12:51 mins
Size : 272mb
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